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Subject svn commit: r405905 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060512-log.txt
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 22:29:31 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri May 12 15:29:31 2006
New Revision: 405905

Log to date.

    forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060512-log.txt   (with props)

Added: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060512-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060512-log.txt (added)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060512-log.txt Fri May 12 15:29:31 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,241 @@
+[16:11] twilliams_: i think i joined too soon
+[16:11] xley: yes, you are op
+[16:12] xley: :-)
+[16:12] twilliams_: i'm an op - we can either close and try again, or i can give you op
+[16:12] twilliams_: your call
+[16:12] xley: yes do that.
+[16:12] xley: I have my logfile now.
+[16:12] twilliams_: which?
+[16:12] xley: give me op sorry
+[16:13] twilliams_: ok, do you know the command?  otherwise I'll look it up
+[16:13] xley: i was just looking it up
+[16:16] xley: you need ... /mode #for-may +o xley
+[16:17] » You were promoted to operator by twilliams_.
+[16:17] xley: yep
+[16:17] twilliams_: thanks, that should be a faq somewhere
+[16:18] xley: do you have much time today/tonight?
+[16:19] twilliams_: not really, couple hours 
+[16:19] twilliams_: i've not svn up'd in a while though so i'm not very helpful with svn
+[16:21] xley: whats 'svn info' say ... mine is 398508
+[16:22] twilliams_: which one Revision or last Changed Rev?
+[16:22] xley: the latter i think
+[16:22] twilliams_: 400070 and 399654 respectively
+[16:23] xley: you are newer than me ... looking at svn@forrest current is r405667
+[16:24] xley: you are just 7 commits behind
+[16:24] twilliams_: strange, i haven't updated all week
+[16:25] xley: and i am 36 behind ... 10 days old
+[16:25] xley: that shows too much email discussion and not enough doing.
+[16:26] twilliams_: yelp, i've been reading a little and doing nothing unfortunately - family
+[16:26] xley: of course
+[16:27] twilliams_: so i gather your email with the issues wasn't all inclusive?
+[16:27] xley: actually many of those commits are mine, so i just need to do 'svn up' to refresh
the numbers.
+[16:28] xley: not sure what you mean Tim ... the reviewing of the list of Blocker issues?
+[16:29] twilliams_: yes, sorry, i didn't gather the "Blocker" part - i just saw 45 issues
in the roadmap
+[16:29] xley: looking through svn@ i see that your working copy is close enough, there were
some doc commits.
+[16:30] xley: was 47 so down 2. Yes the list sent to dev@ was just those marked Blocker and
+[16:31] twilliams_: ok i'll add that to the filter
+[16:31] twilliams_: still there?
+[16:32] xley: yes
+[16:33] twilliams_: cool, my hotel connection just went dead and apparently i was able to
reconnect before IRC noticed
+[16:33] twilliams_: ok so there's 17 Blocker && Critical issues
+[16:34] xley: I think that i have a workaround for FOR-492 "Inconsistent Line Endings in
generated sites"
+[16:37] twilliams_: ok, i don't know that i'd recognize a problem or solution if I saw one
+[16:37] twilliams_: when you send out line ending related emails, i just blindly do whatever
you say
+[16:39] xley: :-) it is a mess of a topic.
+[16:39] xley: i am going to now review the comments about the issues on the dev@ thread and
add some Jira comments.
+[16:39] twilliams_: ok
+[16:39] xley: can you see anything that we can tackle together.
+[16:40] twilliams_: not immediately, i'm looking through the 17 at this point
+[16:47] » You changed the topic to "ForrestFriday: Finish locationmap, investigate blocker
issues for next release".
+[16:47] twilliams_: i think FOR-770 should get moved to 0.9
+[16:48] twilliams_: it's nice-to-have but not necessary
+[16:49] twilliams_: what's the first part of FOR-876?
+[16:49] twilliams_:​rrest-dev&m=114681853020533&w=2
+[16:52] xley: re FOR-770 ... okay i have not been looking that far down the list. Yes delay
+[16:52] xley: Re FOR-876 yes this is one i hoped we could fix today.
+[16:54] xley: i am doing 'forrest seed-sample run' to look.
+[16:56] twilliams_: I don't understand what the "Retrieving an XDoc Via HTTP" is supposed
to do
+[16:56] twilliams_: looking at the source, I see not reference to LM in there
+[16:58] xley: look at src/documentation/content/locatio​nmap.xml
+[16:58] xley: it gets the xml source from the SVN server (so won't work today).
+[16:59] twilliams_: yeah, but i don't see any ref to it in samples\locationmap\index.xml
+[17:02] twilliams_: it appears that svn is back up
+[17:06] » You have set yourself away with "back in a few minutes".
+[17:06] twilliams_: maybe i spoke too soon, 
+[17:06] twilliams_: it seems that the web browsing aspect of it is working but not the real
+[17:15] xley: Re: svn ... i would wait until we hear at committers@a.o or infra@ etc. or
+[17:16] twilliams_: ok
+[17:16] xley: locationmap demo ... the instructions are not very clear.  need to construct
URL yourself e.g.
+[17:17] xley: localhost:8888/remoteDemo/​ml
+[17:17] xley: should get the Forrest home page via xml source from the SVN server.
+[17:18] twilliams_: yeah, i'm pretty sure that works based on my local testing here
+[17:18] twilliams_: it seems like the issue might be limited to the rewriting aspect of the
LM input module
+[17:19] twilliams_: this would be much easier to debug with SVN, btw.
+[17:20] twilliams_: as clearly something has changed so we could simply go back to a working
rev and see what it is
+[17:20] xley: i think our dev@ thread said rewriting input module too.
+[17:21] twilliams_: i don't think the configuration of the lm itself in sitemap.xmap and
forrest.xconf have changed so it's likely in lm code
+[17:21] twilliams_: yeah, sorry, i haven't kept up as well as i wish i could have
+[17:23] xley: yes understand what you mean about going back using svn. We should delay investigation.
But i will at least peek at the sitemap.xmap and forrest.xconf to see svn history.
+[17:24] xley: another topic.
+[17:24] xley: what do you reckon about the locationmap logfiles. I think they will frighten
a new user.
+[17:25] twilliams_: issue #?
+[17:25] twilliams_: or just discussion?
+[17:26] xley: neither, now, but i think there was some past discussion.
+[17:26] xley: should those messages be just at DEBUG level?
+[17:27] twilliams_: honestly, mine is jacked right now so I can't tell
+[17:27] xley: why would that be?
+[17:27] twilliams_: my local copy is pumping so many debug messages that i'm creating several
MB on just a couple requests
+[17:28] twilliams_: it's left over from when I was trying to solve the cache issue
+[17:28] xley: oh you have extra stuff. i see
+[17:28] twilliams_: normally, i'd just rename my files and svn up to see what you're talking
+[17:28] twilliams_: but with svn down... well...
+[17:28] xley: yes
+[17:29] twilliams_: this cache issue is kicking my butt btw 
+[17:29] xley: yes another thing that i would like to help with but not got the expertise.
+[17:30] twilliams_: i think i'm going to need thorsten or ross to get me over a hump
+[17:30] twilliams_: i don't have the expertise either:(
+[17:31] xley: i wish that Cocoon-dev attempt you made would have went a bit further. perhaps
bad timing
+[17:31] twilliams_: yeah, they seem to be  going through some growing pains at the moment
+[17:32] xley: yes.
+[17:32] twilliams_: i feel like they are slowly getting back to their work though, so maybe
in a couple weeks, it'll be time to try again
+[17:33] xley: i was impressed that Cameron on our user list built cocoon and enhanced a bit.
+[17:33] twilliams_: i missed that - among other things
+[17:33] twilliams_: i am impressed just hearing it though, i've been unsuccessful and frustrated
trying to build Cocoon lately
+[17:35] xley: i made a quickstart doc for cocoon when last i tried the maven build. evidently
it helped Cameron
+[17:37] xley:​t.xml.forrest.user/3557
+[17:38] xley: and see subsequent email for links to cocoon maven stuff
+[17:38] xley: back to locationmap log concept if you have time?
+[17:41] twilliams_: sorry my wife is several hours away, up in middle of her night feeding
my daughter and brought me up on the chat line
+[17:41] twilliams_: i'm back now
+[17:42] twilliams_: yeah, your quickstart helped me only mildly - i'm frustrated with stuff
that builds sometimes, not others, and no apparent reason why the inconsistency.
+[17:42] twilliams_: anyway... back to lm loggin for a few minutes
+[17:42] xley: no rush, i have things to do too. it logs like this ...
+[17:43] xley: WARN    [core.modules.mapper.lm] (/samples/index.html): Locationmap did not
return a location for hint project-skinconf.xsl
+[17:43] xley: by default and lots of them.
+[17:44] xley: i have trouble making sense of them.
+[17:44] twilliams_: yeah, i think many of the "negative" tests should actually be DEBUG's
instead of WARN's
+[17:45] twilliams_: they are basically letting you know that they are testing each entry
in a LM selector
+[17:45] xley: i wondered about DEBUG too
+[17:46] twilliams_: i can change those to debug when SVN is back up
+[17:46] xley: yes i know, but average user might not.
+[17:46] twilliams_: really no reason to warn a user that nothing happened;)
+[17:46] xley: :-)
+[17:47] xley: back to cocoon and maven,
+[17:48] xley: i heard someone (giacomo, carsten) say that they never have troubles, other
+[17:50] twilliams_: it doesn't surprise me that giacomo or carsten or daniel never have troubles:)
 unfortunetly I'm not as smart as those gents
+[17:50] xley: antonio said he will try this weekend so perhaps we will get some tips.
+[17:50] xley: me too.
+[17:51] twilliams_: good luck to antonio, look forward to seeing the results
+[17:52] twilliams_: i had a simple cocoon patch long ago that i was never able to test becuase
of their trunk issues.  Hopefully they realize that at some point, they'll start loosing folk's
interest if they keep a trunk around that won't reliably build
+[17:53] » tscherler joined the chat room.
+[17:54] tscherler: hi all
+[17:54] xley: they/we do understand that, there is going to be a surge leading up to the
Dublin Apachecon to get it moving
+[17:54] tscherler: byw tim
+[17:54] tscherler: do you remember the cloak thread
+[17:54] twilliams_: byw?  hi thorsten
+[17:54] tscherler: BTW sorry
+[17:55] twilliams_: i think so
+[17:55] tscherler: how was the subject?
+[17:55] twilliams_: i reckon you didn't get yours either
+[17:55] tscherler: I wanted to answer it again and could not find it in my inbox
+[17:56] tscherler: no ;)
+[17:56] tscherler: since we never said you have x days left ;)
+[17:56] twilliams_: on forrest-dev it was "asf irc cload"
+[17:56] xley: re cloaks, looking at the file in apache svn 
+[17:56] tscherler: :)
+[17:56] tscherler: thx
+[17:57] twilliams_: oops, that's obviously, "asf irc cloak"
+[17:57] xley: we need to prod someone (Erik, Justin?) to follow up on the items.
+[17:57] xley: not today probably , with minotaur etc.
+[17:57] twilliams_: i did that at some point on IRC after waiting some weeks
+[17:58] twilliams_: yeah, i figured, i wouldn't win any points by bringing it up today;)
+[17:59] xley: as usual at ASF, keep trying. it really is a do-it-yourself organisation. and
often things are busy and get missed.
+[17:59] tscherler: I just reminded us 
+[18:00] tscherler: do-it-yourself organisation -> that is fine but sometimes I wish I
have the rights to apply my infrastructure patches
+[18:00] tscherler: Some patches seems to get never applied
+[18:02] xley: perhaps they are not appropriate, or too difficult, or something. I know it
is defeating isn't it, when ones patches not applied.
+[18:03] xley: i shudder when i see our patch queue, though it is a bit better.
+[18:03] tscherler: yeah now we know how our user/devs feel if no one takes the time to apply
a patch
+[18:05] twilliams_: gents i gotta go, i'm in a far off time zone with a long day and long
flight over the next couple days.  sorry for having slacked over the past weeks but that's
the hand I'm dealt... later
+[18:05] xley: list of issues on our roadmap down to 42. That's 5 in a week.
+[18:05] tscherler: tim no worries
+[18:05] xley: good on you tim see you later.
+[18:06] tscherler: you do what you can and it is helping a lot
+[18:06] xley: sure
+[18:06] tscherler: have a good flight
+[18:06] twilliams_: thanks, good night/morning
+[18:06] » twilliams_ left the chat room.
+[18:07] tscherler: yeah xley that is good (still with this ratio we will finish in 9 weeks)
+[18:07] xley: hows your prep for ApacheCon tutorial going
+[18:08] xley: any news on registrations numbers?
+[18:08] tscherler: to be honest did not had time yet to start
+[18:08] tscherler: I screwed up a finger while playing basketball and now I have 9 and every
thing takes ages
+[18:09] tscherler: no news
+[18:09] tscherler: Are they sending them around?
+[18:09] xley: ooh, i stopped basketball
+[18:09] tscherler: Or can I see them online?
+[18:09] tscherler: jeje why?
+[18:09] xley: fingers
+[18:10] tscherler: makes sense ;)
+[18:10] tscherler: qed I would say
+[18:10] xley: hey we can slow you down a bit.
+[18:10] tscherler: lol
+[18:10] tscherler: no you do not want that ;)
+[18:31] » Ross joined the chat room.
+[18:31] » _Gav_ joined the chat room.
+[18:31] _Gav_: Hi All
+[18:31] Ross: Good morning/afternoon - I'll only be here intermittently this early on, and
will not be here at all during the afternoon GMT - sorry
+[18:34] _Gav_: Anything discussed so far
+[18:36] Ross: No one here but us newcomers Gav
+[18:37] _Gav_: ah ok.
+[18:37] tscherler: hi gav and ross
+[18:38] _Gav_: Hi Thorsten
+[18:38] xley: hi ... heating up dinner.
+[18:39] _Gav_: thought I saw smoke
+[18:39] » Cyriaque joined the chat room.
+[18:40] xley: if svn is not back up soon, then i will put a copy of log to-date on my people.a.o
space but not sure how long rsync to ajax.
+[18:42] _Gav_: Tis wierd, SVN is showing as up for over 9 hours now, HTTPS is what is down.
+[18:44] xley: that might be infra@ way to lock everyone out until it is ready for use.
+[18:45] _Gav_: ok
+[18:46] xley:​/20060512-log.txt
+[18:48] xley: gav: i have a workaround with Ant for FOR-492 "Inconsistent Line Endings in
generated sites"
+[18:49] xley: can i get you to try it later.
+[18:54] _Gav_: yep ,sorry made a cuppa
+[18:54] _Gav_: when your ready I am
+[19:19] » Ross left the chat room. ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
+[19:21] » Ross joined the chat room.
+[19:38] xley: gav:​wse/FOR-492
+[19:50] Ross: I've been called away, will be back later this afternoon (GMT) but not sure
what tie, the eeting could drag on.
+[19:50] » Ross left the chat room. ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
+[22:05] » tscherler left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)
+[22:22] _Gav_: Xley - I have the patch, how do you want it testing?
+[22:25] xley: after making the change to your svn. Do what you did last time ... 'forrest
seed site' and then make sure line-endings okay.
+[22:27] _Gav_: ok, doing that now
+[22:37] _Gav_: Looks good from here, but you would need a copy of a generated html file ?
+[22:39] xley: nope, you reckon it looks okay, then great. When svn is back i will commit
it. Thanks.
+[22:48] » ipv6guru joined the chat room.
+[22:48] » _Gav_ left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
+[22:48] ipv6guru: Damn, got cut off
+[22:48] ipv6guru: Did I miss any answers
+[22:49] xley: i will upload load again ...
+[22:49] xley: s/load/log/
+[22:50] xley:​/20060512-log.txt
+[22:51] ipv6guru: ah right, I see my questions also did not get through
+[22:52] ipv6guru: You mention Xalan migration to Saxon in the Xalan 656 issue, is this something
Forrest is heading towards?
+[22:52] ipv6guru: Will it be acheivable to reach Saxon 2.0 in this case?
+[22:53] xley: i haven't yet looked at 656, but no. you should be able to replace the XSLT
processor Xalan with Saxon or use Saxon for certain pipelines
+[22:53] » Cyriaque left the chat room. ("Chatzilla 0.9.73 [Firefox]")
+[22:55] ipv6guru: Ok, so if anything new in Saxon 2.0 that could be useful can be added independently
and without
+[22:55] ipv6guru: interference with current methods
+[22:56] xley: don't know. Those are questions for the Cocoon mailing lists. Suggest you search.
+[22:58] ipv6guru: Ok, will do, I saw some interesting stuff on Michael Kays site, for the
future I guess
+[22:58] ipv6guru:
+[22:59] xley: what do you mean by "656 issue" above?
+[23:00] ipv6guru:​se/XALANJ-656
+[23:00] ipv6guru: Sorry, I was a bit vague
+[23:00] xley: i tried to guess but missed the J
+[23:07] xley:​n
+[23:12] ipv6guru: good, thanks!
+[23:12] ipv6guru: Hmm, I noticed I logged in alternate nick
+[06:39] » Ross joined the chat room.
+[08:28] xley: ping

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