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Subject svn commit: r384807 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 15:00:38 GMT
Author: twilliams
Date: Fri Mar 10 07:00:36 2006
New Revision: 384807



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt Fri Mar 10 07:00:36 2006
@@ -252,3 +252,61 @@
 (08:44:05) tscherler: but adding <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html, charset=UTF-8">
solves it?
 (08:44:37) tscherler: I extended the meta data contract you can pass this via the structurer
 (08:44:41) tscherler: can you try
+(09:02:30) pbol: Stupid ie indeed. 
+(09:04:45) pbol: Bear in mind, though, NS4.79 was a good deal stupider in it's own way. 
+(09:05:33) pbol: I hate to think what Netscape 4 would make of these pages....
+(09:15:16) pbol: Ok, think I get the picture. When I work out which one I'll do a patch.
+(09:18:03) kronenpj: tscherler - I can try patches...  Are they in SVN?
+(09:18:25) kronenpj: pbol - NS4 really tortures pages generated by Forrest...  I've tried.
+(09:20:58) pbol: Not as much as it tortures designers..
+(09:21:11) kronenpj: :)
+(09:22:28) pbol: But it's always a shock to the system checking something on IE - I'm so
used to Firefox (with web developer), so easy to use in comparison.
+(09:23:36) tscherler:
+(09:23:46) tscherler: kronenpj
+(09:24:03) tscherler: I confused you with pbol ;)
+(09:24:06) tscherler: sorry
+(09:24:11) tscherler: but feel free to try
+(09:24:17) pbol: Thorsten - have you given any thought to native SVG from Forrest?
+(09:24:34) tscherler: if we find a solution it should go into the file patch 
+(09:24:55) tscherler: yeah in theory (!) that should work out of the box ;)
+(09:24:58) pbol: re encoding: yes, certainly. 
+(09:25:27) pbol: Que? but doesn't Forrest automatically convert to png?
+(09:25:28) tscherler: but we cannot set a fixed encoding though
+(09:25:40) tscherler: jeje not with the dispatcher if you do not want
+(09:25:42) tscherler: ;)
+(09:25:51) tscherler: you can add svg contracts
+(09:26:03) tscherler: and then use them in the struturer
+(09:26:07) pbol: arrg, I'm getting confused..
+(09:26:18) tscherler: remember the structurer defines multiple formats
+(09:26:36) tscherler: then you request scg directly and include it in your page
+(09:26:46) tscherler: svg I mean
+(09:27:04) tscherler: it is a questio of implementing it
+(09:27:20) tscherler: I can wrap up an example at home (in about 2-3 hours
+(09:27:23) pbol: wouldn't it be good to have a 'don't convert, I'm ok with native' function?

+(09:27:39) tscherler: well that is using
+(09:27:44) tscherler: *.png
+(09:27:45) tscherler: or
+(09:27:48) tscherler: *.svg
+(09:28:13) tscherler: when *.png and there is a svg then it got transformed
+(09:28:27) tscherler: when *svg it got deliverd directly
+(09:28:27) pbol: yep, with browser detection to determine which is required
+(09:28:33) tscherler: well
+(09:28:55) tscherler: the browser detection is another step ;)
+(09:29:25) pbol: but until all browsers do native svg it's a necessary evil
+(09:29:42) tscherler: jeje
+(09:29:44) tscherler: well
+(09:30:04) tscherler: it is like using flash on your site
+(09:30:13) tscherler: some people have it some not
+(09:30:29) tscherler: ATM you will need to have two version
+(09:30:46) tscherler: but one can activate it relatively easy
+(09:30:51) pbol: but svg has the potential to offer both a 'rich' (to use bill's terminology)
svg experience, and a text only from the same docs - beats flash hands down.
+(09:31:06) tscherler: totally agrree
+(09:31:21) tscherler: like said it is a matter of implementation ;)
+(09:32:44) pbol: I think it's certainly worth considering as a next step for Forrest - svg
has really only just arrived, and Forrest is in a lot of ways an ideal tool to serve it up.
+(09:34:16) pbol: on a much more mundane note, where are the PDF converters. I need to modify
the header of my PDF output docs.
+(09:37:35) pbol: I'm off to bed, just after midnight here.
+(09:38:54) tscherler: k
+(09:38:57) tscherler: cu
+(09:39:25) tscherler: maybe I can make something and you have something to play when you
wake up
+(09:44:37) kronenpj: tscherler: Ah, understood.  Having two Paul's in a group can be confusing.
+(09:44:51) kronenpj: Since I don't know if I'm having that problem I can't really test it.

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