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Subject svn commit: r376644 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 12:00:09 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Feb 10 04:00:04 2006
New Revision: 376644



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20060210-log.txt Fri Feb 10 04:00:04 2006
@@ -212,3 +212,72 @@
 [22:39] rgardler: OR
 [22:39] rgardler: They continue to specify no number but upgrade to forrest 0.8-dev
 [22:39] rgardler: In other words, the versioned directories contain releases, the top level
contains dev
+[22:40] rgardler: Make sense now?
+[22:43]       xley: yes, i think that this is where were arrived at before.
+[22:43] xley: So at 0.8 release, we will do 'svn copy' those top-level zips into a new 0.8
+[22:44]   rgardler: No, need...
+[22:44] rgardler: unversioned plugins always come from top level
+[22:45] rgardler: released (versioned) plugins will be deployed automatically into correct
forrest core directory
+[22:45]       xley: Ah, of course.
+[22:46]   rgardler: So, it seems all we need to do is change the deploy code to remove the
unversioned plugins from the versioned core directories
+[22:46] rgardler: and change the unversioned download to only use the top-level directory
+[22:46] rgardler: Both easy to do
+[22:47] » tscherler joined the chat room.
+[22:47]   rgardler: "remove the unversioned plugins" = "do not deploy to versioned core"
+[22:47]      _Gav_: hmm, after an 'svn up' it seems I have to re-apply dispatcher enabler
+[22:47] _Gav_: mr T, Just in time, hows things :)
+[22:47]   rgardler: Morning Thorsten, tish on time for Gavs Dispatcher work ;-)
+[22:47]       xley: rgardler: but hold on ...
+[22:49]  tscherler: jeje
+[22:49]       xley: Will we need to deploy an unversioned plugin to the top-level AND a copy
with the relevant version number too into the /0.8/ directory?
+[22:49]  tscherler: I just figured out that my connection time ot ;-)
+[22:49] tscherler: hi all
+[22:50]       xley: hello
+[22:50]  tscherler:  [22:05] _Gav_: What concerns has cheche with this
+[22:50] tscherler: he said is way to verbose and I share this concern
+[22:50]   rgardler: xley: my fixme regarding 2remove duplication" implies that at present
we do need to duplicate, but we shouldn't, I agree
+[22:50]       xley: gavin that should not happen on 'svn up'
+[22:50]   rgardler: It's just a case of modifying the download code
+[22:50]  tscherler: pelt has too much css files
+[22:51]       xley: rgardler: no i think that we do need to.
+[22:51]      _Gav_: ok, so simplify it to one css file maybe
+[22:51]   rgardler: Oh, OK, why?
+[22:51]  tscherler: we should try to have one/two static css and one dynamic css contract
+[22:52]      _Gav_: xley: my thoughts too, but Im getting that error : Could not resolve
locationmap location.
+[22:52]  tscherler: further the naming is sometimes really spacy 
+[22:52] tscherler: we should follow
+[22:52]       xley: rgardler: after we release 0.8, there will need to be a versioned plugin
there for future users.
+[22:53]  tscherler:​*checkout*/forrest/trunk/main/weba​pp/skins/leather-dev/contracts.ini​tial.txt
+[22:53] tscherler: when ever possible
+[22:53] tscherler: The task involved are:
+[22:54] tscherler: 1) reduce css files (merge the files)
+[22:54]   rgardler: xley: I misread your original question...
+[22:54]       xley: gavin: do 'svn diff main/webapp/WEB-INF/xconf/forrest​-core.xconf'
+[22:54]  tscherler: 2) rename css elements and the corresponding structurer hooks/contracts
+[22:54]   rgardler: You asked about unversioned in top-level and versioned in core version
+[22:54] rgardler: I read unversioned in both
+[22:54] rgardler: SO...
+[22:55] rgardler: Yes, we will need an unversioned in top-level and versioned plugin in versioned
core dir
+[22:55]  tscherler: BTW rgardler I have heaps of problems to deploy the dispatcher plugins
+[22:55]   rgardler: the top level unversioned plugin will be replaced, possibly with a version
only compatible with 0.9-dev (for example)
+[22:55]  tscherler: I spended some time on it now and I am close to give up
+[22:56] tscherler: there too much stuff going on where cannot find any logical explanation
+[22:56]   rgardler: tcherler, I'm giving my son his dinner in a few minutes, drop some notes
in an email, I'll look when I return
+[22:56] rgardler: xley: are we reaching a conclusion?
+[22:56]  tscherler: it is actually still the same prob then before (already reported to ml)
+[22:56]       xley: yes, done.
+[22:57]  tscherler: the projectPlugin src stuff
+[22:57]      _Gav_: xley: diff shows patch is still there, must have another problem theen
+[22:57]   rgardler: tscherler - OK, will look when I return
+[22:57]  tscherler: further it is a chicken and egg problem
+[22:57] tscherler: k thanks
+[22:57]   rgardler: xley: thanks - I hope we are finally making this clear
+[22:58]       xley: thanks too.
+[22:58]  tscherler: I cannot deploy the dispatcher plugin without the themes one
+[22:58]   rgardler: I recall writing a JIRA issue on rewriting this stuff to a Java ANT task,
it is just too complicated in an ant build file
+[22:58] rgardler: (would probably help with Thorstens problem too)
+[22:58]  tscherler: yeah
+[22:59] tscherler: I had a look and it scared me away ;-)
+[22:59] tscherler: but
+[22:59] tscherler: ANT has the *big* downside that you normally has to invoke it on the cli
and restart
+[22:59] tscherler: do not like this

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