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Subject svn commit: r384782 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 13:00:36 GMT
Author: twilliams
Date: Fri Mar 10 05:00:34 2006
New Revision: 384782



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt Fri Mar 10 05:00:34 2006
@@ -182,3 +182,37 @@
 (06:59:47) _Gav_: well b!!ger me, compiled, 1 error regarding deprecated avalon framework
 (06:59:58) _Gav_: but built ok
 (06:59:59) _Gav_: thanks
+(07:05:31) tscherler: ;)
+(07:05:37) tscherler: de nada
+(07:08:55) _Gav_: spending all its time looking for plugins.xml now from
+(07:09:11) _Gav_: do I need to alter any settings
+(07:09:30) _Gav_:
+(07:12:26) twilliams_: settings for what?
+(07:13:51) _Gav_: unable to retrive org.apache.forrest.themes.core plugin
+(07:14:20) twilliams_: suggest you follow the Quickstart doc 
+(07:14:23) _Gav_: so i need to ant local deploy again
+(07:14:31) twilliams_: it walks you through local-deploy
+(07:15:14) _Gav_: s'ok, I had dispatcher site running on old comp, just need to tweak a few
things again on new one
+(07:17:34) _Gav_: unexpected element 'import' , what does that mean!
+(07:17:49) twilliams_: yeah, i'm just saying walk through it to make sure you're tweaking
everything that needs it
+(07:17:50) twilliams_:
+(07:18:28) _Gav_: thanks
+(07:30:16) _Gav_: now pointing to correct version of ant, error is gone - getting there.
+(07:35:50) _Gav_: cool, rc1 up n running again
+(07:36:06) _Gav_: did someone cure the round corners problem again
+(07:36:28) _Gav_: round corners were not working for me last time I opened dispatcher
+(07:36:53) _Gav_: maybe the spelling mistake patch cured it.
+(07:38:05) tscherler: well
+(07:38:19) tscherler: is using round bottom images
+(07:38:27) tscherler: so yeah it is working just fine
+(07:38:52) tscherler: and the spelling had nothing to do with it 
+(07:39:11) tscherler: that was for accessing the request and its extension
+(07:39:42) _Gav_: ok, works for me too, just wondered where the solution came from, because
it was not working 2 weeks ago
+(07:40:44) _Gav_: anyway, enough noise from me, Im back to square one so I can do something
+(07:45:02) _Gav_: I should try and get the footer logos back onto one line again.
+(07:45:45) _Gav_: Is there anything else pelt theme needs to mirror pelt skin?
+(07:55:21) tscherler: IMO no
+(07:58:18) _Gav_: are the site-info credits still on 2 lines for you
+(07:58:31) tscherler: sorry busy ATM
+(07:58:34) tscherler:  ut no
+(07:58:57) tscherler: I Believe I can recall that it is fixed

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