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Subject svn commit: r413192 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 23:30:05 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Jun  9 16:30:05 2006
New Revision: 413192



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt Fri Jun  9 16:30:05 2006
@@ -477,3 +477,17 @@
 [05:33] Ross: Hello to anyone still alert
 [07:03] » tscherle1 joined the chat room.
 [07:04] » tscherler left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
+[08:50] » un_amorphous joined the chat room.
+[08:51] un_amorphous: hello
+[08:52] un_amorphous: i hope the log at​orrest-dev&w=2&r=1&s=friday+channe​l&q=b
doesn't repeat everything said here b/c I'm likely to take up too much space
+[08:53] un_amorphous: = new user .. started with forrest .8 to design web page for my law
+[08:53] un_amorphous: it works great, documentation seems adequate, but, I have a couple
of questions if anyone has the time
+[08:55] un_amorphous: I'm linking to images [<a href="net_images/litchron_lrg.png​"><img
src="net_images/litchron.gif" width="259" height="300" align="left" border="0" target="_blank"/></a>]
in my content xdocs .xml
+[08:56] un_amorphous: and getting broken pipes
+[08:58] un_amorphous: i want to display images in my web pages and show larger pictures when
the images are clicked and this seems to work with a static site but with the broken pipes
the inline images don't appear in wholesite html/pdf and I don't like 'build failures'
+[09:01] un_amorphous: think it has something to with editing the sitemap to include the images
as non-xml/non-processed resources but could use a little direction
+[09:02] un_amorphous: thought my feedback might help somewhere down the road with documentation
+[09:05] un_amorphous: I got another question re where to change forrest table properties
to set table borders="0" so they don't show up but I guess I'll hold off asking that :)
+[09:07] un_amorphous: i got a draf/dev site up at
+[09:08] un_amorphous: er, but that doesn't have any code for images which is my present concern
+[09:23] un_amorphous: i would suggest that​cument-v13.html#table
have information on changing global forrest table properties (i.e. borders & colors) and
that the following section on 'Figures' describes what else must be done to avoid broken pipes

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