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Subject svn commit: r193083 - /forrest/trunk/etc/RELEASE-NOTES-0.7.txt
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 06:04:01 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Wed Jun 22 23:04:01 2005
New Revision: 193083

Add list of important changes by generating from status.xml
and editing the result.


Modified: forrest/trunk/etc/RELEASE-NOTES-0.7.txt
--- forrest/trunk/etc/RELEASE-NOTES-0.7.txt (original)
+++ forrest/trunk/etc/RELEASE-NOTES-0.7.txt Wed Jun 22 23:04:01 2005
@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@
 * An architecture for Plugins which enables a smaller Forrest
 core and the ability to add new features in a modular way.
+See other notes about important changes below.
 Full list of changes:
 Upgrade guide:
@@ -64,5 +66,77 @@
-Feedback, feature suggestions, bugs and any other issues can be discussed on
+Feedback, feature suggestions, bugs and any other issues
+can be discussed on
+Release Notes for Apache Forrest 0.7
+This is not a complete list of changes.
+Full list:
+Important Changes Code Base
+* Enable sitemap plugins. Plugins allow Forrest to have 
+  functionality added through the addition of small code blocks 
+  (plugins). Plugins are downloaded automatically when a site that 
+  requires them is built. See Extending Forrest with Plugins [Link: 
+  pluginDocs/plugins_0_70/usingPlugins.html]. (RDG)
+* Added org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.dtdx plugin by moving 
+  functionality out of the core. Generates DTD documentation using a 
+  custom Cocoon Generator. (DC) Fixes FOR-389 [Link: 
+* Added a plugin to handle input documents from Microsoft 
+  Excel. (RDG) Thanks to Johannes Schaefer. Fixes FOR-373 [Link: 
+* Moved POD output from the common skin to its own plugin. (RFT)
+* Added external plugin POD-input to allow Plain Old Documentation (POD)
+  files to be included in a Forrest site. (RDG) Thanks to Ron Blaschke.
+* Added a text-output plugin. (RFT) Fixes FOR-125 [Link: 
+* Added photoGallery plugin. (RDG) Thanks to Jörg Werne. Fixes FOR-387
+  [Link:].
+* The brokenlinks file now contains referer information. 
+  Upgraded lib/core/cocoon.jar and added attribute "show-referrers" to 
+  the Cocoon cli.xconf (DC) Thanks to Upayavira. Fixes FOR-204 [Link: 
+* Merge xdocs and raw files in the same directory 
+  src/document/content/xdocs (JJP)
+* Enhanced the Message of the Day (MOTD) facility. See 
+  skinconf.xml from a "seed" site for configuration details. Append a 
+  small text string after html title. Add text to a panel on the page. 
+  Select different messages depending on the URI string pattern. To use 
+  it, declare skinconfig-v07-1.dtd in your skinconf.xml file. (DC)
+* Reinstate error reporting for broken "site:" and "ext:" 
+  links which are due to missing entries in site.xml or typos in site: 
+  links. The text "error:" is also prepended. This is a workaround for 
+  bug FOR-284 "link rewriting broken when linking to xml source views 
+  which contain site: links". This latter issue is handled by the core. 
+  However, if your project uses a Cocoon cli.xconf then you will need
+  add the same "exclude" entries. (DC) Fixes FOR-284 [Link: 
+* Moved status "changes" and "todo" page generation to the 
+  org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.projectInfo plugin. (RDG)
+* Java 1.4 is required starting with Forrest-0.7-dev (DC)
+Important Changes Documentation
+* Added How to customize processing of html source. (DC) Thanks to
+  Ferdinand Soethe. Fixes FOR-446 [Link: 
+* Added How-To Run Forrest from Maven. (RDG) Thanks to Ian P. Springer.
+  Fixes FOR-369 [Link:].
+* Added How-To Build a plugin. (RDG)
+* Added HowTo about editing CSS in a WYSIWYG fashion using Mozilla 
+  Firefox and its Edit-CSS plugin. (RDG) Thanks to Ferdinand Soethe.
+* Rewrote example of raw content in fresh-site to correctly document
+  the behaviour in 0.7. (RDG) Fixes FOR-470 [Link: 
+* Removed ihtml example from fresh-site and replaced with 
+  an example of embedded HTML. The use of ihtml is now deprecated in 
+  favour of embedded HTML. (RDG)
+* Updated How-To: How to create a PDF document for each tab to create 
+  subject-specific aggregated documents. (TS)

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