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Subject svn commit: r328825 - /forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/guidelines.xml
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 08:39:10 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Thu Oct 27 01:39:06 2005
New Revision: 328825

Encourage more oversight.
Discourage off-list discussions.


Modified: forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/guidelines.xml
--- forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/guidelines.xml (original)
+++ forrest/trunk/site-author/content/xdocs/guidelines.xml Thu Oct 27 01:39:06 2005
@@ -536,9 +536,10 @@
     <title>Communication channels</title>
       The primary mechanism for communication is the mailing lists.
-      This enables anyone to participate, no matter what their time zone.
-      This enables a reliable archive of past discussion that can be searched
-      for answers.
+      Anyone can participate, no matter what their time zone.
+      A reliable searchable archive of past discussion is built.
+      Oversight is enabled. Many eyes ensures that the project evolves
+      in a consistent direction.
       All decisions are made on the "dev" mailing list.
@@ -555,6 +556,11 @@
       that they choose. Permanent IRC channels are poor from a community-building
       point-of-view, as they tend to create time-zone based cliques.
       So we don't.
+    </p>
+    <p>
+      Similarly, private discussions are discouraged. The rest of the community
+      would not benefit from the understanding that is developed.
+      Off-list discussions put too much load on overworked volunteers.

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