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Subject svn commit: r507734 - /forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/live-sites.xml
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 22:58:06 GMT
Author: gmcdonald
Date: Wed Feb 14 14:58:05 2007
New Revision: 507734

Remove entrys that no longer use Forrest


Modified: forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/live-sites.xml
--- forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/live-sites.xml (original)
+++ forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/live-sites.xml Wed Feb 14 14:58:05 2007
@@ -42,19 +42,16 @@
       <li><link href="ext:forrest">Apache Forrest</link></li>
       <li><link href="site:references/cocoon">Apache Cocoon</link></li>
       <li><link href="site:references/lenya">Apache Lenya</link> </li>
-      <li><link href="">The BeLux XML User's Group</link></li>
       <li><link href="">Anteater</link> - Ant-based
functional testing</li>
       <li><link href="">Chaperon</link>
- text parser</li>
       <li><link href="">IAS&amp;CB</link></li>
       <li>Some <link href="">Apache
         Committer</link> personal pages</li>
-      <li><link href="">Apache Incubator</link></li>
       <li><link href="ext:fop">Apache FOP</link>
         (Formatting Objects Processor)</li>
       <li><link href="">Dream Models</link>
         - gather information about electric radio controlled helicopters</li>
       <li><link href="">Apache Stats
(Vadim's Home Page)</link> - some web statistics</li>
-      <li><link href="">Krysalis Community Project</link></li>
       <li><link href="">Z-alarm - Ensure
         information server integrity</link></li>
       <li><link href="">Apache Jakarta POI</link></li>
@@ -69,23 +66,16 @@
       <li><link href="">Druid: The Database Manager</link>
- GUI tool to create databases (GPL)</li>
       <li><link href="">Apache Axis</link> -
an implementation of the SOAP ("Simple Object Access Protocol")</li>
       <li><link href="">Apache SOAP</link> -
an implementation of the SOAP submission</li>
-      <li><link href="">Triathlon
Northern Gauteng</link></li>
       <li><link href="">Kanaputs</link> - an interpreter
for Java</li>
       <li><link href="">Cell Electrophysiology Simulation
Environment (CESE)</link>
         - a framework for computational electrophysiological simulations</li>
-      <li><link href="">Apache Jakarta Tapestry</link></li>
       <li><link href="ext:gump">Apache Gump</link></li>
       <li><link href="">AG Software</link></li>
-      <li><link href="">HiveMind</link>
- a services and configuration microkernel</li>
-      <li><link href="">Core Computer Security Group</link></li>
       <li><link href="">PostgreSQL JDBC Driver</link></li>
       <li><link href="">SuperBonBon Industries</link></li>
       <li><link href="">Learn Linux</link>
- developing Free/Open Source GNU/Linux Training Materials</li>
       <li><link href="">Computer Dictionary
Project</link> - develop a DocBook XML computer nomenclature glossary database</li>
-      <li><link href="">Apache MyFaces</link>
- open source JavaServer(tm) Faces implementation - MVC web application framework</li>
-      <li><link href="">Ca&#241;ones Software Outfitter</link></li>
-      <li><link href="">InWords</link></li>
-      <li><link href="">TVersity - Diversifying Television</link>
+      <li><link href="">Ca&#241;ones Software Outfitter</link>
         - a UPNP/AV compliant media server that can stream Internet videos to TV screens</li>
       <li><link href="">Cirque|Digital, LLC</link></li>
       <li><link href="">Apache Derby</link>
@@ -127,15 +117,10 @@
       <li><link href="">j2world</link>
         - smart solutions for a mobile world</li>
-      <li><link href="">J2EE Quick Start</link></li>
       <li><link href=" ">Java Workshop</link>
online web book - show cases some of the tools that every java developer should have in his
/ her toolbox </li>
       <li><link href="">Die Krabbelkäfer</link>
         homepage of the association for the promotion of child care in Usingen 
-      <li><link href="">Cesar Nieto S.L.</link>
- Meat-based products factory - customize skin using v0.7</li>
-      <li><link href="">Home of air trikes in British
Columbia, Canada</link>
-        - Open Skies Aviation Ltd. - ultralight aircraft
-      </li>
       <li><link href="">Produktkatalog
for S&oslash;lvkroken</link>
         - biggest supplier of sports fishing equipment in Norway, with export all over the
@@ -172,7 +157,6 @@
       activities and social events for our members in and around Troisdorf area 
       (near Cologne and Bonn).</li> 
       <li><link href="">Scriptella ETL</link>
Open source ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool. </li>
       <!--  <li><link href=""></link></li> -->

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