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From Lechique <>
Subject Re: Forrest 0.5.1: site.xml, tabs.xml & menus
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 17:55:13 GMT

Howard M. Lewis Ship wrote:

> I'm still having trouble with my menu generation. The best I get is
> that the my index.html files get the complete index (too much, it is
> selecting all site.xml elements, regardless of the tab attribute).
> On detail pages, I get the correct menus.


I'm not any fluent on Forrest generation stuff, but I think that all
elements of your site should be defined in site.xml. It is also a
point for 'index.xml' files - that is, files used by tabs. So if there
is any index.xml, which is not specified in site.xml, Forrest 'thinks'
that this file has 'tab' attribute equal to "". During menus generation
all files with the same 'tab' attribute are in the same menu, so
clicking on the tab brings you complete index.

Maybe somebody from forrest-dev could correct this statement?

Below is a simple example that works for me. Try it on fresh forrest seed
and then adjust to your needs.


- index.xml
- site.xml
- tabs.xml
- a/
  - first.xml
  - second.xml
- b/
  - b_index.xml
  - third.xml
  - fourth.xml
- c/
  - c_index.xml
  - fifth.xml
  - sixth.xml


<site label="MyProj" href="" xmlns="" tab="a">

    <main_index_file tab="a">
        <index href="index.html"/>

    <tab_a  href="a/"  label="A"  tab="a">
        <first  label="First"   href="first.html"/>
        <second label="Second"  href="second.html"/>

    <tab_b  href="b/"  label="B"  tab="b">
        <index                 href="b_index.html"/>
        <third  label="Third"  href="third.html"/>
        <fourth label="Fourth" href="fourth.html"/>
    <tab_c href="c/" label="C" tab="c">
        <index               href="c_index.html"/>
        <fifth label="Fifth" href="fifth.html"/>
        <sixth label="Sixth" href="sixth.html"/>


<tabs software="MyProj"

  <tab id="a" label="tab_A" dir=""/>
  <tab id="b" label="tab_B" dir="b" indexfile="b_index.html"/>
  <tab id="c" label="tab_C" dir="c" indexfile="c_index.html"/>


Best regards,

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