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Subject svn commit: r326005 - in /forrest/site/tools: forrestbar.html forrestbar.pdf forrestbar.xpi
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 00:52:08 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Mon Oct 17 17:52:02 2005
New Revision: 326005

Updated forrestbar.


Modified: forrest/site/tools/forrestbar.html
--- forrest/site/tools/forrestbar.html (original)
+++ forrest/site/tools/forrestbar.html Mon Oct 17 17:52:02 2005
@@ -159,39 +159,44 @@
 <div id="minitoc-area">
 <ul class="minitoc">
-<a href="#What%27s+the+Forrestbar%3F">What's the Forrestbar?</a>
+<a href="#What%27s+the+ForrestBar%3F">What's the ForrestBar?</a>
-<a href="#Installing+the+Forrestbar">Installing the Forrestbar</a>
+<a href="#Installing+the+ForrestBar">Installing the ForrestBar</a>
-<a name="N1000D"></a><a name="What%27s+the+Forrestbar%3F"></a>
-<h2 class="underlined_10">What's the Forrestbar?</h2>
+<a name="N1000D"></a><a name="What%27s+the+ForrestBar%3F"></a>
+<h2 class="underlined_10">What's the ForrestBar?</h2>
 <div class="section">
-<p>The Forrestbar is a toolbar made for <a href="">Mozilla</a>

-         (and <a href="">Firefox</a>
-         that eases the navigation of Apache 
-         projects and resources, and to the local Forrest running on your machine.</p>
+<p>The ForrestBar is a toolbar extension made for the
+        <a href="">Mozilla</a>
+        and <a href="">Firefox</a>
+        browsers that eases the navigation of online Forrest resources (including local
+        instances of Forrest running on jetty or as a webapp), Apache links
+        and other Apache projects.</p>
-<a name="N1001F"></a><a name="Installing+the+Forrestbar"></a>
-<h2 class="underlined_10">Installing the Forrestbar</h2>
+<a name="N1001F"></a><a name="Installing+the+ForrestBar"></a>
+<h2 class="underlined_10">Installing the ForrestBar</h2>
 <div class="section">
-<div class="note">
-<div class="label">Note</div>
-<div class="content">Forrestbar does not currently work with Firefox 0.9+</div>
-<p>To install the latest nightly version brought to you by 
-      <a href="">Gump</a> in <a href="">Mozilla</a>
-      or <a href="">Firefox</a>, just

-      <a href="javascript:InstallTrigger.install( {'Forrestbar': 'forrestbar.xpi'} );">
-      install it</a>  or <a href="forrestbar.xpi">download it</a>
-      and drop it on a mozilla window.</p>
-<p>To get the latest and greatest version run the forrestbar target of the Forrest
+<p>ForrestBar is currently compatible with Firefox 0.9 - 1.5 and Mozilla
+        1.x browsers.</p>
+<a href="forrestbar.xpi">Click here to install ForrestBar 0.7</a>
+<p>If the extension does not automatically install for you when clicking
+        on the link, download ForrestBar by right clicking on the link and select Save
+        As... to save the file to your computer. To install, simply drag the
+        downloaded .xpi file into your browser's window and drop it.</p>
+<p>To build ForrestBar locally rather than downloading, go to
+        FORREST_HOME/tools/forrestbar and run the following command:
+        <span class="codefrag">forrest -f build.xml</span> and the .xpi file
will be built for you
+        in FORREST_HOME/tools/forrestbar/build. You can then install it by
+        dragging and dropping as indicated above.</p>
     |end content

Modified: forrest/site/tools/forrestbar.pdf
Binary files - no diff available.

Modified: forrest/site/tools/forrestbar.xpi
Binary files - no diff available.

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