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Subject svn commit: r332562 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 14:21:45 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Nov 11 06:21:41 2005
New Revision: 332562



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt Fri Nov 11 06:21:41 2005
@@ -264,3 +264,118 @@
 Nov 11 22:19:22 <xley>	yes the various 'forrest run' worked okay.
 Nov 11 22:24:33 <xley>	so yes, your FOR-697 seems fine.
 Nov 11 22:25:59 <xley>	By the way, another issue: The fonts look terrible at
+Nov 11 22:36:39 -->	rgardler ( has joined
+Nov 11 22:37:04 <rgardler>	Hi folk, do we have a log up anywahere so I can catch up?
+Nov 11 22:37:45 <xley>	Just sent it to dev ...
+Nov 11 22:37:56 <rgardler>	Great, thanks
+Nov 11 22:38:04 <xley>
+Nov 11 22:38:48 <xley>	not automatic log though, JennyCurran is asleep
+Nov 11 22:48:23 -->	tscherler ( has
joined #for-n
+Nov 11 22:48:35 <tscherler>	hi all
+Nov 11 22:48:36 <rgardler>	OK, I read the logs. See that Tim wants to discuss locationmap
stuff, so when he returns and reads this ask away.
+Nov 11 22:49:11 <rgardler>	Hi Thorsten - up to date logs at
(courtesy of David)
+Nov 11 22:49:30 <xley>	ot automatic log though, JennyCurran is asleep
+Nov 11 22:49:48 <tscherler>	cheers
+Nov 11 22:50:12 <rgardler>	I've got some stuff to do on the Cocoon docs right now,
but I'm around. will be working on locationmap stuf after that - holler if anyone wants to
+Nov 11 23:09:43 -->	_Gav_ ( has joined #for-n
+Nov 11 23:14:26 ---	tscherler has changed the topic to: finish locationmap, clean up and
prioritise Jira, xhtml2, v2 howTos
+Nov 11 23:17:03 <rgardler>	Hi Gav, good to see you
+Nov 11 23:17:28 <rgardler>	ALmost up to date logs are at
couretesy of a hard working David, not automated at present)
+Nov 11 23:20:23 <_Gav_>	Hi Guys, just finished reading back
+Nov 11 23:20:54 <xley>	Hi Gavin, glad you could make it.
+Nov 11 23:21:26 <_Gav_>	Been a busy day, hows things
+Nov 11 23:24:10 <xley>	fine, not seem to have got much done yet. I am going through
each plugin making sure that they use the locationmap. FOR-200, FOR-726
+Nov 11 23:25:31 <_Gav_>	I have had a wee forced break from Forrest due to lots of computer
work came in, so that problem I was working on
+Nov 11 23:25:49 <_Gav_>	re: incorrect nesting still is not sorted
+Nov 11 23:26:07 <_Gav_>	but nit something for today though is it
+Nov 11 23:26:19 <_Gav_>	not , I dont have nits :)
+Nov 11 23:26:53 <_Gav_>	So what shall I look at that I might be able to do?
+Nov 11 23:27:31 <xley>	do whatever you want, but the locationmap stuff like we were
doing last time seems to work well as a group effort
+Nov 11 23:28:25 <rgardler>	Yeah, Gav, your help on the locationmap last time was invaluable,
there are still all the plugins to do as David points ou
+Nov 11 23:28:28 <rgardler>	 the resources XMap is still in the same state that it was
last time
+Nov 11 23:28:35 <rgardler>	i.e. rounded courners are not working
+Nov 11 23:28:48 <rgardler>	there is a diff on the relevant task with the current state
of play
+Nov 11 23:29:00 <tscherler>	(12:28:46) rgardler: i.e. rounded courners are not working
-> where?
+Nov 11 23:29:01 <rgardler>	Take your pick (or do something else that takes you fancy)
+Nov 11 23:29:20 <_Gav_>	ok, I'll check them out , thanks.
+Nov 11 23:29:53 <rgardler>	Thorsten -> when using the locationmap version of resources.xmap
+Nov 11 23:30:28 <tscherler>	the one you check in to jira?
+Nov 11 23:30:32 <rgardler>	Yes
+Nov 11 23:30:43 <tscherler>	Hmm
+Nov 11 23:31:07 <rgardler>	Gav -> if you start a task please assign it to yourself
in Jira as I will be working on LM stuff in about half an hour
+Nov 11 23:31:23 <tscherler>	are not generated nor linked?
+Nov 11 23:31:47 <xley>	Gav, i am working backwards through plugins, done output.pdf
and output.Text so far.
+Nov 11 23:32:10 <rgardler>	I've not really looked into the problem, it was 6am for
me on the last FT when we stopped working on it
+Nov 11 23:32:27 <_Gav_>	ok, will do and let you know here once I pick something
+Nov 11 23:32:32 <rgardler>	They *should* work, but don't
+Nov 11 23:32:48 <xley>	These are easy, if you want to work forwards and move up to
the more difficult resources.xmap etc.
+Nov 12 00:57:10 <--	pbo1 ( has left #for-n
+Nov 12 01:07:11 -->	pbol ( has joined #for-n
+Nov 12 01:40:35 <_Gav_>	Xley : I take it you have not commited output.Text etc, what
did you change -->
+Nov 12 01:40:40 <_Gav_>	        <map:transform src="resources/stylesheets/txt/document2txt.xsl"
+Nov 12 01:41:07 <_Gav_>	into and did you rename document2text into document-to-text
+Nov 12 01:42:30 <_Gav_>	just as a comparison, I cant remember what I did, will start
on input.dtdx
+Nov 12 01:42:55 <rgardler>	All *2*.xsl stylsesheets have been renamed *-to-*.xsl (see
FOR-697), so...
+Nov 12 01:42:59 <xley>	i haven't been bothering with those simple local filenames,
just doing the stuff in that refers to main/webapp/resources/stylesheets/
+Nov 12 01:43:32 <_Gav_>	ok
+Nov 12 01:43:40 <xley>	i have now done all the plugins except the IMSManifest doing
+Nov 12 01:43:49 <rgardler>	With respect to local resources, they should still be exposed
by the LM because
+Nov 12 01:43:59 <rgardler>	they are then available to other plugins
+Nov 12 01:44:01 <_Gav_>	oops, too late then
+Nov 12 01:44:08 <rgardler>	This is the start of allowing plugins to be dependant
+Nov 12 01:44:19 <xley>	aha
+Nov 12 01:44:20 <rgardler>	Each plugin can now provide a locaitonmap of its own
+Nov 12 01:44:40 <rgardler>	(not important for this first pass though)
+Nov 12 01:45:17 <xley>	that is how i have been seeing it ... two passes
+Nov 12 01:46:16 <--	pbol ( has left #for-n
+Nov 12 01:46:22 <xley>	thanks for clarifying, will go back and do that sometime
+Nov 12 01:47:21 <xley>	By the way, the IMSManifest plugin was broken when i started,
still broken
+Nov 12 01:47:51 <rgardler>	While you folk are reading IRC, can I ask you to SVN up
and test the new resources.xmap - this is a big change with lots of potential pitfalls
+Nov 12 01:47:57 <rgardler>	(no urgency)
+Nov 12 01:51:00 <xley>	So Gav, if you want to do as you suggested, "document2text into
document-to-text" etc and add to locationmaps then go right ahead.
+Nov 12 01:51:27 <_Gav_>	ok, start at the top
+Nov 12 01:52:00 <xley>	okay
+Nov 12 01:52:42 <_Gav_>	what does IMSManifest do
+Nov 12 01:53:57 <xley>
+Nov 12 01:58:39 <_Gav_>	thanks, I spotted wiki stuff in there so was curious
+Nov 12 02:00:00 <xley>	yes, i have been noticing some odd stuff in some of the plugin
sitemaps, need a spring clean
+Nov 12 02:01:03 <rgardler>	I'll "spring clean" the IMSManifest sitemap now since I
wrote that one
+Nov 12 02:01:41 <xley>	great, perhaps you can decipher the current error.
+Nov 12 02:01:58 <rgardler>	I'll take a look
+Nov 12 02:02:11 <xley>	i just now committed the changes, to no avail
+Nov 12 02:02:25 <rgardler>	OK, thanks, I'll SVN up
+Nov 12 02:03:22 <xley>	me too, will get your resources.xmap changes
+Nov 12 02:03:57 <_Gav_>	<broken-links>
+Nov 12 02:03:58 <_Gav_>	  <link message="ElemTemplateElement error: getHead" uri="linkmap.html">
+Nov 12 02:03:58 <_Gav_>	  </link>
+Nov 12 02:03:58 <_Gav_>	</broken-links
+Nov 12 02:04:29 <_Gav_>	from an ant test in output.themer
+Nov 12 02:05:27 <rgardler>	The wiki stuff in the IMSManifest is an old way of integrating
content from multiple sources.
+Nov 12 02:05:39 <rgardler>	It should be deprecated now that we have the locationmap
+Nov 12 02:05:57 <rgardler>	I'm going to propose this IMSManifest moves to whiteboard
+Nov 12 02:06:36 <rgardler>	Gav: take that one to the list there are no views people
here right now
+Nov 12 02:07:04 <_Gav_>	ok
+Nov 12 02:11:29 <_Gav_>	after svn up, forrest clean, build, forrest run has initialisation
problem, no details
+Nov 12 02:12:55 <xley>	all okay for me
+Nov 12 02:14:05 <xley>	you say "forrest clean" but don't you mean "build clean"
+Nov 12 02:14:55 <rgardler>	OK for me too
+Nov 12 02:15:17 <rgardler>	However, I do not that the check to see if a forrest site
exists on "forrest run" no longer works
+Nov 12 02:15:34 <rgardler>	this results in an incorrect startup if you start in the
wrong directory
+Nov 12 02:15:49 <xley>	that has long been a problem
+Nov 12 02:16:07 <rgardler>	Must be a long time since I made that mistake then ;-)
+Nov 12 02:16:08 <xley>	with 'forrest' too
+Nov 12 02:16:20 <xley>	it should fail earlier
+Nov 12 02:16:28 <rgardler>	There is some code to check for this, I remember it as it
was my first contribution many years ago :-))
+Nov 12 02:16:40 <rgardler>	I'll raise an issue and look into it when I get chance
+Nov 12 02:17:15 <xley>	it sometime leaves two turds behind; a build directory and a
work directory.
+Nov 12 02:18:37 <xley>	i am wondering how to check that your resources.xmap changes
for locationmap are okay ..
+Nov 12 02:19:02 <xley>	suppose that the builds of samples on forrrestbot is one way
+Nov 12 02:19:25 <rgardler>	I had the same problem, with the corner images problem no
build error was reported...
+Nov 12 02:19:34 <rgardler>	it was yourself and Tim spotted they were missing with a
visual check
+Nov 12 02:19:43 <xley>	the round corners look okay, but there were other changes
+Nov 12 02:20:04 <rgardler>	Perhaps I should post a request for people to test on the
+Nov 12 02:20:13 <xley>	yes we do need visual checks
+Nov 12 02:20:19 <xley>	yes god idea
+Nov 12 02:20:21 <rgardler>	I'll post to list now
+Nov 12 02:20:22 <xley>	good
+Nov 12 02:20:56 <xley>	browse the samples, look for missing images

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