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Subject svn commit: r633714 - /forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/docs_0_90/upgrading_09.xml
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 23:52:15 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Tue Mar  4 15:52:05 2008
New Revision: 633714

Better explain the issue with missing project symbols file. It was caused by FOR-1075, and
FOR-1071 revealed it. Also show the warning message that such users would receive.


Modified: forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/docs_0_90/upgrading_09.xml
--- forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/docs_0_90/upgrading_09.xml (original)
+++ forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/docs_0_90/upgrading_09.xml Tue Mar  4 15:52:05
@@ -31,25 +31,31 @@
       <p>This is a placeholder document for the new version.</p>
+<!-- FIXME: need to bring back some sections from the 0.8 version, temporarily removed
-    <section id="entities">
-      <title>Entities</title>
-      <p>Due to
-        <strong>FOR-1071</strong> you need to either add
-        <code>src/documentation/resources/schema/symbols-project-v10.ent</code>
-        to your custom project or comment a section in your project <code>catalog.xcat</code>.
-        <a href="site:v0.90//faq/sitemap-entities">
-        faq.html#sitemap-entities</a> for more information and the benefits using entities
in your project.</p>
-      <source>cd $YOUR_PROJECT
-# The following is either or. 
-# a) copy an empty entity file:  
-cp $FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/symbols-project-v10.ent src/documentation/resources/schema/
-# b) OR comment a section in src/documentation/resources/schema/catalog.xcat
-vi src/documentation/resources/schema/catalog.xcat
-# comment the following 
-<![CDATA[<!--public publicId="-//Apache Forrest//ENTITIES Symbols Project v1.0//EN"
-  uri="symbols-project-v10.ent"/-->]]></source>
+    <section id="missing-symbols">
+      <title>Missing project symbols file in some projects</title>
+      <p>Users of 0.8, and developers with older 0.9-dev, who based their sites on
'forrest seed-basic' rather than 'forrest seed-sample' will be affected by FOR-1075. There
was a partially implemented xml catalog with missing symbols file.
+      </p>
+      <p>
+        You would get the message:
+      </p>
+      <source>Failed to create InputSource (
+(No such file or directory)...</source>
+      <p>
+        This is just a warning message from the misconfigured xml entity catalog.
+        To silence it, simply copy the file from a new "seed-basic" site,
+        or more directly by
+        <code>cp $FORREST_HOME/main/fresh-site/src/documentation/resources/schema/symbols-project-v10.ent
+      </p>
+      <p>
+        This "project symbols" ability using xml entities is useful in two ways. 
+        To provide commons symbols, words, and phrases, in your source documents
+        (added in v0.8 - <a href="site:faq/xml-entities">FAQ</a>).
+        To configure some Cocoon sitemap components
+        (added in v0.9 - <a href="site:faq/sitemap-entities">FAQ</a>).
+      </p>
-<!-- FIXME: need to bring back some sections from the 0.8 version, temporarily removed

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