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Subject svn commit: r413202 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2006 01:30:06 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Jun  9 18:30:05 2006
New Revision: 413202



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt Fri Jun  9 18:30:05 2006
@@ -518,3 +518,62 @@
 [10:26] _Gav_: requesting remoteDemo/index.xml does work too, but your saying that is not
what it is there for.?
 [10:27] xley: yes, rewriteDemo/index.html works.
 [10:29] xley: Neither remoteDemo/index.html nor remoteDemo/index.xml work for me.
+[10:32] _Gav_: Strange, I added 
+[10:32] _Gav_: <p><a href="lm:remoteDemo/index.xml">Th​is link goes to svn
+[10:32] _Gav_: to samples/index.xml and it resolves to
+[10:32] _Gav_:​rrest/trunk/main/fresh-site/src/do​cumentation/content/xdocs/index.xm​l
+[10:33] _Gav_: And yes I am being thick again, but 'in my mind', looking at the Locationmap
+[10:33] _Gav_:     <match pattern="remoteDemo/**.xml">
+[10:33] _Gav_:       <location src="​asf/forrest/trunk/main/fresh-site/​src/documentation/content/xdocs/{1​}.xml"/>
+[10:33] _Gav_:     </match
+[10:34] _Gav_: It is doing what it says on the tin
+[10:34] _Gav_: It's just what is 'in' the tin, the resolving of the index.html that I can't
see where it would do that
+[10:36] _Gav_: So I guess you need Ross or Thorsten or Tim here instead of me for this one,
I'm just saying what I see
+[10:38] xley: As i said here last night, that is how Cocoon operates. You seem to be misunderstanding
something critical about Forrest.
+[10:38] xley: requesting ...
+[10:38] _Gav_: Yes I think I am
+[10:39] xley: localhost:8888/samples/index.html
+[10:39] xley: ...
+[10:39] xley: Forrest (well Cocoon sitemaps really) 
+[10:39] xley: will look for a source named
+[10:40] xley: src/documentation/content/xdocs/sa​mples/index.xml
+[10:40] » pbol joined the chat room.
+[10:41] xley: Hi Paul, the Aussie contingent is in action.
+[10:41] _Gav_: Yes, I get that bit, so I guess once remoteDemo has fetched index.xml it should
be doing the same to that
+[10:42] _Gav_: Hi Paul
+[10:42] xley: Gav: then the locationmap can decide where it would rather get the source from
+[10:42] _Gav_: Aussie East, Middle and West
+[10:42] xley: coverage is still thin though.
+[10:43] _Gav_: ok
+[10:44] _Gav_: So only source files in /xdocs/ are currently getting converted
+[10:45] _Gav_: So cocoon you say should be fetching the remoteDemo location at the time of
'forrest run'
+[10:45] _Gav_: (I picture DC banging head against brick wall)
+[10:46] xley: :-)
+[10:46] xley: the Daisy plugin works. It uses locationmap heavily.
+[10:47] xley: See and the "Cocoon Docs" demo.
+[10:48] xley: It is just this demo explained in samples/locationmap/index.html that doesn't.
+[10:50] _Gav_: ok, I'll best read up on that later.
+[10:51] _Gav_: Did you have a think about where the CSS should go for profile.css
+[10:51] xley: i have been looking in between answering the other stuff
+[10:51] » pbo1 joined the chat room.
+[10:52] _Gav_: Paul joined twice, that'll boost the contingent :)
+[10:54] un_amorphous: hey thanks xley, Gav .. was away
+[10:56] xley: Gav: profile.css.xslt looks like the correct place.
+[10:57] pbo1: Hi Gav - having problems with a laptop that keeps going to sleep.
+[10:57] xley: try adding something with a silly name and see if that comes through when you
request localhost:8888/skin/profile.css
+[11:05] _Gav_: ok
+[11:05] » pbol left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
+[11:06] » pbol joined the chat room.
+[11:12] xley: Gav: did you understand the main/webapp/resources.xmap regarding CSS? Line
157 ...
+[11:14] xley: if blah-css.xslt exists in the skin then it uses it to generate blah-css.css
+[11:15] xley: otherwise it looks for a static file in skins/**/css/blah-css.css
+[11:16] _Gav_: Yes, I see that.
+[11:17] _Gav_: But the .xslt is using variables, using @value , where does it get the @value
+[11:18] _Gav_: The @values are set in skinconfig.xml or skinconfig.xsl
+[11:20] _Gav_: Am I being thick again or what. I need to specify background-color='ffffff'
not background-color='@value'
+[11:22] xley: wait i too need to relearn each time i investigate something.
+[11:25] _Gav_: Ok, This is how I see it.
+[11:25] _Gav_: If a color is specified in skinconfig.xml use that
+[11:25] _Gav_: If not that skinconfig.xsl will give it a new default color
+[11:26] _Gav_: and profile.css.xslt takes the colors specified in skinconfig.xsl to create
+[11:27] _Gav_: skinconf == skinconfig

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