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Subject svn commit: r413063 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 15:00:06 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Jun  9 08:00:05 2006
New Revision: 413063



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt Fri Jun  9 08:00:05 2006
@@ -322,3 +322,67 @@
 [00:39] tscherler: need to buy some beers for Germany - costa rica ;)
 [00:40] cheche: tscherler: I will put it somewhere so you can download as well
 [00:40] _Gav_: No sorry, on the windoze
+[00:40] cheche: _Gav_: no one is perfect do not worry 
+[00:40] _Gav_: :)
+[00:40] tscherler: lol
+[00:40] tscherler: cu later
+[00:40] _Gav_: I have a freebsd somewhere
+[00:40] cheche: tscherler: cu man
+[00:41] tscherler: quillo ;)
+[00:41] cheche: _Gav_: do not worry i will use zip that is all , I was thinking to use tar
+[00:41] _Gav_: ok, I was wondering the problem
+[00:41] tscherler: btw sadly there will be no forrest tutorial on apacheCon
+[00:41] _Gav_: bummer
+[00:41] tscherler: jupp
+[00:42] cheche: tscherler: yes man ... I wanted to go to ireland to drink some guiness....Á
incompatible encoding
+[00:42] _Gav_: cheche fyi : windows untars just fine these days
+[00:43] cheche: _Gav_: ah ok.
+[00:43] tscherler: +1 to meet you there but doh 
+[00:44] cheche: tscherler: well, we are learning... next time we will try to get something
more interesting for people to sign up on tutorials
+[00:44] _Gav_: should have one down under
+[00:44] tscherler: ...or proposing only talks ;)
+[00:45] cheche: tscherler: would it be possible to propose talks and tutorials?
+[00:45] tscherler: yeah i actually did it this year
+[00:45] tscherler: what happens is that the tut got accepted but not the speech
+[00:45] cheche: ah ok.. so did you get accepted for the talk?
+[00:45] cheche: ok
+[00:46] tscherler: k I am off
+[00:46] cheche: tscherler: ok, cu
+[00:46] cheche: the skin is here:
+[00:46] cheche:​zip
+[00:46] » tscherler left the chat room.
+[00:47] cheche: it is very similar to wordpress.
+[00:47] cheche: so in theory you could modify css + images a get a new look and feel.
+[00:48] cheche: but i need to check the licenses before released
+[00:48] cheche: (I am going to get some tea)
+[00:49] _Gav_: ok, I'll check it out
+[00:52] _Gav_: xley, you there
+[00:52] cheche: unzip and forrest run
+[00:53] _Gav_: ok, will do shortly, thanks.
+[00:53] xley: yes Gav
+[00:53] cheche: hi xley
+[00:53] _Gav_: just on this remoteDemo thing
+[00:53] cheche: how is things down under ? :-)
+[00:53] xley: Hi Cheche, just unzipping your skin to see what is inside.
+[00:54] cheche: xley: I wanted to talk to you about the license of this stuff...
+[00:54] xley: fine thanks mate.
+[00:54] xley: what is the problem?
+[00:55] cheche: well, I am doing a website for a local goverment
+[00:55] cheche: and I choose one skin for the wordpress them
+[00:55] cheche: based on that I create a forrest skin
+[00:55] cheche: so except the colors and images evrything is new
+[00:56] cheche: can I released under the apache license?
+[00:56] xley: Gav: remoteDemo? i will get back to you when Cheche is finished
+[00:56] _Gav_: cheche : that looks great!
+[00:56] _Gav_: no probs
+[00:56] cheche: _Gav_: thanks!
+[00:57] cheche: _Gav_: it is not finished yet
+[00:57] _Gav_: and with skins too
+[00:58] xley: cheche: i don't know what you mean "choose one skin for the wordpress theme".
+[00:58] cheche: ok... I will explain to you
+[00:58] cheche:​ordpress/theme_browser.php
+[00:59] cheche: you can choose any theme and download on your system and use it with wordpress
+[00:59] xley: what is wordpress?
+[00:59] cheche:  blog system
+[00:59] _Gav_: cms
+[01:00] xley: k

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