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From Angeshwar Deepak <>
Subject Re: Querry reg Site structure.
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 10:38:35 GMT

I got what you said. The only problem is consider my
site.xml file as 

 <reports label="Reports" href="reports/">
  <pmd label="PMD" href="pmd/index.html"/>
  <findbugs label="Findbugs"

As I said earlier I will be having only 1 site.xml in
a common folder above c:\test directory. So I will be
copying site.xml to the working directory.

In the site.xml file the 'href="reports" ' has to
change dynamically. i.e. when I am in 


directory, the href should point to 'logging'
similarly when I am in 
c:\test\integration\-it should point to 'integration'
c:\test\dataf\-it should point to dataf
.....and so on

How can this change be made?
I do have the value of logging, integration etc as a
property like
<property name="deploy.home"
where ${component} represents logging or integration
etc, depending upon the present working dir.

So if I am in logging the ${component} takes value of
logging, if I am in Integration dir then it takes that

So the only problem is how to bring in the property
from a diff xml file to the site.xml and use it here.

Any help reg this will be great!!

with regards,

--- Dave Brondsema <> wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Angeshwar Deepak wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Consider I have a directory structure like this
> >
> > c:\test\logging\
> > c:\test\logging\build\
> >
> >
> > c:\test\logging\build\test\report\html\logging\pmd
> > .....and so on
> > So links in the index.html points to files in
> logging.
> > Only now I came to know that there will be many
> more
> > dirctories like 'logging'.
> > i.e. I will be running the forrest not in the
> > c:\test\logging\
> > directory, but rather in c:\test\
> >
> You have two logging directories and this is
> confusing things.  This is
> what I would do.  Have c:\test\PROJECT_NAME for each
> PROJECT_NAME and the
> site.xml for each one will be like:
> <site>
> <reports label="Reports" href="reports/">
>  <pmd label="PMD" href="pmd/index.html"/>
>  <findbugs label="Findbugs"
> href="findbugs/index.html"/>
> </reports>
> </site>
> Since the site.xml is the same, you probably want to
> have a simple script
> that copies the site.xml (and tab.xml and anything
> else in common) from a
> seperate, shared directory (mayb c:\test\common) and
> then run forrest.
> I don't think you need to change the build
> directory.  After it is built
> to build/site you copy it to the final hosting
> location.  (You can
> automate this using forrestbot; this corresponds to
> the 'deploy'
> workstage).
> Using forrestbot can also help with getting common
> files set up.
> Forrestbot uses ant, so you can use <import> to
> share common functionality
> for each projects' forrestbot buildfile.  And one of
> those common tasks
> would be to copy the common files.
> -- 
> Dave Brondsema :
> : personal
> : programming
> : student org

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