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From "Charles Palmer" <>
Subject Re: Trying Forrest 0.6
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 21:03:44 GMT

Sorry for being an incompetant newbee (I'm actually very good at designing
computers, but s/w is not my specialtity)...

I downloaded a 0.6 snapshot, decompreessed it into c:\junk\forrest0.6 (no
offence...) then ran build.bat. I got a bunch of messages, including:

 "Compiling 29 source files to C:\junk\forrest0.6\forrest\build\classes
4 warnings" (this didn't sound so good...)

and "BUILD SUCCESSFUL" (but this seemed OK...)

I did my best to follow instructions, setting environment veriables as
instructed, so I now have:



PATH= (a bunch of stuff then:); c:\junk\forrest0.6\forrest\src\core\bin

Then finally failure... I type this, and get the response:

C:\>forrest -projecthelp

Apache Forrest.  Run 'forrest -projecthelp' to list options

Buildfile: c:\junk\forrest0.6\forrest\src\core\

Basedir C:\" -Dforrest.home
c:\junk\forrest0.6\forrest\src\core -emacs -logger o -projecthelp does not exist

Total time: 2 seconds

What's wrong?


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