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Subject svn commit: r1064961 - /forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/procedures/release/How_to_release.xml
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2011 06:03:12 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Sat Jan 29 06:03:12 2011
New Revision: 1064961

Explain some delays with deployment.


Modified: forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/procedures/release/How_to_release.xml
--- forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/procedures/release/How_to_release.xml (original)
+++ forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/procedures/release/How_to_release.xml Sat Jan
29 06:03:12 2011
@@ -975,7 +975,11 @@ svn mkdir plugins/&n;</source></li>
           and site-author/content/doap.xml files.
           Note that we have copies <a href="">FOR-1210</a>.
-        <li>Commit all of the above changes.</li>
+        <li>
+          Commit all of the above changes. Either wait for the cronjob,
+          or ssh in and do 'svn up'
+        </li>
+        <li>Remember that there is then a one hour rsync delay.</li>
         <li>Send email to the dev list to remind people about the new docs set &nd;
         and that we don't update &pd; set. Also remind about the new release branch
         of svn. See example email from the 0.8 release.</li>
@@ -986,14 +990,16 @@ svn mkdir plugins/&n;</source></li>
         In this phase we'll upload the new Release, wait for it to be available
         on most mirror sites, publish the new website, then announce the release.
+      </p>
+      <p>
         The reason for waiting, is because when you send the announcement, most of
         the mirrors need to be up-to-date or your audience will grumble.
+        See various notes below, explaining the delays.
         During this phase there is a lot of waiting. While things are happening
         you can be doing some of the other tasks in this Upload section and in
-        the <a
-                    href="#cleanup">Cleanup</a> section.
+        the <a href="#cleanup">Cleanup</a> section.

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