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Subject svn commit: r332481 - /forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 07:27:24 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Thu Nov 10 23:27:20 2005
New Revision: 332481



Modified: forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt
--- forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt (original)
+++ forrest/events/forrest-friday/20051111-log.txt Thu Nov 10 23:27:20 2005
@@ -31,3 +31,81 @@
 Nov 11 18:44:57 -->	twilliams (n=williams@ has joined #for-n
 Nov 11 18:45:20 <xley>	hi tim, you found a client
 Nov 11 18:45:37 <twilliams>	yeah, i ended up just using xchat evaluation
+Nov 11 18:46:08 <twilliams>	as long as this forrest friday doesn't go on longer than
30 days i should be good
+Nov 11 18:48:08 <xley>	until JennyCurran arrives ...
+Nov 11 18:48:10 <xley>
+Nov 11 18:50:45 <diwaker>	twilliams: i suppose u've looked at mIRC?
-- its the grand daddy of all windoze irc clients
+Nov 11 18:52:24 <twilliams>	yeah, it has a 30 day eval period too then $20
+Nov 11 18:52:58 <twilliams>	i'd rather install LILO on my laptop and get xchat for
+Nov 11 18:52:59 <diwaker>	oh too bad
+Nov 11 18:53:50 <twilliams>	anyway, it's nice to start at the beginning of one of these...
it's 8:53PM here in honolulu 
+Nov 11 18:53:58 <diwaker>	xley: i'm trying to start up a bot
+Nov 11 18:54:00 <diwaker>	just as backup
+Nov 11 18:54:02 <diwaker>	we shud see it soon
+Nov 11 18:54:12 <diwaker>	10:54 pm here in san diego :)
+Nov 11 18:54:19 <xley>	great, can it show a live log
+Nov 11 18:54:31 <twilliams>	who's pbol?
+Nov 11 18:54:34 <diwaker>	i think i can work that. we'll see
+Nov 11 18:54:54 <xley>	5:45 here is east coast australia
+Nov 11 18:54:59 <xley>	5:54
+Nov 11 18:55:37 <xley>	twilliams: Paul Bolger from the red centre of Australia, eh
+Nov 11 18:57:15 -->	forrestbot ( has joined
+Nov 11 18:57:21 <twilliams>	thanks... 
+Nov 11 18:58:05 <xley>	where is the URL for that map of Forrest developers that Ross
+Nov 11 18:58:41 <xley>	hey isn't forrestbot clever, IRC too
+Nov 11 18:58:43 <pbol>	Oh, Sorry - doing something else for a minute. 
+Nov 11 18:59:01 <twilliams>
+Nov 11 18:59:42 <twilliams>	although my position is more than 4000miles away at the
moment i think
+Nov 11 18:59:54 <pbol>	I'm in Alice Springs. You're in Goulburn aren't you?
+Nov 11 18:59:57 <diwaker>
+Nov 11 19:00:18 <diwaker>	damn! tim beat me to it
+Nov 11 19:00:23 <xley>	yes paul
+Nov 11 19:00:28 <diwaker>	i'm just playing around with forresbot :)
+Nov 11 19:03:00 <xley>	Wow, Paul ... The Alice looks amazing with the satellite background
+Nov 11 19:03:51 <pbol>	Take a look using Google Earth, mind you anywhere looks good
in GE...
+Nov 11 19:04:55 <pbol>	Sorry to keep OTing, but Firefox 1.5 just came out, like five
minutes ago...
+Nov 11 19:06:39 <pbol>	Maybe I should get onto something directly Forrest related (and
I'm going to have to nick off in a few minutes, have to pick up my daughter from childcare).

+Nov 11 19:08:45 <xley>	plenty of time ... at least 24 hours, we probably all pop in
and out
+Nov 11 19:09:20 <twilliams>	Oh, by the Paul... Ga==Georgia, U.S.
+Nov 11 19:09:29 <diwaker>	except for david, he's around all the time :-)
+Nov 11 19:09:42 <pbol>	I  think it'd be a good idea to try and clean up the html and
CSS that's being produced by Forrest. The problem isn't that there's anything grossly wrong
with it, but IMO the approach could be better. 
+Nov 11 19:10:11 <xley>	good one diwaker :-)
+Nov 11 19:10:40 <twilliams>	except for when he's making his oatmeal...
+Nov 11 19:11:12 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list
+Nov 11 19:11:12 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Admin, Channel, Config, Misc, Owner, and User
+Nov 11 19:11:16 <xley>	or a stiff gin.
+Nov 11 19:12:15 <twilliams>	i was gonna go with porradge but i can't spelll the stuff;)
so i had to do it american style...
+Nov 11 19:12:58 <twilliams>	so it seems we're in another gray Forrest Friday in terms
of a mission, ehhh?
+Nov 11 19:14:01 <twilliams>	[off topic] I thought I'd get it in that today is the Marine
Corps Birthday here in the U.S.
+Nov 11 19:15:01 <pbol>	they all have the same birthday? like racehorses?
+Nov 11 19:16:17 <twilliams>	i'm not familiar with horses but the Marine Corps as an
organization celebrates its birthday on 10 November every year
+Nov 11 19:16:49 <diwaker>	forrestbot is dumb. arghhh. i'll try another bot now
+Nov 11 19:16:49 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
+Nov 11 19:17:02 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list all
+Nov 11 19:17:03 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Error: 'all' is not a valid plugin.
+Nov 11 19:17:07 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list
+Nov 11 19:17:07 <forrestbot>	diwaker: Admin, Channel, Config, Misc, Owner, and User
+Nov 11 19:17:10 <diwaker>	forrestbot: list Channel
+Nov 11 19:17:11 <forrestbot>	diwaker: addcapability, alert, capabilities, cycle, dehalfop,
deop, devoice, disable, enable, halfop, ignore, ignores, invite, kban, key, kick, limit, lobotomies,
lobotomize, mode, moderate, nicks, op, permban, permbans, removecapability, setcapability,
setdefaultcapability, unban, unignore, unlobotomize, unmoderate, unpermban, unsetcapability,
and voice
+Nov 11 19:17:38 <diwaker>	forrestbot: help alert
+Nov 11 19:17:38 <forrestbot>	diwaker: (alert [<channel>] <text>) -- Sends
<text> to all the users in <channel> who have the <channel>,op capability.
+Nov 11 19:17:51 <diwaker>	ok, its actually smarter than my needs
+Nov 11 19:17:55 <--	forrestbot has quit ("Ctrl-C at console.")
+Nov 11 19:19:35 <xley>	Does it log the time as UTC?
+Nov 11 19:21:16 <xley>	diwaker: i am not an experienced channel operator. This is my
first. I think that i can make you an op too.
+Nov 11 19:22:50 ---	xley gives channel operator status to diwaker
+Nov 11 19:22:59 <xley>	there you go
+Nov 11 19:23:00 <diwaker>	oh thats ok, i dont need op rights
+Nov 11 19:23:20 ---	xley removes channel operator status from diwaker
+Nov 11 19:23:24 <diwaker>	i was just trying to get that bot to work. seems like its
much more than just a logger (
+Nov 11 19:23:45 <diwaker>	anyways, i think i shud spend the time doing more useful
things :)
+Nov 11 19:24:03 <xley>	a live log is very useful
+Nov 11 19:24:21 <xley>	last times i found that it helps communications during the day
+Nov 11 19:24:56 <twilliams>	jenny, if that's what a live log is, is always very helpfu...
not bad on the eyes either;)
+Nov 11 19:25:21 <xley>	but don't persist if it is too hard. I will upload to svn from
+Nov 11 19:25:37 <twilliams>	ok it looks like the topic is...
+Nov 11 19:25:43 <twilliams>	...finish locationmap
+Nov 11 19:25:50 <twilliams>	.... clean up JIRA
+Nov 11 19:26:04 <twilliams>	... prioritize issues for next release
+Nov 11 19:26:12 <twilliams>	... more xhtml2 dev
+Nov 11 19:26:21 <xley>	pbol: enhancing the CSS and html output is definitely a goal,
not sure about today.

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