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Subject svn commit: r409796 - /forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/procedures/release/How_to_release.xml
Date Sat, 27 May 2006 02:02:10 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri May 26 19:02:10 2006
New Revision: 409796

Note that all of the above changes get committed.
The changes need to be in trunk. Trunk gets packed for release and branched.
ALso enables people to assist with release.


Modified: forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/procedures/release/How_to_release.xml
--- forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/procedures/release/How_to_release.xml (original)
+++ forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/procedures/release/How_to_release.xml Fri May
26 19:02:10 2006
@@ -181,8 +181,8 @@
             <fixme author="fso">We need to discuss order from here on. My idea is to
adjust docs before we enter code
                 freeze to save time later. But if the rc fails and release is postponed might
need to roll back changes
                 easily and - if possible - roll them forward later. So creating an svn branch
for the rc seems to make
-                sense to me. Also: For more than one person working on building the release
for different OS it would
-                also be good to have all the changes in svn committed already rather than
doing it later. Probably
+                sense to me.
+                Probably
                 easiest would be to create an rc branch here and co that. I'd sacrifice the
alternative approach for
                 that which is far too risky for my liking anyway. wdyt?</fixme>
@@ -214,12 +214,9 @@
         <section id="adjustDocs">
             <title>Preparing docs for next release cycle</title>
-            <fixme author="">I'd suggest the following steps to keep build size small
and simplify procedure:</fixme>
-                    <p>Edit version subtabs in site.xml as follows:</p>
+                    <p>Edit "versions" entries in site.xml as follows:</p>
@@ -247,6 +244,7 @@
+                <li>Similarly edit tabs.xml</li>
                     <p>Remove past versions (0.6) docs-directory from svn branch.</p>
                     <fixme author="fso">find and list svn-command</fixme>
@@ -300,8 +298,7 @@
 svn commit</source>
                     <fixme author="fso">Issue them where and to what end?</fixme>
+                <li>Commit all of the above changes.</li>
@@ -357,8 +354,8 @@
                             <p>Edit main/ to update the version tag
to remove "-dev". There are two
                                 occurences: around line 32: &lt;property name=&quot;forrest.version&quot;
-                                value=&quot;0.7-dev&quot;/&gt; ^^^^ around line
-                                &lt;description&gt; | Forrest Site Builder | | 0.7-dev
| ^^^^</p>
+                                value=&quot;0.7-dev&quot;/&gt; and around line
+                                &lt;description&gt; | Forrest Site Builder | | 0.7-dev
                             <p>Edit plugins/build.xml and increase the docs version
number to the next major release:
@@ -388,13 +385,14 @@
                         Docs (0.7)&quot;
                         /&gt; </p>
-                    <fixme author="">There are probably other areas which have version
numbers. How can we improve this?</fixme>
+                    <fixme author="">There are probably other areas which have version
numbers. How can we improve this? Possibly with XML Entities, possibly with Ant properties.</fixme>
                     <fixme author="">Not sure at what stage we get rid of the old docs,
e.g. 0.6</fixme>
                     <fixme author="">Not sure at what stage need to edit site-author/content/xdocs/mirrors.html
                         that it should be done after packing release. See below.)</fixme>
+                <li>Commit all of the above changes.</li>
                     <p>Create a new file, etc/RELEASE-NOTES-x.y.txt, where x.y is the
version currently being released.
                         It is best to copy an earlier RELEASE-NOTES file, to keep a common
layout. In this file, provide
@@ -664,7 +662,7 @@
                             e.g. 0.7-dev is renamed to 0.7 and 0.8 becomes 0.8-dev</p></li>
                         <li><p>Mark 0.7 as released using "Manage Versions".</p></li>
                         <li><p>Review the Issues for the old version and move
any Incomplete ones up.</p></li>
-                        <li><p>Change the "fixfor" attribute to the next verion
for the
+                        <li><p>Change the "fixfor" attribute to the next version
for the
                             "project.issues-rss-url" RSS feed in</p></li>

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