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Subject svn commit: r376911 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2006 02:30:06 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Feb 10 18:30:05 2006
New Revision: 376911



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt Fri Feb 10 18:30:05 2006
@@ -804,3 +804,145 @@
 [12:28] _Gav_: what does role="accueil" mean
 [12:29] tscherler: did you looked in the pelt contract?
 [12:29] tscherler: I mean
+[12:30] tscherler: pelt/siteinfo-credits.ft
+[12:30] tscherler: (02:28:44) _Gav_: what does role="accueil" mean -> dunno this seems
to come from chiraque
+[12:31] tscherler:                   <xsl:if test="not( position()=1 )">
+[12:31] tscherler:                     <br/>
+[12:31] tscherler:                   </xsl:if>
+[12:32] _Gav_: just saw that, how to disable that
+[12:32] tscherler: k
+[12:32] tscherler: we need to document that
+[12:33] _Gav_: just remove it do you think for the time being?
+[12:33] _Gav_: comment it out
+[12:33] tscherler: I looked at the contract and it has nearly no description :(
+[12:33] tscherler: well
+[12:33] tscherler: make it configurable ;-)
+[12:33] _Gav_: love to, but xsl is my downfall at the moment
+[12:34] _Gav_: so I don't know how
+[12:34] tscherler: add a forrest:property
+[12:34] tscherler: ok
+[12:34] tscherler: easy
+[12:34] tscherler: in the pelt.fv declaration of the contract
+[12:35] _Gav_: I have 'Sams Teach Yourself....' book :)
+[12:35] tscherler: <forrest:property name="use-br">false</forrest:prop​erty>
+[12:36] tscherler: <xsl:if test="not( position()=1 ) and $use-br='true'">
+[12:37] tscherler: <xsl:param name="use-br">false</xsl:param>
+[12:37] tscherler: thats it 
+[12:37] tscherler: ;-)
+[12:37] _Gav_: cool, clÌche, 'easy when you know how' incompatible encoding
+[12:38] _Gav_: I'll try it now
+[12:38] tscherler: jeje
+[12:38] tscherler: yeah I should know ;-)
+[12:46] tscherler: grr
+[12:46] tscherler: I am trying to fix 
+[12:47] _Gav_: fix what
+[12:48] tscherler:​se/FOR-807
+[12:48] tscherler: but jira is buggy
+[12:48] tscherler: and returns for
+[12:49] tscherler:​re/IssueNavigator.jspa?view=rss&pi​d=12310000&fixfor=12310040&resolut​ionIds=-1&sorter/field=priority&so​rter/order=DESC&tempMax=25&reset=t​rue&decorator=none:367:1
+[12:49] tscherler: an invalid xml docu
+[12:49] tscherler: grrr
+[12:49] tscherler: so can be i fixed it and tested this buggy return :(
+[12:50] tscherler: does jira looks weird 4u2?
+[12:51] _Gav_: i see it, yes, huge footer repeating comments
+[12:51] tscherler: hmm
+[12:51] tscherler: bummer
+[12:51] _Gav_: wonder if all those <br> comments broke it
+[12:52] _Gav_: either way, shouldnt we be using <br /> in code
+[12:52] tscherler: yeah
+[12:52] _Gav_: br is a self-closing tag and shouldnt be closed with </br>
+[12:52] tscherler: but that is coming from jira
+[12:53] _Gav_: Oh, yeah I realise, but the issue itself is about <br>
+[12:53] tscherler: ah
+[12:53] _Gav_: no idea how to fix jira
+[12:53] tscherler: me neither
+[12:54] _Gav_: I'm subscribed to Jira Issues, should I log an issue
+[12:55] tscherler: dunno can be something temp
+[13:00] » cheche left the chat room. ("Download Gaim:")
+[13:02] _Gav_: i've broken siteinfo-credits.ft, where does that param line go?
+[13:03] tscherler: (02:35:54) tscherler: <forrest:property name="use-br">false</forrest:prop​erty>
-> pelt.fv
+[13:04] tscherler: (02:37:24) tscherler: <xsl:param name="use-br">false</xsl:param>
-> where the other xsl param are in siteinfo-credits.ft
+[13:04] tscherler: (02:36:47) tscherler: <xsl:if test="not( position()=1 ) and $use-br='true'">->
before <br/>
+[13:05] _Gav_: ok got it, needs more tinkering , now the images do not appear at all
+[13:06] tscherler: hmm
+[13:07] _Gav_:  <forrest:contract name="siteinfo-compliance-links"/​>
+[13:07] _Gav_:         <forrest:contract name="siteinfo-credits">
+[13:07] _Gav_:           <forrest:property name="box-location">credit</forre​st:property>
+[13:07] _Gav_:           <forrest:property name="top-separator">false</forre​st:property>
+[13:07] _Gav_:   <forrest:property name="siteinfo-credits">
+[13:07] _Gav_:   <forrest:property name="use-br">false</forrest:prop​erty>
+[13:07] _Gav_:             <credits>
+[13:07] _Gav_:               <credit>
+[13:07] _Gav_:                 <name>Built with Apache Forrest</name>
+[13:07] _Gav_:                 <url>http://forres​</url>
+[13:07] _Gav_:                 <image>images/buil​t-with-forrest-button.png</image>
+[13:07] _Gav_:                 <width>88</width>
+[13:07] _Gav_:                 <height>31</height​>
+[13:07] _Gav_:               </credit>
+[13:07] _Gav_:               <credit role="accueil">
+[13:07] _Gav_:                 <name>Built with Cocoon</name>
+[13:07] _Gav_:                 <url>http://cocoon​</url>
+[13:07] _Gav_:                 <image>http://forr​​ocoon.gif</image>
+[13:07] _Gav_:               </credit>
+[13:07] _Gav_:             </credits>
+[13:07] _Gav_:           </forrest:property>
+[13:07] _Gav_:         </forrest:contract>
+[13:08] tscherler: (03:07:10) _Gav_:   <forrest:property name="siteinfo-credits">
+[13:08] tscherler: (03:07:10) _Gav_:   <forrest:property name="use-br">false</forrest:prop​erty>
+[13:08] tscherler: na
+[13:08] tscherler: you cannot nest properties
+[13:08] tscherler: move <forrest:property name="use-br">false</forrest:prop​erty>
one line above
+[13:09] tscherler: before! <forrest:property name="siteinfo-credits">
+[13:09] _Gav_: doh
+[13:09] tscherler: ;-)
+[13:10] _Gav_: ok good, they are now next to each other. They are however one line below
the compliance links.
+[13:11] tscherler: switch the position in the structurer
+[13:13] _Gav_: same thing only other way round
+[13:13] _Gav_: compliance links are in their own div though
+[13:13] xley: _Gav_: ... Michael Kay "XSLT 2nd Edition - Programmer's Reference" Wrox Press
+[13:14] xley: and Forrest has many example stylesheets to learn from.
+[13:15] tscherler: xley I wrote to    
+[13:15] tscherler:
+[13:15] _Gav_: Thanks David, will take a look
+[13:15] tscherler: and he gave me this answer to the forrest-issue.html problem
+[13:15] » diwaker joined the chat room.
+[13:15] tscherler: I'm afraid none of the tools handle this well. The sole purpose of CDATA
+[13:15] tscherler: to tell the system that the angle brackets around <br> aren't to
be treated
+[13:15] tscherler: as markup, which means that when you want to treat them as markup, you've
+[13:15] tscherler: got a problem. disable-output-escaping is one way around that problem,
+[13:15] tscherler: it's messy.
+[13:15] tscherler: It's not clear what you actually want to produce as your output or exactly
+[13:16] tscherler: where your difficulty lies.
+[13:16] tscherler: Michael Kay
+[13:16] tscherler:
+[13:16] diwaker: hey guys
+[13:16] diwaker: whats going on
+[13:16] tscherler: hey
+[13:16] xley: Hi DIwaker
+[13:16] _Gav_: gday diwaker
+[13:16] diwaker: hey david, thorsten
+[13:16] diwaker: hey gav
+[13:17] diwaker: sorry i missed more than half already
+[13:17] diwaker: is the URL to the log on the mailing list?
+[13:17] tscherler: yaaaazzz 
+[13:17] tscherler: its in svn
+[13:17] _Gav_: is it still yesterdays date on it, or has it changed
+[13:18] tscherler:​est/events/forrest-friday/20060210​-log.txt?rev=376905&r1=376904&r2=3​76905&view=diff
+[13:18] xley:​rrest/events/forrest-friday
+[13:18] diwaker: ah, thanks
+[13:18] xley: i am automatic commit another log ... it seems that JennyCurran fell asleep
again at midnight.
+[13:18] _Gav_: ok, so cheche log changed at 0:00
+[13:19] tscherler: yeah
+[13:19] _Gav_: fell asleep is better
+[13:19] tscherler: or change the url ;-)
+[13:20] tscherler:​se/FOR-807
+[13:20] tscherler: is fixed besides the problem I cannot test the last bit
+[13:21] tscherler:​re/IssueNavigator.jspa?view=rss&pi​d=12310000&fixfor=12310040&resolut​ionIds=-1&sorter/field=priority&so​rter/order=DESC&tempMax=25&reset=t​rue&decorator=none:367:1
+[13:21] tscherler: returns invalid xml 
+[13:21] tscherler: that is the reason why 
+[13:22] tscherler: forrest site on site-author fails ATM for skins and dispatcher
+[13:22] tscherler: somebody mind testing site-author 
+[13:24] xley: it looks to me like Jira is broken today. Just browsing is returning gobbledegook.
+[13:24] tscherler: jupp
+[13:24] tscherler: 4 me 2
+[13:28] tscherler: grr cannot even login anymore to jira

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