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From Maria Jones <>
Subject Re: DTD Complication
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 07:44:00 GMT
On Thursday 17 June 2004 21:00, David Crossley wrote:
> Maria Jones wrote:
> > I have done a new installation of forrest from CVS.
> I hope that you are aware that Forrest does not use CVS
> anymore. If you are using CVS, then you are using very
> old sources.

My bad! Wrong choice of words --- i have pulled using Subversion. Oops!

> The way that you have configured this will still work,
> but is not advisable. You should not mess with the Forrest
> source itself. You say "as advised", but i do not think
> that our documentation says to add to Forrest's internal
> catalog.
> You can provide a dedicated catalog.xcat for your project.
> See below.
> The current head version of SVN has even better ways to
> configure your local DTDs.

I reviewed the documentation and it does not state to uncomment the varaible 
in Thus i assumed, that it should be added to the 
internal catalog. It is implied now that i look at it, but doesn't jump out 
at the new user. Might need to review the docs.

> You need to follow the document "Using Forrest" your-project.html
> It describes the steps to deal with a new document type.
> It sounds like you have not added a "sitemap" to your project
> which is needed to detect your new document type.

Also, review the following text from

If your site defines its own sitemap, it must perform all the operations of 
the Forrest default. To get started, simply copy the Forrest sitemaps from 
xml-forrest/src/resources/conf/*.xmap into your src/documentation directory 
(or wherever ${project.sitemap-dir} points to).

This references a directory structure that does not exist. Rather, it should 
reference ${xml-forrest}/src/core/context/*.xmap. Or at least that i got out 
of it. :)

BTW, i need not change anything in sitemap.xmap, but i did make the neccessary 
stylesheet declarations in forrest.xmap which is sourced from sitemap.xmap. 
Just as you had expected --- this was my problem. And believe it or not, this 
did the job. Great work David!!!!

> By the way, do not expect Forrest to deal with all possible
> DocBook elements, especially extensions.
> See
> I hope that helps. If not then keep asking questions.

My sole purpose is to build a repository for Linux Documentation. But more 
user friendly. I own the domain. I currently have a database 
of well over 13,000 Linux documentation source. Generating almost 8 GB's of 
mirrored local documentation sources. I would like to eventually build a XML 
database of it all; but that is WAY down the road. And i decided to change my 
CMS to XML-based --- given Forrest is well known, and OS community oriented 
---- it was my first choice. 

Anyways, i have documented my failures and/or successes throughout the 
process; if you would like to utilize them for documentation review and/or 
development i can forward it later.I intend to contribute my findings to the 
community as i develop the site further.

Great product -- and good work! Thanks very much! ;)

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