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Subject svn commit: r264915 - in /forrest/site: docs_0_80/howto/howto-buildPlugin.html docs_0_80/howto/howto-buildPlugin.pdf forrest-tuesday.html forrest-tuesday.pdf
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 01:40:02 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Tue Aug 30 18:39:52 2005
New Revision: 264915

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Modified: forrest/site/docs_0_80/howto/howto-buildPlugin.html
--- forrest/site/docs_0_80/howto/howto-buildPlugin.html (original)
+++ forrest/site/docs_0_80/howto/howto-buildPlugin.html Tue Aug 30 18:39:52 2005
@@ -522,6 +522,12 @@
       plugin provides a <span class="codefrag">internal.xmap</span> file. In
addition, an
       input plugin may provide a <span class="codefrag">resources.xmap</span>
file to
       allow the plugin to handle items such as JavaScript files.</p>
+<div class="note">
+<div class="label">Note</div>
+<div class="content">All input plugins should allow the original source to be retrieved
+      by requesting the document with a <span class="codefrag">*.source.xml</span>
extension. So
+      you should ensure that you provide such a match.</div>
 <p>It is beyond the scope of this How-To to give details about how to 
       build your plugins XMap. See the 
       <a href="../../docs_0_80/sitemap-ref.html">Sitemap Reference</a> for general
@@ -531,7 +537,7 @@
       all development work on Forrest, you will find
       the <a href="../../mail-lists.html#forrest-dev">developer mailing list</a>
       a very good resource (check the archives before posting, please).</p>
-<a name="N10119"></a><a name="components"></a>
+<a name="N1011F"></a><a name="components"></a>
 <h4>Components, Actions and Resources</h4>
 <p>If your plugin uses any components (i.e. generators, transformers or
         serializers), actions or resources they must
@@ -546,13 +552,13 @@
         <span class="codefrag">{forrest:plugins}/PLUGIN_NAME</span> instead of
<span class="codefrag">{realpath:/}</span>.
 <p>See the examples below for more details.</p>
-<a name="N10141"></a><a name="resources"></a>
+<a name="N10147"></a><a name="resources"></a>
 <h3 class="underlined_5">Create the Necessary Resource Files</h3>
 <div class="fixme">
 <div class="label">Fixme (rdg)</div>
 <div class="content">Discuss the XSL files and other such resources</div>
-<a name="N1014C"></a><a name="samples"></a>
+<a name="N10152"></a><a name="samples"></a>
 <h3 class="underlined_5">Create Samples in the Documentation</h3>
 <p>Plugin documentation should provide (as a minimum) an
       index page that provides an overview and a set of samples that demonstrate
@@ -562,7 +568,7 @@
       and <span class="codefrag">tabs.xml</span> configuration files.</p>
 <p>Try to provide a sample for all the major functions of your plugin
       and document any configuration that is available.</p>
-<a name="N10162"></a><a name="test"></a>
+<a name="N10168"></a><a name="test"></a>
 <h3 class="underlined_5">Testing a Plugin</h3>
 <p>Since your documentation for the plugin illustrates all of its 
       functionality, you can use that site for testing the plugin. However, you
@@ -588,7 +594,7 @@
       as writing your tests.</p>
 <p>Ensure that your sitemaps are robust and handle matches for files
       in sub-directories, as well as those at the root level.</p>
-<a name="N1018F"></a><a name="Testing+During+Development"></a>
+<a name="N10195"></a><a name="Testing+During+Development"></a>
 <h4>Testing During Development</h4>
 <p>In the current plugin system plugins are not used from their
         src directories, they must first be deployed locally. To do this
@@ -603,9 +609,9 @@
         restart Forrest. However, if your plugin changes any configuration
         files in the <span class="codefrag">conf</span> directory you will, most
likely, have 
         to restart Forrest to see these changes.</p>
-<a name="N101A6"></a><a name="release"></a>
+<a name="N101AC"></a><a name="release"></a>
 <h3 class="underlined_5">Releasing a Plugin</h3>
-<a name="N101AC"></a><a name="register"></a>
+<a name="N101B2"></a><a name="register"></a>
 <h4>Register the Plugin with Apache Forrest</h4>
 <div class="fixme">
 <div class="label">Fixme (rdg)</div>
@@ -616,7 +622,7 @@
 <div class="content">Describe making a request of Forrest devs for 
-<a name="N101BB"></a><a name="deploy"></a>
+<a name="N101C1"></a><a name="deploy"></a>
 <h4>Deploying the Plugin</h4>
 <p>To deploy the plugin so that others can use it, it must be made 
         available as a zip from the URL indicated in the 
@@ -645,29 +651,29 @@
         that your only deploy working plugins. This adds a little time to
         the deploy cycle, but we feel the peace of mind is worth it.</div>
-<a name="N101EE"></a><a name="examples"></a>
+<a name="N101F4"></a><a name="examples"></a>
 <h3 class="underlined_5">Examples</h3>
 <p>This section will provide some example plugins to help illustrate the
       steps discussed above.</p>
-<a name="N101F7"></a><a name="input"></a>
+<a name="N101FD"></a><a name="input"></a>
 <h4>Input Plugin</h4>
 <div class="fixme">
 <div class="label">Fixme (RDG)</div>
 <div class="content">Discuss plugin here</div>
-<a name="N10202"></a><a name="output"></a>
+<a name="N10208"></a><a name="output"></a>
 <h4>Output Plugin</h4>
 <div class="fixme">
 <div class="label">Fixme (RDG)</div>
 <div class="content">Discuss s5 plugin here</div>
-<a name="N1020D"></a><a name="internal"></a>
+<a name="N10213"></a><a name="internal"></a>
 <h4>Internal Plugin</h4>
 <div class="fixme">
 <div class="label">Fixme (RDG)</div>
 <div class="content">Discuss IMSManifest plugin here</div>
-<a name="N10219"></a><a name="extension"></a>
+<a name="N1021F"></a><a name="extension"></a>
 <h3 class="underlined_5">Further Reading</h3>
@@ -678,7 +684,7 @@
 <a href="../../pluginDocs/plugins_0_80/">Plugins Documentation</a> for users</li>
-<a name="N1022F"></a><a name="summarise"></a>
+<a name="N10235"></a><a name="summarise"></a>
 <h3 class="underlined_5">Summarise the Entire Process</h3>
 <div class="fixme">
 <div class="label">Fixme (rdg)</div>

Modified: forrest/site/docs_0_80/howto/howto-buildPlugin.pdf
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Modified: forrest/site/forrest-tuesday.html
--- forrest/site/forrest-tuesday.html (original)
+++ forrest/site/forrest-tuesday.html Tue Aug 30 18:39:52 2005
@@ -152,12 +152,12 @@
         tools, to work on Forrest development and get to know each other.
-        ForrestTuesday starts at 09:00 UTC (9am Greenwich Mean Time in London)
+        ForrestTuesday starts at 06:00 UTC (6am Greenwich Mean Time in London)
         and lasts for 24 hours.
         The next event will take place on <strong>6 September 2005</strong>.
-        <a href="">start
+        <a href="">start
         <a href="">zone

Modified: forrest/site/forrest-tuesday.pdf
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