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Subject svn commit: r384747 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 10:00:36 GMT
Author: twilliams
Date: Fri Mar 10 02:00:34 2006
New Revision: 384747



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060310-log.txt Fri Mar 10 02:00:34 2006
@@ -42,3 +42,58 @@
 (03:59:58) twilliams_: i'm committing every hour though
 (04:00:09) rgardler: Cool, I'll go check them - thanks
 (04:00:10) twilliams_: you haven't missed anything though, been pretty dead
+(04:01:31) #for-mar: mode (+o rgardler ) by twilliams_
+(04:08:10) tscherler left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
+(04:13:17) ***twilliams_ will be back soon
+(04:19:47) rgardler: ooooohhh! I'm away for a few minutes and when I come back I'm an OP
- SCARY!!!
+(04:20:09) rgardler: I'm going to try and find the time to finish the LM caching stuff we
dscussed last month
+(04:20:22) rgardler: Starting on it now while Zeph is relatively quite
+(04:27:13) tscherler [] entered the room.
+(04:29:28) pbol [] entered the room.
+(04:30:15) pbol: Hi everyone.
+(04:30:40) tscherler: hi
+(04:31:25) tscherler: I have some patches for you. Can you try for IE and give me feedback.
+(04:31:26) tscherler: (09:40:34) tscherler: Please open an issue
+(04:31:26) tscherler: (09:40:44) tscherler: and I will attach the patches
+(04:31:26) tscherler: (09:40:46) tscherler: ok?
+(04:31:26) tscherler: (09:43:34) tscherler: I mean regarding
+(04:31:26) tscherler: (09:43:49) tscherler: I think I solved it but do not have windows installed
+(04:31:27) tscherler: (09:44:17) tscherler: I have 3 different variants and now we need to
find the "good" one ;)
+(04:32:20) tscherler: I just realised that I talked to the wrong guy in the first place ;)

+(04:32:20) tscherler: Hi paul,
+(04:32:20) tscherler: the above is for you
+(04:32:28) nobby [n=chatzill@] entered the room.
+(04:34:11) rgardler: Hello everyone
+(04:34:23) pbol: Sorry, slight two-year-old-eating-chocolate-cake break.
+(04:34:32) rgardler: Thorsten, Tim made me an OP because he had to leave, but I am on a dodgy
+(04:34:38) rgardler: how do I make you an op as well?
+(04:35:51) rgardler: +0 thorsten
+(04:35:57) rgardler: +o thorsten
+(04:36:07) rgardler: (just guessing for now)
+(04:36:49) rgardler:  /commands op
+(04:37:34) rgardler: op thorsten
+(04:37:47) #for-mar: mode (+o tscherler ) by rgardler
+(04:38:03) rgardler: Ha! got it! (sorry for the noise while I experimented)
+(04:39:03) tscherler: ;) gracias
+(04:39:25) tscherler: what about the log
+(04:40:03) pbol: Thorsten
+(04:40:11) tscherler: yeah paul
+(04:40:41) pbol: Does anyone have an opinion on which is the best approach to the IE issue?
+(04:40:56) pbol: Approach one: add xhtml namespace
+(04:41:04) tscherler: I have some
+(04:41:07) tscherler: ;)
+(04:41:31) pbol: Approach two: lose the XML declaration and add a meta character encoding.
+(04:41:31) tscherler: Can you open the issue and I attach the some ;)
+(04:41:57) pbol: Oky doke
+(04:42:08) tscherler: :)
+(04:42:27) rgardler: (about log) Tim said he is committing it regularly to SVN - I'm not
sure if he has automated or not.
+(04:43:12) tscherler: k
+(04:44:03) rgardler: Hi Nobby - just wondering who you are I don't recognise the nickname
+(04:44:39) nobby: hi Ross
+(04:44:53) nobby: I'm Andreas Hartmann, from the Lenya project
+(04:45:09) rgardler: Ahhh... welcome
+(04:45:29) nobby: I just saw Thorsten joining the channel
+(04:46:02) tscherler: ;)
+(04:46:06) tscherler: hi nobby
+(04:46:09) nobby: hi
+(04:51:34) pbol: Hey Thorsten, whats the relationship between skinconf.xml  and the Dispatcher,
seems to be some odd crossover behaviour.

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