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Subject svn commit: r981728 - /forrest/trunk/site-author/status.xml
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2010 02:58:20 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Tue Aug  3 02:58:19 2010
New Revision: 981728

Some tidy up, remove repetition.


Modified: forrest/trunk/site-author/status.xml
--- forrest/trunk/site-author/status.xml (original)
+++ forrest/trunk/site-author/status.xml Tue Aug  3 02:58:19 2010
@@ -458,10 +458,8 @@
         not being able to retrieve plugin descriptor files.
       <action context="code" type="update" dev="TS" importance="high" fixes-bug="FOR-924"
-        due-to="Martin Stockhammer"> FOR-924 Readding the loading from
-        (default-) which got removed in r430588 when closing FOR-916.
-        Thanks Martin Stockhammer for pointing it out, providing us with a patch and for
-        contribution. </action>
+        due-to="Martin Stockhammer">Readding the loading from
+        (default-) which got removed in r430588 when closing FOR-916.</action>
 <!-- 2006-08 -->
       <action context="code" type="fix" dev="DC" fixes-bug="FOR-448" due-to="Jim Dixon">
         When using html as source, the "a" elements were not rendered properly if both
@@ -470,24 +468,27 @@
         Also removed the automated generation of @id attributes from @name attributes,
         which can lead to invalid IDs and other confusion.
-      <action type="update" context="docs" dev="TS"><strong>FOR-920</strong>
- Addings notes how to
+      <action type="update" context="docs" fixes-bug="FOR-920" dev="TS">
+        Explain how to
         <link href="site:upgrading_08">update</link> the different module calls
         custom code. </action>
-      <action type="update" context="code" dev="TS" importance="high"><strong>FOR-920</strong>
Merging the defaults and project modules to the new
+      <action type="update" context="code" dev="TS" fixes-bug="FOR-920" importance="high">
+        Merging the defaults and project modules to the new
         properties module. You can use it like {properties:forrest.home}, please refer to
         <link href="site:upgrading_08">update documentation</link> how to
         change your {defaults:*} {project:*} and {forrest:*}.</action>
-      <action context="code" type="update" dev="TS" fixes-bug="FOR-800"> FOR-800 -
- (as aggregation of all properties) aviable via cocoon://.
+      <action context="code" type="update" dev="TS" fixes-bug="FOR-800">
+        Make
+ (as aggregation of all properties) available via cocoon://
         The last remaining issue was implementing the Iterator getAttributeNames in the
-        ForrestConfModule. To see all aviable properties add
+        ForrestConfModule. To see all available properties add
         org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.inputModule and request
       <action context="code" type="update" dev="TS" fixes-bug="FOR-916"
-        due-to="Mathieu Champlon"> FOR-916 - adding site-wide configuration files
-        Applying patches from Mathieu Champlon. Thanks Mathieu for your contribution.
-        </action>
+        due-to="Mathieu Champlon">
+        Adding site-wide configuration files.
+      </action>
 <!-- 2006-07 -->
       <action context="code" type="update" dev="TS" due-to="David Crossley"> Updated
         cocoon.xconf and declared the core components that are needed

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