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Subject svn commit: r376928 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2006 04:30:07 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Feb 10 20:30:04 2006
New Revision: 376928



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt Fri Feb 10 20:30:04 2006
@@ -1096,3 +1096,77 @@
 [14:29] tscherler: you need to create a data model input
 [14:29] _Gav_: ok, I'll take a look, but most likely get stuck
 [14:29] tscherler: like you can find in forrest-trunk/site-author/sitemap​.xmap
+[14:30] tscherler: if you get stuff you can ask @ml
+[14:30] _Gav_: i need to implement in themes.xmap?
+[14:30] tscherler: no
+[14:30] tscherler: in your project sitemap.xmap
+[14:30] tscherler: the best example is our docu ;-)
+[14:31] _Gav_: ok, I'll have lunch soon and get back to it.
+[14:31] tscherler: ya me is going to bed
+[14:31] tscherler: see u all @ml
+[14:31] tscherler: ;-)
+[14:31] » tscherler left the chat room.
+[14:37] » pbol joined the chat room.
+[14:37] pbol: Hi all
+[14:37] _Gav_: Hi Paul
+[14:37] pbol: Hi Gavin
+[14:37] » pbol left the chat room. (Client Quit)
+[14:39] » pbol joined the chat room.
+[14:39] pbol: ...oops
+[14:39] _Gav_: you went
+[14:39] _Gav_: hows things in the wet season
+[14:41] pbol: Yeah, closed the 'buddy' window accidently.
+[14:41] * _Gav_ slaps pbol around a bit with a large trout
+[14:42] _Gav_: ah, thats funny, never did that before :)
+[14:42] pbol: It's not really supposed to be wet up here, but we have had a bit of monsoonal
stuff - which is disgusting. 43 and 60% humidity.
+[14:42] pbol: Hows your site translation going?
+[14:43] _Gav_: 33 here today. I am slowly converting pelt theme to look similar to pelt skin,
but have some hiccups aong the way
+[14:44] _Gav_: just looking at suggestion from Thorsten
+[14:44] pbol: your in v3?
+[14:44] _Gav_: can not get siteinfo-credits to sit next to siteinfo-compliance links
+[14:45] _Gav_: ah no, for RC1
+[14:45] _Gav_: my site is getting there, but on hold for a couple of days
+[14:46] _Gav_: next job is navigation for my site, probably just rewrite the tabs.xml for
that, seems to be the easiest way
+[14:46] pbol: I've been doing some real (for money) work so had to keep a low profile since
getting back from NZ in jan.
+[14:47] _Gav_: money tends to do that :)
+[14:47] pbol: Have you tried the 'generate nav from directory structure' option? It doesn't
seem to work for me.
+[14:48] _Gav_: No not yet
+[14:48] pbol: Super hot weather isn't that conducive to sitting at a computer either...
+[14:48] _Gav_: no, should be in the ocean, no air-con then?
+[14:49] pbol: The ocean is 2000km away. Pool's ok. air-con up here are mostly 
+[14:49] pbol: 'swampies' - evaporative.
+[14:50] pbol: they don't work in high humidity.
+[14:50] _Gav_: no, I heard that
+[14:51] _Gav_: 2000k away, sounds like the alice
+[14:51] pbol: Got it in one. 
+[14:52] _Gav_: wow, I'm 2 minutes from the Indian, I'll go in for you then :)
+[14:52] xley: Paul see:​v/howto/howto-dispatcher-quickstar​t.html
+[14:54] pbol: The tabs/site nav is ok, but I'd really like an option for Forrest to 'watch'
part of the file system and generate extra nav from that. I haven't had a chance to try the
resume plugin yet.
+[14:54] pbol: Hi David - which bit?
+[14:55] pbol: Are you in Cottesloe Gavin?
+[14:56] _Gav_: No, 30k north, new suburb called Butler/Brighton, near Quinns Rocks
+[14:56] pbol: Near Joondalup?
+[14:56] _Gav_: Yep, thats it, about 10 mins from there
+[14:57] _Gav_: not even on google earth yet
+[14:57] pbol: I've got friends there who used to do the Joondalup festival.
+[14:57] _Gav_: cool
+[15:01] xley: You asked whether Gav was using the seed-v3 ... that doc shows how to dispatcher-enable
any existing site. If you want to experiment.
+[15:01] xley: See you all later - going out for a while.
+[15:02] xley: the is a partial summary and the log at​orrest/events/forrest-friday/
+[15:03] » You have set yourself away with "food and a music concert".
+[15:04] pbol: Ok, thanks. I was asking because I seeded a v3 site and noticed something a
little odd: the body and head sections of my pages were transposed. Firefox didn't seem to
+[15:04] pbol: Gavin. Did you end up trying Helen's RSS plugin?
+[15:16] _Gav_: hi paul, no not tried the rss plugin
+[15:16] _Gav_: do you have a published version of your site, or was this just local
+[15:17] _Gav_: I used genericMarkup.ft to put in right-hand content
+[15:19] pbol: So how are you generating the content?
+[15:19] _Gav_: is result of RC1 dispatcher, not v3 any more
+[15:20] _Gav_: I havent yet put in actual 'main' content, only rewritten index.xml for sample
+[15:25] _Gav_: i used  <forrest:contract name="genericMarkup">
+[15:25] _Gav_:   <forrest:property name="genericMarkup">
+[15:25] _Gav_: and then normal html markup
+[15:26] _Gav_: then closed the contract.
+[15:26] _Gav_: saved into my pili.fv file
+[15:26] _Gav_: appears on all pages
+[15:26] _Gav_: not sure if that was the question though!
+[15:27] _Gav_: when i get thew chance to try nav from directory structure, i'll let you know

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