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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Could not validate document...error
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2004 05:14:09 GMT
Angeshwar Deepak wrote:
> I am new user of forrest, I am trying out the steps
> mentioned in the forrest website. I have run the
> forrest seed.
> As a next stage I want to add a new xml file to the 
> ..\src\documentation\content\xdocs directory.

That is a very simple matter, described in the early
parts of the your-project.html document.

Your statements below show that you are jumping ahead
to the advanced stage to add a specialised new document type.
Are you sure that is what you want?

> I added the file download.xml from the page

That is not the forrest website. Rather

However be aware of
as you are using an old version of forrest.
The document that you are using above, relates to the new.

Remember that you have a local copy of the 0.5.1 documentation.
Do 'forrest' in the top-level of your forrest distribution.

> I also added the download2document.xsl file to the 
> ../src/documentation/resources/stylesheets directory
> In my file i have uncommented

No need to uncomment anything unless you are going to change it.

> project.content-dir=src/documentation
> project.sitemap-dir=${project.content-dir}
> project.xdocs-dir=${project.content-dir}/content/xdocs
> project.resources-dir=${project.content-dir}/resources
> project.stylesheets-dir=${project.resources-dir}/stylesheets
> statements, created a new directory stylesheets and
> put the 
> download2document.xsl there.
> I have also made appropriate changes in the 
> forrest.xmap file, by adding
> <sourcetype name="download">
>   <document-declaration public-id="-//Acme//DTD
> Download Documentation V1.0//EN" />
> </sourcetype>
> <map:when test="download">
>   <map:transform
>     src="resources/stylesheets/download2document.xsl"
> />
> </map:when>
> But I still get the error could not validate document
> error.
> .........
> .........
> D:\deepak\buildProcess_2\_lib\build\apache-forrest-0.5.1-bin\
> Could not validate document D:\deepa
> k\buildProcess_2\logging\src\documentation\content\xdocs\download.xml
> Can someone suggest me where the problem lies.

Please use the correct version of the documentation.
If you still have troubles, then we will investigate.

David Crossley

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