I've got some problems with Forrest and thus I'm writing hoping to find answers to my questions. And the questions are:

1) I've edited "tabs.xml" to create my own menu and "site2xhtml.xsl" to change colors and so on. And now I've got web-page I wanted, but the tabs are not working. I have 5 Tabs and when I'm loading my project home page the first Tab is selected. And clicking on others or anything I am able to do cannot change it. When I click on another Tab, the menu is updating and I see menu for the tab I selected, but the tab highlighted is the first one.


Example: I have Tabsššššššššššš Tab1ššššššššš Tab2šššššššš Tab3

and menuššššššššššššššššššššš 1_label1šššššš 2_label1ššššš 3_label1

and menuššššššššššššššššššššš 1_label2šššššš 2_label2ššššš 3_label2

and menuššššššššššššššššššššš 1_label3šššššš 2_label3ššššš 3_label3


And Tab1 is always highlighted like it is selected. Even if I choose Tab3 by pressing it, I'll have on screen

ššššššš ššššššššššššššššššššššš_Tab1_(active)š Tab2šššššššš Tab3

and menu isššššššššššš 3_label1

ššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 3_label2

ššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 3_label3


Could anyone give me an advise - where and what should I edit to make it work properly. Probably it has to do with colors... But I am tangled in project files :)


2)I had a problem which shortly can be explained like this: Tab3-Dir was set to NSS and I stored my files in my-project/content/xdocs/nss accordingly, but then I tried to load my page with images, they did not displayed on the screen. I checked properties of the box at the page, where the image should have been. And I found what it's location my-project/nss. The way I fix it was (I think) not obvious and proper - I edited "resources.xmap" and added following:


ššššš <map:match pattern="**nss-images/**.*">

ššššššš <map:read src="content/xdocs/nss/images/{2}.{3}"

mime-type="image/{3}" />

ššššš </map:match>


After that the images displayed at the web-page and that was what I wanted. But the PDF-button functions now with errors - it's not showing pictures at PDF file. It found the block I need at "document2fo.xsl" concerning imgpath, but I do not want to edit it without any advise.


Could you tell me how to change this block, or comment my way to make pictures displaying - it seems to me that it could be done in other fashion.


With respect,

Timofey Rodionov.