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Subject svn commit: r332682 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2005 00:27:07 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Nov 11 16:27:00 2005
New Revision: 332682



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt Fri Nov 11 16:27:00 2005
@@ -462,3 +462,131 @@
 Nov 12 06:34:50 *	diwaker is away: school
 Nov 12 06:34:58 <diwaker>	i'll leave the bot running and logs collecting
 Nov 12 06:34:59 <diwaker>	for later
+Nov 12 09:59:26 <xley>	good morning, i will be back after breakfast
+Nov 12 09:59:59 <rgardler>	Good morning David, not sure how long I am around now -
got an early start wih my son tomorrow
+Nov 12 10:00:23 <xley>	hi Ross, how long?
+Nov 12 10:00:46 <rgardler>	At least an hour
+Nov 12 10:01:13 <xley>	okay, back after porridge.
+Nov 12 10:01:29 <rgardler>	Hey, you spelt it right :-)
+Nov 12 10:27:39 <xley>	backreading was easy, not much chat, but i see from svn logs
that you been busy Ross
+Nov 12 10:28:15 <rgardler>	Yeah, I took our discussion about how best to use FT/FF
to heart and just got on with it ;-)
+Nov 12 10:28:31 <xley>	i think so too ...
+Nov 12 10:29:01 <xley>	perhaps let each other know what we are up to from time-to-time
+Nov 12 10:29:14 <rgardler>	Sure...
+Nov 12 10:29:34 <rgardler>	I just posted an important comment to FOR726 (plugins use
locationmap) - please check it out
+Nov 12 10:30:10 <xley>	looking.
+Nov 12 10:30:35 <rgardler>	I've been working from the top of my plugins directory listing
downwards, just done OOo and starting PhotoGallery
+Nov 12 10:31:14 <xley>	okay i will work backwards
+Nov 12 10:32:08 <xley>	re: FOR-726 note, yes i made the same pencil note when reading
svn logs this morning.
+Nov 12 10:32:34 <rgardler>	I think we need to wrtite a release process for this
+Nov 12 10:35:25 <xley>	Do we need to make every resource in the plugins use the locationmap
+Nov 12 10:35:26 <xley>	or just the ones that will obviously be used from outside?
+Nov 12 10:35:26 <xley>	I wonder if it is inefficient to make absolutely everything
+Nov 12 10:35:26 <xley>	use the locationmap.
+Nov 12 10:35:57 <rgardler>	I've not really considered this to be honest...
+Nov 12 10:36:16 <rgardler>	you are right it does introduce a bottleneck
+Nov 12 10:36:50 <rgardler>	Perhaps we should just do the obvjously useful as you suggest
+Nov 12 10:37:11 <xley>	later we can do the rest
+Nov 12 10:37:24 <rgardler>	+1 - I'll start doing that from now on
+Nov 12 10:37:43 <xley>	the trouble with leaving some out is inconsistency ...
+Nov 12 10:38:18 <xley>	people might expect the same naming convention.
+Nov 12 10:38:26 <xley>	...
+Nov 12 10:38:51 <xley>	i suppose that improved error handling for locationmap will
+Nov 12 10:39:38 <rgardler>	error handling is the biggest problem at present, it is
hard to debug locationmaps :-(
+Nov 12 10:39:56 <xley>	very.
+Nov 12 10:40:01 <rgardler>	keeping the local resources our of the LM actually makes
it easier to build the LM
+Nov 12 10:40:46 <rgardler>	We can discuss the naming convention onlist (consistency
is good from an ease of developer perspective)
+Nov 12 11:00:41 <xley>	So Ross, regarding cocoon-docs, i think that we are saying no
chance yetto add the Changes processing, because Daisy plugin intercepts everything. Is that
+Nov 12 11:02:35 <rgardler>	As it stands right at this minute yes, but let me commit
the simplified-docbook plugin, get a whiskey and I will contemplate it, more to come...
+Nov 12 11:04:18 <xley>	Otherwise, i will try to get the cocoon-site build to generate
it into the 2.1 directory. Better for the website, but still doesn't get it into
+Nov 12 11:04:45 <rgardler>	I think there should be a way to work around it...
+Nov 12 11:05:12 <rgardler>	previous to the insistence on sticking with the same url
space I used *.daisy.html to indicate daisy docs
+Nov 12 11:05:14 <xley>	Mmm, i had better get some Saturday morning medicine then, and
join you.
+Nov 12 11:05:21 <rgardler>	that way we just had *.html for other docs
+Nov 12 11:05:35 <rgardler>	I think the answer will be something like only matching
2.1/* docs
+Nov 12 11:06:04 <xley>	hope that it is that easy.
+Nov 12 11:06:30 <rgardler>	I don't think so, that's why I'll need the whiskey ;-)
+Nov 12 11:24:22 <rgardler>	My experiments have not been encouraging...
+Nov 12 11:24:57 <rgardler>	The problem is that Daisy returns a document even if it
down't exist (i.e. it doesn't give a 404, it gives an XML error document)
+Nov 12 11:25:02 <rgardler>	(stupid design!)
+Nov 12 11:25:10 <rgardler>	Anyway...
+Nov 12 11:25:25 <rgardler>	This means we can't use a selector, since a document s returned
+Nov 12 11:25:28 <rgardler>	so...
+Nov 12 11:26:31 <rgardler>	The answer is to create special matchers in the daisy-to-docs
+Nov 12 11:26:45 <rgardler>	rather than do the 2.1/** one
+Nov 12 11:27:02 <rgardler>	we should do changes.html etc
+Nov 12 11:27:06 <rgardler>	what do you think?
+Nov 12 11:28:09 <xley>	Yes, i was wondering about that too ...
+Nov 12 11:29:21 <xley>	but didn't/don't know how to effect that. The projectInfo plugin
needs to match on "changes" and "todo".
+Nov 12 11:29:45 <rgardler>	yes, thinking about it there will be multiple matches for
none 2.1 daisy docs...
+Nov 12 11:30:00 <rgardler>	it will be easier to do it the way I first suggested (2.1/*)
- experimenting...
+Nov 12 11:37:51 <xley>	ross, see forrest-user list reply.
+Nov 12 11:38:14 <xley>	is this our plugin version numbering inconsistencies?
+Nov 12 11:38:44 <rgardler>	Could well be, good thought
+Nov 12 11:38:56 <rgardler>	I'll respond onlist
+Nov 12 11:39:26 <xley>	i did deploy some last night, how will we fix that?
+Nov 12 11:41:52 <rgardler>	if the version number of the plugin was updated then there
is no problem
+Nov 12 11:42:06 <rgardler>	we just need to tell users to specificy a specific version
number (as with daisy)
+Nov 12 11:42:15 <rgardler>	however, if it wasn't updated
+Nov 12 11:42:21 <xley>	it probably wasn't, i will go find which ones that i deployed.
+Nov 12 11:42:44 <rgardler>	we will need to CO the plugin prior to the revision
+Nov 12 11:42:47 <rgardler>	deploy it
+Nov 12 11:42:52 <rgardler>	co head
+Nov 12 11:43:02 <rgardler>	update version number
+Nov 12 11:43:13 <rgardler>	wait for a coordinated release of all plugins post locationmap
+Nov 12 11:43:52 <xley>	okay, i will attend to that. Grrr, i should have known.
+Nov 12 11:44:13 <rgardler>	I very nearly did the same thing, just managed to CTRL-C
in time
+Nov 12 11:44:37 <rgardler>	howverm there are lots of inconsitensies in my build.xml
files and status.xml files now :-(
+Nov 12 11:45:31 <xley>	does 'svn cleanup' help?
+Nov 12 11:46:14 <rgardler>	I don't think so, I've only ever used that to solve the
"repository is locked" errror, what else does it do?
+Nov 12 11:46:31 <xley>	not sure
+Nov 12 11:46:43 <rgardler>	:-) - you have the same style as me ;-)
+Nov 12 11:50:30 <rgardler>	where is status.xml for the 2.1 docs?
+Nov 12 11:50:41 <rgardler>	(I'm having some success :-)
+Nov 12 11:51:02 <xley>	...
+Nov 12 11:51:23 <xley>
+Nov 12 11:51:27 <rgardler>	thanks
+Nov 12 11:52:04 <xley>	there is a locationmap in
+Nov 12 11:52:32 <xley>	temporary ... workaround option c)
+Nov 12 11:57:36 <rgardler>	the good news is that I have changes.xml (etc.) working
in the 2.1 docs...
+Nov 12 11:57:48 <rgardler>	The problem is that it breaks the daisy plugin...
+Nov 12 11:58:02 <rgardler>	but not for the cocoon-docs
+Nov 12 11:58:07 <xley>	hooray; oh dear
+Nov 12 11:58:13 <rgardler>	I can fix the daisy plugin, but I must go to bed
+Nov 12 11:58:23 <rgardler>	I'll send you a mail tellin gyou how to get it working
+Nov 12 11:58:40 <rgardler>	you can do what you need to do and we';ll coordinate again
+Nov 12 11:59:16 <xley>	good night, i will pop back in from time-to-time ... out to
the sunny garden soon.
+Nov 12 11:59:54 <rgardler>	I'll send that mail now, small changes, if you can get it
working before I go to bed then I can sleep soundly ;-)
+Nov 12 12:04:12 <xley>	regarding that issue with the deployment of plugins and version
numbers: This shows that we need to add some forrestbot builds for the release branch ...
continuous integration.
+Nov 12 12:04:25 <rgardler>	+1
+Nov 12 12:09:07 <rgardler>	I sent the mail on how to get cocoon-docs working with changes.xml...
+Nov 12 12:09:21 <xley>	thanks
+Nov 12 12:09:28 <rgardler>	going to get ready for bed, have a read and let me know
if you understand
+Nov 12 12:09:43 <rgardler>	will chack back in 10 mnutes
+Nov 12 12:19:07 <rgardler>	Does it make sense for you David?
+Nov 12 12:20:01 <xley>	the first part yes, not sure that i understand the [1] note
about locationmap yet.
+Nov 12 12:21:10 <xley>	don't worry, i will try it (not yet looked into navigation-to-locationmap.xsl)
+Nov 12 12:21:29 <xley>	another quick question before you go ...
+Nov 12 12:21:40 <rgardler>	I think you will be OK with it, it's farly simple
+Nov 12 12:21:45 <rgardler>	GO ahead with your qquestion
+Nov 12 12:21:47 <xley>	What is performance like for you with the cocoon-daisy-to-docs
+Nov 12 12:21:47 <xley>	For me, it takes ages to start (presumably building the navigation),
+Nov 12 12:21:47 <xley>	then takes about 45 seconds per document. Whereas on the zone
+Nov 12 12:21:47 <xley>	it takes 1.5 seconds per document.
+Nov 12 12:22:25 <rgardler>	Performance locally is awful, similar to what you experience
+Nov 12 12:22:37 <rgardler>	I think there is a massive amount of network traffic
+Nov 12 12:22:56 <rgardler>	on the zones it is al within the local netowrk so very fast
+Nov 12 12:22:57 <xley>	i wondered that too ...
+Nov 12 12:23:18 <xley>	and ... yes local to zones.
+Nov 12 12:23:59 <rgardler>	I've not done any optimisation of the daisy plugin yet
+Nov 12 12:24:08 <xley>	i exaggerated ... 30 seconds per doc.
+Nov 12 12:24:15 <xley>	erk.
+Nov 12 12:24:18 <rgardler>	my plan is to have a daisy generator that only requests
head most of the time
+Nov 12 12:24:28 <xley>	aha.
+Nov 12 12:24:58 <xley>	okay, sweet dreams.
+Nov 12 12:25:33 <rgardler>	Enjoy your day in the sun, winter has truly arrived here
+Nov 12 12:25:37 <rgardler>	good night
+Nov 12 12:25:58 <--	rgardler has quit ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
+Nov 12 12:26:11 <xley>	thanks goodness that we have the project:start-uri parameter
in (project:start-uri=changes.html)
+Nov 12 12:26:25 <xley>	builds that doc first.
+Nov 12 12:26:31 <xley>	good night.

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