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Subject svn commit: r355620 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051209-log.txt
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 22:40:17 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Dec  9 14:40:13 2005
New Revision: 355620



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051209-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051209-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051209-log.txt Fri Dec  9 14:40:13 2005
@@ -398,3 +398,42 @@
 Dec 10 10:18:22 <rgardler_>	never owned an open fire before - superb!
 Dec 10 10:18:36 <rgardler_>	Co-operation.... let me think
 Dec 10 10:19:24 <xley>	nice AtmosphereGenerator
+Dec 10 10:20:21 <rgardler_>	Yeah, I've always loved them, and have fires in the garden
in the summer, but now I have one in the winter too :-))
+Dec 10 10:21:21 <rgardler_>	You now, on the cooperation front...
+Dec 10 10:21:28 <xley>	are you in a valley? Becoming a SmogGenerator here
+Dec 10 10:21:38 <xley>	okay
+Dec 10 10:22:11 <rgardler_>	it's a real shame Gobby isn't running on mac, we really
could do with working on a doc to guide the use of Jira and Gobby is the way to do it
+Dec 10 10:22:25 <rgardler_>	There was a new release a while back, I'm going to see
if they improved the mac version
+Dec 10 10:22:44 <rgardler_>	(in a valley? no- I live in a place called Longridge -
the name gives it away ;-)
+Dec 10 10:22:56 <rgardler_>	I'm in a village on the top of a hill
+Dec 10 10:24:23 <rgardler_>	:-( Gobby no good for mac yet
+Dec 10 10:25:33 <rgardler_>	Oh.. hang on, another page says DarwinPorts is ready
+Dec 10 10:25:35 <rgardler_>
+Dec 10 10:25:42 <rgardler_>	does that make it installable?
+Dec 10 10:28:05 <xley>	i will do some research. I have steered clear of X11 based apps
because the first one needs to install so much other stuff.
+Dec 10 10:28:34 <xley>	wanted to wait until that infrastructure had improved. Probably
+Dec 10 10:28:41 <rgardler_>	Yeah, I read the "run the install it overnight" comment
+Dec 10 10:29:25 <rgardler_>	Well it really would be useful for writing projet guidelines/docs
etc. collaboratively
+Dec 10 10:29:32 <xley>	i need other X11 apps, so will install them first, then Gobby.
+Dec 10 10:29:34 <rgardler_>	assuming that FF continues
+Dec 10 10:29:52 <rgardler_>	(I'll continue doing it I find it useful to block the time
out for Forrest)
+Dec 10 10:31:15 <xley>	by "co-operate" i meant is there something forrest-related we
need to discuss in this near real-time?
+Dec 10 10:32:29 <rgardler_>	yeah, I appreciate that, but not really, other than something
like how touse Jira
+Dec 10 10:32:33 <rgardler_>	but we did that onlist...
+Dec 10 10:32:45 <rgardler_>	Having said that, have you looked at the new
+Dec 10 10:33:41 <xley>	one day we need to get together and solve the memory eating
problem that Ron found in Cocoon.
+Dec 10 10:34:18 <rgardler_>	+1 - but I admit to running a mile from those kind of things
- I just don't find them interesting
+Dec 10 10:34:37 <rgardler_>	However, if we get Tim in on that too he will drive me
in the right direction'
+Dec 10 10:34:43 <rgardler_>	perhaps a mini get together?
+Dec 10 10:35:51 <xley>	perhaps he will see this and they can do it at the ApacheCon
+Dec 10 10:36:56 <rgardler_>	Heh, that's a good idea, he wanted to meet some Cocoon
folk - maybe a mail to lists (Forrest and Cocoon) asking them if they have time to get together?
+Dec 10 10:37:06 <xley>	it might not be an interesting issue, but it is one that we
need to solve. I didn't find the JXPath bug interesting either.
+Dec 10 10:37:33 <xley>	they are getting together, there is a thread on Cocoon-dev
+Dec 10 10:37:33 <rgardler_>	:-) yeah, but you are obviously far more diligent than
+Dec 10 10:38:19 <xley>	not really about diligence ... well we cannot release with issues
like that
+Dec 10 10:38:37 <xley>	and they hamper development for everyone
+Dec 10 10:38:56 <xley>	hence the project cannot grow.
+Dec 10 10:39:00 <rgardler_>	Yes, of course you are right (and I resisted moving the
issue out of 0.8 roadmap)
+Dec 10 10:39:15 <rgardler_>	OK - you convinced me lets look at it
+Dec 10 10:39:26 <xley>	which?
+Dec 10 10:39:49 <xley>	not ATM though.

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