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Subject svn commit: r376701 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 14:30:06 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Feb 10 06:30:04 2006
New Revision: 376701



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt Fri Feb 10 06:30:04 2006
@@ -567,3 +567,70 @@
 [00:47] * tscherler is happy that ross now seems to see his problem
 [00:51] rgardler: *my* problem ;-)
 [00:53] * kronenpj shrugs
+[00:54] tscherler: jeje 
+[00:54] _Gav_: is forrest.apache using pelt skin, I have pelt theme to alter to match and
cant see what it looks like now
+[00:55] rgardler: Gav: pelt skin
+[00:55] rgardler: Thorsten: *my* problem (translation - *your* problem) is...
+[00:55] rgardler: changes.rss uses <map:part src="cocoon://skinconf.xml"/>
+[00:56] rgardler: theme.core has no status.xml
+[00:56] rgardler: (sorry skinconf.xml)
+[00:56] _Gav_: FOR:811 need a theme that closely resembles the pelt skin
+[00:56] rgardler: (forgot smiley on your problem/my problem comment)
+[00:57] tscherler: lol rgardler
+[00:57] tscherler: yeah
+[00:57] rgardler: thscerler, we can replace the depndency on skinconf.xml with a plugin supplied
property for the projectInfo plugin
+[00:57] tscherler: why (14:55:58) rgardler: changes.rss uses <map:part src="cocoon://skinconf.xml"/>
+[00:57] tscherler: k
+[00:58] tscherler: skinconf should be gone with dispatcher/themes
+[00:58] rgardler: Ceating an issue for it against your control issue
+[00:58] tscherler: k
+[00:58] tscherler: thx
+[00:59] xley: tscherler: i notice from the Cocoon Profiler that dispatcher still requests
+[00:59] rgardler: could be for requests for changes.rss?
+[00:59] tscherler: the whole problem is that the dispacther is still builded on top of cocoon
+[01:00] tscherler: there a *many* pipes in core that request skinconf
+[01:00] tscherler: I can either rewrite the forrest core with the dispatcher or wait till
we depreceate skins 
+[01:01] tscherler: I have rewritten big parts of the core but some still needs fixes
+[01:01] tscherler: that is as well the reason that I think the build time is nearly the double
+[01:01] tscherler: (14:59:56) tscherler: the whole problem is that the dispacther is still
builded on top of cocoon -> forrest I mena
+[01:02] rgardler: I think we need to take that to the mailing list 
+[01:03] tscherler: +1
+[01:03] xley: _Gav_: what is the problem (i don't understand your comment "_Gav_: is forrest.apache
using pelt skin, I have pelt theme to alter to match and cant see what it looks like now"
+[01:12] _Gav_: Just that I wanted a rendered pelt skin site to look at whilst I change the
pelt theme to match
+[01:12] _Gav_: Also, MOTD options dont seem to work any more
+[01:13] _Gav_: e.g. - If MOTD option is 'page' is will still appear in navigation if thats
where the contract is.
+[01:13] _Gav_: So , maybe no need for the options any more ?
+[01:13] tscherler: where in skins or themes?
+[01:13] _Gav_: themes
+[01:13] tscherler: yeah
+[01:13] xley: use either our site-author or a seed-sample site (different sets of colours)
+[01:13] tscherler: because the page option is frankly speaking bullshit
+[01:14] tscherler: because the structurer works like
+[01:14] _Gav_: so 'page' or 'both' or 'alt' dont work any more
+[01:14] tscherler: you place in position x and it get rendered in x
+[01:14] tscherler: so
+[01:14] tscherler: have to be removed
+[01:14] _Gav_: yep, these options need removing then
+[01:14] tscherler: does not make sense anymore
+[01:14] _Gav_: :)
+[01:15] tscherler: in general alternative positions 
+[01:15] tscherler: that is skins a wee bit advanced
+[01:15] _Gav_: Where do you remove these options, or can they just be omitted
+[01:15] tscherler: ...but now we have the dispatcher ;-)
+[01:15] tscherler: need to be removed in
+[01:16] tscherler: contracts usage/description
+[01:16] tscherler: and structurer
+[01:16] » kronenpj left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
+[01:16] tscherler: I removed some of them while refactoring but not all
+[01:16] _Gav_: xley: I already have a seed-sample running with forrest run, can I forrest
run another seed-sample or site-author at the same time
+[01:16] xley: yes ... finding FAQ ...
+[01:17] tscherler: you need to change the port
+[01:18] xley:​/faq.html#run_port
+[01:19] » kronenpj joined the chat room.
+[01:22] _Gav_: cool!
+[01:22] _Gav_: thanks
+[01:23] tscherler: _Gav_ you know the acrynom RTFM ;-)
+[01:27] _Gav_: yep, but short-cutting to try and be 'doing' rather than 'reading'
+[01:27] tscherler: jeje
+[01:28] _Gav_: The Manual is getting to be as big as the mySQL one
+[01:28] tscherler: sometimes it saves you a lot of time (I can tell from my own experience)

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