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Subject svn commit: r376905 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2006 01:30:05 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Feb 10 17:30:05 2006
New Revision: 376905



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt Fri Feb 10 17:30:05 2006
@@ -717,3 +717,90 @@
 [11:20] » raoul left the chat room. ("Leaving")
 [11:29] twilliams_: anyone still there
 [11:29] twilliams_: ?
+[11:39] _Gav_: yep, hi tim
+[11:39] _Gav_: unfortunatly for you, just me atm :)
+[11:40] twilliams_: yeah, i'm just checking in quickly back from dinner
+[11:41] twilliams_: i had a thought about this lm caching issue and i think i'm on to something
but i'm wondering about some of our xconf configuration
+[11:46] _Gav_: jeez, double dutch to me tim
+[11:46] _Gav_: sorry for delay, other 1/2 demanding cuppa
+[11:46] twilliams_: alright, i'll write up some thoughts to the mail list, thanks
+[11:47] _Gav_: I have pelt.fv and css changes, I made them on test site, how do I transfer
those changes so they can be diffed
+[11:49] _Gav_: if i overwrite those files in .themes.core then the whole file will be diffed
wont it?
+[11:50] twilliams_: is that not what you want
+[11:50] twilliams_: ?
+[11:50] twilliams_: paste over them and svn diff > my.patch?
+[11:51] _Gav_: I just thought pasting all the contents of the files would show as all the
contents changed, is this not right
+[11:51] _Gav_: Ive made changes in lots of little different places
+[11:52] _Gav_: didnt want a massive diff
+[11:52] twilliams_: unless you have line-ending issues, it should be a true diff of the current
>  original
+[11:53] twilliams_: the good news is that you can't hurt much by trying;)
+[11:53] twilliams_: svn revert
+[11:53] _Gav_: ok, I'll try it. I used modified vim , so line-endings shouldnt be a problem.
+[11:54] _Gav_: just a bit more to do then I'll patch it
+[11:56] _Gav_: the current pelt theme shows both pdf export link and xml export link
+[11:56] _Gav_: I need to remove the xml link
+[11:56] _Gav_: this is implemented i think by this line...
+[11:56] _Gav_: <jx:import uri="cocoon://prepare.tiles.expor​t-link"/>
+[11:56] _Gav_: any ideas where I disable the xml link then?
+[12:03] twilliams_: sorry, i haven't been following this lately
+[12:03] twilliams_: i'll look quickly but no guarantees
+[12:04] _Gav_: cheers
+[12:04] » tscherler joined the chat room.
+[12:07] _Gav_: mr T, hows things
+[12:08] tscherler: fine
+[12:08] tscherler: was cut of for a while
+[12:08] _Gav_: bummer, thought you had a permanant connection now?
+[12:08] tscherler: my internet was down 
+[12:08] tscherler: yeah dunno what the .... is going on
+[12:09] _Gav_: are you in city or country area
+[12:09] tscherler: near city
+[12:09] _Gav_: ok, thats not good then, inet should be reliable by now
+[12:10] _Gav_: I have a couple of questions, tim is looking at one but you may know straight
+[12:10] tscherler: k
+[12:11] _Gav_: I need to disable the xml link in the pelt theme to immitate the pelt skin
+[12:11] _Gav_: <jx:import uri="cocoon://prepare.tiles.expor​t-link"/>
+[12:11] _Gav_: implements both, I cant see where to split them
+[12:12] tscherler: just comment the <jx:import uri="cocoon://prepare.tiles.expor​t-link"/>
+[12:12] tscherler: and have a look at 
+[12:12] twilliams_: maybe it falls back to common?
+[12:12] twilliams_: export-link.vt.xml?
+[12:12] _Gav_: ok, so will that remove the required pdf link
+[12:12] tscherler: export-link.vt.xml
+[12:13] tscherler: yeah
+[12:13] _Gav_: hehe, I guess I'll look there then :)
+[12:13] twilliams_: yeah, that includes both links
+[12:13] tscherler: <forrest:contract name="content-source-xml-link"/>
+[12:13] tscherler: yeah
+[12:13] tscherler: <forrest:contract name="content-pdf-link"/>
+[12:16] _Gav_: thanks, that done , question 2 ...
+[12:16] _Gav_: built with forrest and built with cocoon appear underneath each other
+[12:17] _Gav_: cant get them side by side
+[12:18] _Gav_:  <credits>
+[12:18] _Gav_:               <credit>
+[12:18] _Gav_:                 <name>Built with Apache Forrest</name>
+[12:18] _Gav_:                 <url>http://forres​</url>
+[12:18] _Gav_:                 <image>images/buil​t-with-forrest-button.png</image>
+[12:18] _Gav_:                 <width>88</width>
+[12:18] _Gav_:                 <height>31</height​>
+[12:18] _Gav_:               </credit>
+[12:18] _Gav_:               <credit role="accueil">
+[12:18] _Gav_:                 <name>Built with Cocoon</name>
+[12:18] _Gav_:                 <url>http://cocoon​</url>
+[12:18] _Gav_:                 <image>http://forr​​ocoon.gif</image>
+[12:18] _Gav_:               </credit>
+[12:18] _Gav_:             </credits>
+[12:18] _Gav_: is the <credit> section causing this
+[12:19] _Gav_: brb
+[12:21] tscherler: ø? incompatible encoding
+[12:23] _Gav_: ok back, any ideas
+[12:24] tscherler: (02:18:40) _Gav_: is the <credit> section causing this
+[12:24] tscherler: (02:19:22) _Gav_: brb
+[12:24] tscherler: (02:21:38) tscherler: ø? incompatible encoding
+[12:25] tscherler: dunno what u mean
+[12:26] _Gav_: on the forrest site, the built with forrest logo and cocoon logo appear next
to each other on the same line
+[12:26] _Gav_: in the pelt theme, the cocoon logo is underneath the forrest logo
+[12:27] _Gav_: this makes the footer wider also
+[12:28] _Gav_: they are implemented with the code above, inside <credit> tags, so I
wondered if the <credit> tags were causing this effect
+[12:28] _Gav_: what does role="accueil" mean
+[12:29] tscherler: did you looked in the pelt contract?
+[12:29] tscherler: I mean

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