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Subject svn commit: r413027 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 12:20:04 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Jun  9 05:20:04 2006
New Revision: 413027



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060609-log.txt Fri Jun  9 05:20:04 2006
@@ -137,3 +137,29 @@
 [21:59] tscherler: ross
 [21:59] tscherler: but
 [21:59] tscherler: i get duplicates
+[22:00] Ross: xley - thanks, I need to sort out a leading ',' introduced by my changes
+[22:00] Ross: tscherler I don't have duplicates, see my list of names above (I have reverted
your change on the for-each)
+[22:00] tscherler: ah ok
+[22:03] Ross: code committed please test
+[22:03] Ross: Good IRC work guys :-)
+[22:06] xley: I tested, looking good. Fantastic work, thanks.
+[22:07] Ross: Cool. I've got to prepare for my afternoon of meetings. Should be back online
around 4pm UTC (world cup start - can't miss that)
+[22:14] _Gav_: And who is England going to get beaten by ;)
+[22:14] tscherler:  germany and spain I hope ;)
+[22:14] _Gav_: he he
+[22:14] Ross: Well having lived in Trinidad and Tobago for a couple of years, I would put
up with them winning (as long as England still qualify)
+[22:15] _Gav_: Australia will be happy to get past round 1
+[22:15] _Gav_: Getting on to FOR-891 ...
+[22:16] Ross: Booo.... if you are back to work - I'm off to my other work
+[22:16] Ross: (sorry can't help right now - good luck)
+[22:16] » Ross left the chat room. ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
+[22:16] _Gav_: No probs
+[22:17] _Gav_: Ok, so am I right in thinking I should put the fixes for the validator warnings,
i.e- background-color etc
+[22:17] _Gav_: into skinconf.xsl
+[22:17] _Gav_: skinconf.xsl == common
+[22:18] _Gav_: but forrest is using Pelt skin, so I originally thought it should be in the
pelt screen.css
+[22:18] tscherler: lemme check 
+[22:19] _Gav_: - that is where Vlad is complaining they are missing from
+[22:19] _Gav_: ok
+[22:19] tscherler: each skin has a default skincof
+[22:19] tscherler: need to finish a task and then I am with you

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