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From "Hare, Michael" <>
Subject Forrest and Tomcat 2.0.25 or better
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 20:35:48 GMT

Has anyone gotten Forrest to run as a webapp with Tomcat 5.0.25 and up?

I have Forrest 0.5.1 running with Tomcat 5.0.19, but if I upgrade to Tomcat
5.0.25 or 5.0.27 I get a blank screen for my Forrest site.
The site run fine if I use the supplied Jetty server (forrest run) but not
as a webapp (forrest webapp)
I have tried re-seeding a new Forrest project, but it runs no better than my
existing site.

All other my Tomcat webapps (Cocoon 2.1.4 samples; Xindice 1.14b; eXist)
continue to run without problem. It's only Forrest that has the problem.

Michael Hare

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