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Subject svn commit: r376920 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2006 03:30:08 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Feb 10 19:30:06 2006
New Revision: 376920



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt Fri Feb 10 19:30:06 2006
@@ -946,3 +946,153 @@
 [13:24] tscherler: jupp
 [13:24] tscherler: 4 me 2
 [13:28] tscherler: grr cannot even login anymore to jira
+[13:33] diwaker: i'm testing site-author
+[13:33] diwaker: do i need to do anything special with or anything else?
+[13:33] diwaker: i just did cd site-author; forrest; now waiting for it to finish
+[13:33] tscherler: k
+[13:33] tscherler: perfect
+[13:34] tscherler: that means you testing with skins
+[13:34] diwaker: got this right after: X [0]                                  ​   forrest-issues.html
  BROKEN: An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x0) was found in the element content of the
+[13:34] diwaker: but the build is still going strong
+[13:34] tscherler: yeah
+[13:34] tscherler: k
+[13:35] tscherler: that means I need to wait till jira is working again for closing FOR-807
+[13:35] tscherler: let a side that I cannot login ATM ;-)
+[13:35] diwaker: 3min 9 seconds
+[13:36] tscherler: Total time: 3 minutes 14 seconds
+[13:36] tscherler: with dispatcher :)
+[13:36] xley: diwaker: that sounds like using skins.
+[13:37] tscherler: so my notbook is not to bad after all
+[13:37] tscherler: ah wait
+[13:37] tscherler: yes it was skins for me as well
+[13:37] xley:​/howto/howto-dispatcher-quickstart​.html
+[13:38] diwaker: i guess. i didn't touch any configuration. 
+[13:38] diwaker: now testing with dispatcher
+[13:38] tscherler: no
+[13:38] tscherler: not without an update ;-)
+[13:38] tscherler: and rebuild of the plugin, ... etc ;-) you know ;-)
+[13:39] xley: and the patch noted in the Quickstart.
+[13:39] diwaker: yep, i already have the patch in place i think
+[13:40] xley: Then all you need is the tweaks.
+[13:41] xley: and local-deploy the plugins.
+[13:42] diwaker: i did a 'forrest run' to make sure i had it right
+[13:42] diwaker: the header says 'new seed powered by dispatcher'
+[13:42] diwaker: so i think its working
+[13:42] diwaker: let me do the full build now
+[13:43] tscherler:  Total time: 4 minutes 47 seconds
+[13:44] tscherler: with common theme
+[13:44] tscherler: <broken-links>
+[13:44] tscherler: −
+[13:44] tscherler: <link message="An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x0) was found in
the element content of the document." uri="forrest-issues.html">
+[13:44] tscherler: <referrer uri="linkmap.html"/>
+[13:44] tscherler: <referrer uri="guidelines.html"/>
+[13:44] tscherler: k
+[13:49] diwaker: 5min 9 seconds for me
+[13:49] diwaker: and lots of broken links
+[13:50] diwaker:     <referrer uri="docs_0_70/sitemap-ref.html"/​>
+[13:50] diwaker:     <referrer uri="docs_0_70/sitemap-ref.source​.xml"/>
+[13:50] diwaker: mostly of that form
+[13:51] xley: I am doing it too, so i can compare with​wse/FOR-803
+[13:52] tscherler: diwaker
+[13:53] tscherler: have you done svn up on site?
+[13:53] tscherler: site-author i mean
+[13:53] diwaker: yes
+[13:53] diwaker: svn info says r376907
+[13:53] diwaker: ah just pulled in some more changes
+[13:53] diwaker: will try again
+[13:54] diwaker: do i need to change the theme to something else? pelt/coat?
+[13:54] tscherler: common is fastes ;-)
+[13:54] xley: I get only the known broken stuff: the expected forrest-issues.html and menu-index.html
+[13:55] tscherler: xley
+[13:55] tscherler: did you do an svn up
+[13:55] xley: See FOR-803 ... i did both default and pelt.
+[13:55] tscherler: the expected forrest-issues.html and menu-index.html  should be gone since
my last commit
+[13:55] diwaker: i'm still getting forrest-issues
+[13:55] tscherler: (03:53:02) tscherler: have you done svn up on site?
+[13:55] tscherler: (03:53:11) tscherler: site-author i mean
+[13:55] xley: tscherler: Ah, not recently. Du'oh will start again.
+[13:56] tscherler: yeah that is because jira is down
+[13:56] diwaker: i changed theme to pelt
+[13:56] diwaker: and now i'm getting this too:
+[13:56] diwaker: X [0]                                  ​   images/project.png    BROKEN:
(No such file or directory)
+[13:56] tscherler: k will try
+[13:57] xley: Yep that is the svg to png stuff. In the skins, it read skinconf.xml to get
the project name and group name.
+[13:58] tscherler: :(
+[13:59] tscherler: but should not
+[14:00] diwaker: 5min 37s
+[14:00] diwaker: with pelt
+[14:00] xley: could perhaps get  that info from
+[14:00] tscherler: IMO all the skinconf reference have to be removed
+[14:01] tscherler: that will force us to slim down the core 
+[14:02] tscherler: BTW did you all know that the dispatcher support xhtml2 input?
+[14:02] tscherler: well not fully like I want it yet but it is possible with a couple of
+[14:03] diwaker: nope. we should have a seed-target that creates uses dispatcher + xhtml2
by default
+[14:03] tscherler: yeah would be awesome to have it in the release
+[14:03] tscherler: after my conference I will write a RT about it
+[14:04] tscherler: actually v3 has an implementation
+[14:05] tscherler: in the xdocs dir you find e.g. abstract-to-xhtml2.fv
+[14:05] xley: Last time (FOR-803) it took me 6m 30s for default theme. Today 5m 15s
+[14:05] tscherler: we making small procresses ;-)
+[14:06] tscherler: progress
+[14:06] xley: BIG
+[14:06] diwaker: 5min 3s with default theme
+[14:06] xley: gee your pelt and default are close.
+[14:07] tscherler: hmm weird
+[14:07] tscherler: because pelt has much more contracts
+[14:08] tscherler: BTW diwaker can I play around with the css of common.fv
+[14:08] diwaker: sure, go right ahead
+[14:08] tscherler: k thx
+[14:09] tscherler: Total time: 6 minutes 29 seconds
+[14:09] tscherler: for me with pelt
+[14:11] tscherler: k
+[14:11] tscherler: need to refactor
+[14:11] tscherler:       <map:match pattern="**.png">
+[14:11] tscherler:         <map:select type="exists">
+[14:11] tscherler:           <map:when test="{project:content.xdocs}/{1}​.svg">
+[14:11] tscherler:             <map:call resource="pipe-aggregate-svg2png-​resource">
+[14:11] tscherler:               <map:parameter name="path" 
+[14:11] tscherler:                 value="{project:co​ntent.xdocs}/{1}.svg" />
+[14:11] tscherler:             </map:call>
+[14:12] tscherler:           </map:when>
+[14:12] tscherler:           <map:when test="{project:content.xdocs}/{1}​.aart">
+[14:12] tscherler:             <map:generate type="asciiart-svg" 
+[14:12] tscherler:               src="{project:conten​t.xdocs}/{1}.aart" />
+[14:12] tscherler:             <map:call resource="transform-project2text"​/>
+[14:12] tscherler:             <map:serialize type="svg2png" />
+[14:12] tscherler:           </map:when>
+[14:12] tscherler:           <map:otherwise>
+[14:12] tscherler:             <map:read src="{project:content.xdocs}/{1}.​png" 
+[14:12] tscherler:               mime-type="image/png​" />
+[14:12] tscherler:           </map:otherwise>
+[14:12] tscherler:         </map:select>
+[14:12] tscherler:       </map:match>
+[14:12] tscherler: but right now will have to go to sleep
+[14:12] tscherler: ;-)
+[14:13] tscherler: the only bummer is that the resources.xmap is quite verbose
+[14:13] tscherler: when somebody want to try
+[14:13] tscherler: the stuff should go into the themes.xmap
+[14:13] tscherler: after refactoring ;-)
+[14:14] tscherler: but that leads to the xhtml2 RT
+[14:14] xley: Last time (FOR-803) it took me 8m 10s for pelt theme. Today 6m 40s
+[14:15] tscherler: it is now possible to generate svg with contracts which leads to new possibilities
+[14:15] tscherler: k
+[14:16] tscherler: so I reckon if we refactor resources.xmap to themes.xmap we are coming
close to skin build time
+[14:16] tscherler: :)
+[14:16] tscherler: without even changing the DOM implementation
+[14:17] tscherler: jeje that gives hopes
+[14:25] tscherler: k cu you all
+[14:25] xley: cheers
+[14:25] tscherler: (04:25:30) time to sleep
+[14:25] tscherler: de nada
+[14:25] _Gav_: cya
+[14:25] tscherler: to you all
+[14:26] tscherler: _Gav_ BTW have a look at forrest/trunk/site-author/content​/xdocs/docs_0_80/tab-index.fv
+[14:27] _Gav_: ok
+[14:27] tscherler: this is what you can do for your sponsor links
+[14:27] _Gav_: thanks
+[14:27] tscherler: de nada = not to mention ;-)
+[14:28] _Gav_: cool, I was going to look it up
+[14:28] tscherler: the only problem you then face is the sitemap
+[14:29] tscherler: you need to create a data model input
+[14:29] _Gav_: ok, I'll take a look, but most likely get stuck
+[14:29] tscherler: like you can find in forrest-trunk/site-author/sitemap​.xmap

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