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Subject svn commit: r332489 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 08:37:37 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Nov 11 00:37:34 2005
New Revision: 332489



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt Fri Nov 11 00:37:34 2005
@@ -109,3 +109,127 @@
 Nov 11 19:26:04 <twilliams>	... prioritize issues for next release
 Nov 11 19:26:12 <twilliams>	... more xhtml2 dev
 Nov 11 19:26:21 <xley>	pbol: enhancing the CSS and html output is definitely a goal,
not sure about today.
+Nov 11 19:27:24 <twilliams>	wouldn't that be a function of Views enhancements?  i don't
know what that goal implies
+Nov 11 19:27:38 <xley>	yes i reckon so
+Nov 11 19:29:00 <twilliams>	i've got an xdoc2xhtml plugin setup on my box, it's got
a lot of work to do but i reckon that'll be what i'll work on this evening
+Nov 11 19:29:18 <twilliams>	oops ... that's xdoc2xhtml2 plugin;)
+Nov 11 19:29:59 -->	forrestbot ( has joined
+Nov 11 19:30:27 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list
+Nov 11 19:30:28 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Admin, Channel, Config, Misc, Owner, and User
+Nov 11 19:30:29 <twilliams>	when Ross shows up, we can discuss locationmap stuff --
i'm not real sure what's left to do as I think that some of the tasks in JIRA have actually
been completed
+Nov 11 19:30:35 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list Admin
+Nov 11 19:30:36 <forrestbot>	diwaker: addcapability, channels, ignore, ignores, join,
nick, part, removecapability, and unignore
+Nov 11 19:30:40 <--	diwaker ( has left #for-n
("Konversation terminated!")
+Nov 11 19:30:45 -->	diwaker ( has joined #for-n
+Nov 11 19:30:49 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list Misc
+Nov 11 19:30:50 <forrestbot>	diwaker: action, apropos, author, contributors, help,
hostmask, last, list, more, notice, plugin, private, revision, source, tell, and version
+Nov 11 19:31:00 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list Misc.action
+Nov 11 19:31:01 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: 'Misc.action' is not a valid plugin.
+Nov 11 19:31:06 <diwaker>	forrestbot: load
+Nov 11 19:31:06 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If
you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying
again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
+Nov 11 19:31:13 <diwaker>	forrestbot: whoami
+Nov 11 19:31:15 <forrestbot>	diwaker: I don't recognize you.
+Nov 11 19:31:20 <diwaker>	forrestbot: identify diwaker zuzurello
+Nov 11 19:31:20 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: That operation cannot be done in a channel.
+Nov 11 19:31:45 <diwaker>	forrestbot: whoami
+Nov 11 19:31:46 <forrestbot>	diwaker: diwaker
+Nov 11 19:31:48 <twilliams>	> forrestbot: diwaker: I don't recognize you.
+Nov 11 19:31:53 <twilliams>	now that's funny
+Nov 11 19:32:00 <diwaker>	dont mind me guys
+Nov 11 19:32:05 <diwaker>	i'm just playing around with this bot stuff
+Nov 11 19:32:09 <diwaker>	once i figure it out
+Nov 11 19:32:18 <diwaker>	i can just run it everytime :)
+Nov 11 19:32:25 <diwaker>	forrestbot: load ChannelLogger
+Nov 11 19:32:26 <forrestbot>	diwaker: The operation succeeded.
+Nov 11 19:32:31 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list
+Nov 11 19:32:32 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Admin, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, Misc,
Owner, and User
+Nov 11 19:32:36 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list ChannelLogger
+Nov 11 19:32:36 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: That plugin exists, but it has no commands
with help.
+Nov 11 19:33:03 <diwaker>	cool
+Nov 11 19:33:09 <diwaker>	i think i got it to do logging stuff now :-)
+Nov 11 19:33:26 <xley>	diwaker: perhaps you calling forrestbot "dumb" set it off
+Nov 11 19:33:38 <diwaker>	you never know. these machines, i tell you!
+Nov 11 19:33:50 <diwaker>	forrestbot: load ChannelStats
+Nov 11 19:33:51 <forrestbot>	diwaker: The operation succeeded.
+Nov 11 19:36:01 <xley>	i think that i will work on FOR-200 ... getting things to use
the locationmap
+Nov 11 19:36:28 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list ChannelStats
+Nov 11 19:36:28 <forrestbot>	diwaker: channelstats and stats
+Nov 11 19:36:39 <xley>	that is something that other developers can help with too
+Nov 11 19:36:43 <diwaker>	forrestbot: help ChannelStats.stats
+Nov 11 19:36:43 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: There is no command channelstats.stats.
+Nov 11 19:36:47 <diwaker>	forrestbot: help stats
+Nov 11 19:36:48 <forrestbot>	diwaker: (stats takes no arguments) -- Returns some statistics
on the user database.
+Nov 11 19:36:51 <xley>	and Jira
+Nov 11 19:36:52 <diwaker>	forrestbot: help channelstats
+Nov 11 19:36:53 <forrestbot>	diwaker: (channelstats [<channel>]) -- Returns the
statistics for <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent
on the channel itself.
+Nov 11 19:37:03 <diwaker>	forrestbot: channelstats
+Nov 11 19:37:03 <forrestbot>	diwaker: On #for-n there have been 13 messages, containing
646 characters, 92 words, 0 smileys, and 0 frowns; 0 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There
have been 0 joins, 0 parts, 0 quits, 0 kicks, 0 mode changes, and 0 topic changes.
+Nov 11 19:38:31 <diwaker>	forrestbot: load QuoteGrabs
+Nov 11 19:38:31 <forrestbot>	diwaker: The operation succeeded.
+Nov 11 19:38:57 <diwaker>	forrestbot: load URL
+Nov 11 19:38:57 <forrestbot>	diwaker: The operation succeeded.
+Nov 11 19:41:18 <twilliams>	speaking of JIRA, is there any way to force the selection
of a component?
+Nov 11 19:41:48 <xley>	more info please
+Nov 11 19:42:58 <twilliams>	right now we can enter an issue and, I presume, the default
is "No Component" or some such
+Nov 11 19:43:16 <twilliams>	we have categories for "Other" and "Unknown"
+Nov 11 19:44:04 <twilliams>	i can't imagine why anyone wouldn't choose a component
other than laziness
+Nov 11 19:44:26 <diwaker>	forrestbot: channellogger.flushImmediately=True
+Nov 11 19:44:27 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: "channellogger.flushImmediately=True"
is not a valid command.
+Nov 11 19:44:28 <xley>	me either ...
+Nov 11 19:44:43 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list
+Nov 11 19:44:44 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Admin, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats,
Config, Misc, Owner, QuoteGrabs, URL, and User
+Nov 11 19:44:47 <diwaker>	forrestbot: Config
+Nov 11 19:44:48 <forrestbot>	diwaker: (Config <name> [<value>]) -- If <value>
is given, sets the value of <name> to <value>. Otherwise, returns the current
value of <name>. You may omit the leading "supybot." in the name if you so choose.
+Nov 11 19:44:55 <xley>	perhaps because there is no suitable componet
+Nov 11 19:45:01 <diwaker>	forrestbot: Config ChannelLogger.flushImmediately True
+Nov 11 19:45:01 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: 'supybot.ChannelLogger.flushImmediately'
is not a valid configuration variable.
+Nov 11 19:45:02 <twilliams>	but it happens a lot... i cleared 20+ issues from "No Component"
+Nov 11 19:45:23 <diwaker>	forrestbot: Config supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.flushImmediately
+Nov 11 19:45:23 <forrestbot>	diwaker: The operation succeeded.
+Nov 11 19:45:25 <twilliams>	so that means either it's "Unknown" or "Other", right?
+Nov 11 19:45:47 <twilliams>	ok diwaker, play time's over;)  
+Nov 11 19:46:06 <diwaker>	i know i know. i'm almost done.
+Nov 11 19:46:07 <diwaker>	:)
+Nov 11 19:46:08 <xley>	I will look at Jira Admin, otherwise might need to go to their
+Nov 11 19:46:54 <twilliams>	i poked around today after clearing those issues and didn't
see anything  -- not sure if there's another level of admin or not
+Nov 11 19:48:06 <twilliams>	btw. i think my lm commit for locationmap caching isn't
helping the memory issue that you just commented on
+Nov 11 19:48:31 <twilliams>	i think i'll change that one
+Nov 11 19:48:35 <xley>	pity
+Nov 11 19:52:42 <xley>	Re: level of Jira Admin, yes there is another level.
+Nov 11 19:59:17 <xley>	mmm, had a look but can't see anything about default component
+Nov 11 20:04:41 <twilliams>	can you build site-author right now?  it fails on me
+Nov 11 20:05:39 <xley>	will try and report back
+Nov 11 20:17:57 <twilliams>	looking for xdocs\dtdx\your-project.xml
+Nov 11 20:18:52 <xley>	woops forgot to report back ...
+Nov 11 20:19:25 <xley>	it builds okay and there is that problem that you mention.
+Nov 11 20:19:57 <xley>	Yeah, i have described that one recently one the dev list, i
will try to find a workaround.
+Nov 11 20:20:38 <twilliams>	i've been pretty slack on following things lately... been
traveling for the last few months and the next few too
+Nov 11 20:21:03 <twilliams>	fortunatley one of the reasons I'm traveling coming up
will be ApacheCon
+Nov 11 20:21:27 <xley>	great, enjoy it
+Nov 11 20:22:31 <xley>	don't forget to sign up for the committers hackathon
+Nov 11 20:23:08 <twilliams>	was thinking about it but dont' recognize any of the folks
on there an don't know that I can contribute beyond forrest
+Nov 11 20:23:47 <xley>	no you must ... definitely go
+Nov 11 20:24:19 <xley>	it is fantastic just talking to others
+Nov 11 20:25:04 <xley>	anyway, people know you already. Other people read our mailing
lists .
+Nov 11 20:25:10 <twilliams>	ok, but if i'm the moron of the group, i'll blame it on
+Nov 11 20:25:24 <xley>	i am safe
+Nov 11 20:28:42 <twilliams>	do you have a way to do profiling for memory?
+Nov 11 20:29:09 <xley>	No.
+Nov 11 20:29:12 <diwaker>	such a shame time
+Nov 11 20:29:16 <diwaker>	*such a shame tim
+Nov 11 20:29:22 <diwaker>	i won't be here at the time of apachecon
+Nov 11 20:29:24 <diwaker>	or we could have met
+Nov 11 20:30:06 <xley>	twilliams: follow some of Ron's threads on dev
+Nov 11 20:30:10 <twilliams>	go figure... i would pick the apachecon that nobodys gong
+Nov 11 20:31:41 <xley>	yeah, two ago i was the only Forrest person
+Nov 11 20:32:00 <xley>	last one in EU there were heaps
+Nov 11 20:32:20 <xley>	but Ferdinand will be at San Diego
+Nov 11 20:32:47 <twilliams>	yeap, that last one was what prompted me to pursue this
one -- felt i missed out 
+Nov 11 20:32:50 <diwaker>	david, tim: i just checked in a bunch of things
+Nov 11 20:32:53 <diwaker>	that should close FOR-697
+Nov 11 20:33:03 <diwaker>	i've tested with "forrest seed" and "forrest seed-v2"
+Nov 11 20:33:07 <diwaker>	can you guys please update and check
+Nov 11 20:34:21 <xley>	it will still be great ... there will be kinfolk with the Cocoon
+Nov 11 20:35:06 <xley>	everyone is kin really :-) sounds soppy doesn't it.
+Nov 11 20:35:47 <twilliams>	yeah, i've signed up for a cocoon tutorial;)
+Nov 11 20:36:59 <xley>	diwaker: i am going out for a walk then quick dinner, will try
when i return.

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