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From Robert McIntosh <>
Subject Re: AW: pattern matching in sitemap (was tab PDF)
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 15:07:50 GMT
Well, ../PersistenceManual.pdf works but PersistenceManual.pdf (without 
the '../' portion) does not. The full URL should look like: 
persistence_manual/PersistenceManual.pdf as the 'persistence_manual' 
pertains to the specific tab that I want. The generation of the PDF itself 
works great, no problems there and includes all subdirectories as needed. 
It is the menu link url that doesn't work quite right. To put it another 
way, the url should end up:


instead of


It is a minor issue, it would just be nice to be somewhat consistent with 
how the site.xml is laid out, which you can see at

That is a slightly older version, without the PDF generation, but the tab 
and directory structure is the same.

- Robert

"Schlierf, Stephan" <> 
07/14/2004 09:16 AM
Please respond to

"''" <>

AW: pattern matching in sitemap (was tab PDF)

> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Robert McIntosh []
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2004 16:00
> An:
> Betreff: pattern matching in sitemap (was tab PDF)
> Alright, I got the tab specific PDF working, however I can't 
> get the URL 
> to work just right. I have in my sitemap:
>         <map:match pattern="PersistenceManual.xml">
>           <map:mount uri-prefix="" src="my_aggregate.xmap" 
> check-reload="yes" />
>         </map:match>
> which means that in my site.xml file I need to do:
> <persistence-manual ...>
> ...
>    <whole_site_pdf label="Full PDF" href="../PersistenceManual.pdf"/>
> ...
> </persistence-manual>
> notice that the href points 'up' one level. This of course works just 
> fine, but I was trying to do something like:
>         <map:match pattern="persistence-manual/PersistenceManual.xml">
>           <map:mount uri-prefix="" src="my_aggregate.xmap" 
> check-reload="yes" />
>         </map:match>
> which would match the relative url that gets generated because of the 
> tab/directory structure.  But that didn't quite do it. I even tried: 
>     <map:match pattern="*/PersistenceManual.xml">
> and it still didn't like.
> Any thoughts?

I'm not quite sure whether I get you right:

Does PersistenceManual.pdf work for you?
Does it include all the files you want to or would you like to narrow it
down ?
For which reason do you want to modify the <map:match pattern="" ...>
element in sitemap.xmap ?



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