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Subject svn commit: r193078 [16/65] - in /forrest/site: ./ docs_0_60/ docs_0_60/howto/ docs_0_60/howto/bugzilla-patch/ docs_0_60/howto/bugzilla-patch/my-images/ docs_0_60/howto/multi/ docs_0_60/images/ docs_0_70/ docs_0_70/howto/ docs_0_70/howto/cvs-ssh/ docs_...
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 05:36:34 GMT
Added: forrest/site/docs_0_70/changes.xml
--- forrest/site/docs_0_70/changes.xml (added)
+++ forrest/site/docs_0_70/changes.xml Wed Jun 22 22:36:19 2005
@@ -0,0 +1,1401 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V1.3//EN" "document-v13.dtd">
+<document><header><title>History of Changes</title></header><body><p><link href="changes.rss"><img alt="RSS" src="../images/rss.png"/></link></p>
+    <section id="version_0.8-dev"><title>Version 0.8-dev (not yet released)</title><section><title>Changes to Documentation</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+<!-- Please keep this action at the top -->
+        Added document to facilitate
+        <link href="site:v0.80//upgrading_08">upgrading to v0.8</link>
+      (DC)</li></ul></section></section>
+    <section id="version_0.7"><title>Version 0.7 (2005-06-23)</title><section><title>Changes to Code Base</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+          Plugins are now version controlled.
+       (RDG) Fixes <link href="">FOR-528</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+      Added importance attribute to actions on status.dtd
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-487</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.listLocations plugin.
+        Use lists of locations maintained in a simple xml format
+        and transform them to documents.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.dtdx plugin by moving functionality
+        out of the core.
+        Generates DTD documentation using a custom Cocoon Generator.
+      (DC) Fixes <link href="">FOR-389</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Changed plugin template location to {forrest.plugins.dir}/pluginTemplate 
+        in the build.xml of plugins/ and whiteboard/plugins/. That allows to create
+        new plugins in the whiteboard/plugin/ directory.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Activated multiple output formats to be configured via a View.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added viewHelper plugin and removed experimental leather plugin.
+        Enhanced the documentation of view/viewHelper.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added contracts and nuggets to the "view" plugins.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Created a new plugin org.apache.forrest.plugin.internal.view from the fbits core
+        and removed the fbits plugin.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added and proxy.port to allow plugin downloads from behind a
+        proxy.
+      (RDG) Thanks to Cyriaque Dupoirieux. Fixes <link href="">FOR-445</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added a plugin to handle input documents from Microsoft Excel.
+      (RDG) Thanks to Johannes Schaefer. Fixes <link href="">FOR-373</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Enabled XInclude in site.xml and tabs.xml
+      (RDG) Thanks to Sjur N. Moshagen. Fixes <link href="">FOR-417</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added external plugin POD-input to allow Plain Old Documentation (POD) files to
+        be included in a Forrest site.
+      (RDG) Thanks to Ron Blaschke.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Moved POD output from the common skin to its own plugin.
+      (RFT)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added a text-output plugin.
+      (RFT) Fixes <link href="">FOR-125</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added WYSIWYG editor as a plugin (only works in dynamic webapps).
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added photoGallery plugin.
+      (RDG) Thanks to Jörg Werner. Fixes <link href="">FOR-387</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added capability to deploy directly to site in SVN using "ant deploy"
+        from within plugin directory.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added to the document-v20 DTD to support "usemap" attribute in img tag.
+        Also added demonstration of client-side imagemap to the "seed site".
+      (DC) Thanks to Tamara Harpster. Fixes <link href="">FOR-322</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Enable sitemap plugins. Plugins allow Forrest to have functionality
+        added through the addition of small code blocks (plugins). Plugins
+        are downloaded automatically when a site that requires them is built.
+        See <link href="site:plugins/using">Extending Forrest with Plugins</link>.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        The brokenlinks file now contains referer information.
+        Upgraded lib/core/cocoon.jar and added attribute "show-referrers"
+        to the Cocoon cli.xconf
+      (DC) Thanks to Upayavira. Fixes <link href="">FOR-204</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        The "extra-css" from skinconf.xml is now inserted at the very end
+        of the CSS. That enables it to properly override other elements.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed a bug with individual "credit image" placement in the pelt skin.
+        If one credit was specified to be in the alternative location, then
+        all credits were placed there. Also added a second alternative location.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Generate html/head/meta elements from document-v2.
+      (DC) Thanks to Mark Eggers. Fixes <link href="">FOR-482</link>, <link href="">FOR-457</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix broken links in Table of Contents when titles contain accented characters.
+      (RDG) Thanks to Cyriaque Dupoirieux. Fixes <link href="">FOR-345</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        I18n uses org.apache.cocoon.matching.LocaleMatcher instead of i18n transformer.
+       This requires that your source must now be foo.lang.xml instead of foo_lang.xml
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-18</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix various bugs with Lucene search.
+      (DC) Thanks to Florian G. Haas. Fixes <link href="">FOR-246</link>, <link href="">FOR-431</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed quotes in forrest.bat so forrest can be in a directory with spaces.
+      (DB) Thanks to Gary Feldman. Fixes <link href="">FOR-330</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+      LocaleAction changed its API. The "lang" value is "language" now. 
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-18</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+       Ignore directory links for aggregations.
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-370</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed some public identifiers (for DTD-v2.0) which were still pointing
+        to old versions of DTDs.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+        Stopped doing deletion of the cache-dir, so consecutive "forrest site" actions
+        can be cached.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/> 
+      Merge xdocs and raw files in the same directory src/document/content/xdocs
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Config check for the i8n attribute for i18n transformer
+&#9;  so it is used only when necessary.
+       (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-18</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Enhanced the Message of the Day (MOTD) facility.
+        See skinconf.xml from a "seed" site for configuration details.
+        Append a small text string after html title.
+        Add text to a panel on the page.
+        Select different messages depending on the URI string pattern.
+        To use it, declare skinconfig-v07-1.dtd in your skinconf.xml file.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Enable skinconf to specify optional page number format for PDF.
+       (DC) Thanks to Cyriaque Dupoirieux. Fixes <link href="">FOR-355</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Do not limit status.xml contexts in projectInfo plugin.
+       (JJP) Thanks to Cyriaque Dupoirieux. Fixes <link href="">FOR-514</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Split plugins.xml between plugins.xml in main plugins dir and
+        whiteboard-plugins.xml in whiteboard/plugins and added relevant docs
+        to plugins index page.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added ability to add page breaks to output. See <link href="site:v0.70//faq/pageBreaks">Page Breaks FAQ</link>
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        * Uses skinconf.xml to determine background and border color for notes, warnings, and fixmes;
+        * Uses skinconf.xml to determine background and border color for table cells (headers and data);
+        * Honors headings type set in skinconf.xml (clean|underlined|boxed) and colors headings accordingly;
+        * Uses skinconf.xml to determine font color for links.
+        In addition, this patch extends the "link" template to also apply to the "fork", "jump", and "a" elements.
+      (RDG) Thanks to Florian G. Haas. Fixes <link href="">FOR-430</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Reinstate error reporting for broken "site:" and "ext:" links
+        which are due to missing entries in site.xml or typos in site: links.
+        The text "error:" is also prepended.
+        This is a workaround for bug FOR-284 "link rewriting broken
+        when linking to xml source views which contain site: links".
+        This latter issue is handled by the core. However, if
+        your project uses a Cocoon
+        <link href="site:v0.70//faq/cli-xconf">cli.xconf</link>
+        then you will need add the same "exclude" entries.
+      (DC) Fixes <link href="">FOR-284</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+       Handle FAQs sections and faqs with both howto-v1.* and howto-v2.* docs.
+       Apply proper section numbering.
+      (DC) Thanks to Mark Eggers. Fixes <link href="">FOR-479</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added FAQ about "pageBreakBefore" and "pageBreakAfter" class int PDF 
+        documents and describe how to enable the page break behaviour in HTML
+        documents.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Use "pageBreakBefore" and "pageBreakAfter" class to sections to force a
+        page break in PDF output.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Moved status "changes" and "todo" page generation to the
+        org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.projectInfo plugin.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated nekodtd to 0.1.11
+      (AG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Update fop-0.20.5 just with optional jimi support.
+        This fixes the issue building the Apache FOP site.
+        Replace libraries to use the cocoon-2.2.0-dev version.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        <link href="site:v0.70//faq/requirements">Java 1.4 is required</link>
+        starting with Forrest-0.7-dev
+      (DC)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Documentation</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+<!-- Please keep this action at the top -->
+        Added document to facilitate
+        <link href="site:v0.70//upgrading_07">upgrading to v0.7</link>
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Removed the leather-dev docs and added the begining of the View plugin docs.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+      Added 
+      <link href="site:v0.70//howto/custom-html-source">How to customize
+      processing of html source</link>
+      (DC) Thanks to Ferdinand Soethe. Fixes <link href="">FOR-446</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+      Added <link href="site:v0.70//howto/maven">How-To Run Forrest from Maven</link>.
+      (RDG) Thanks to Ian P. Springer. Fixes <link href="">FOR-369</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+      Added <link href="site:v0.70//howto/buildPlugin">How-To Build a plugin</link>.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+      Split plugin documentation between 
+      <link href="site:plugins/using">user</link> and
+      <link href="site:plugins/infrastructure">developer</link> topics.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added HowTo about
+        <link href="site:v0.70//howto/editcss">editing CSS</link> in a WYSIWYG fashion using Mozilla Firefox
+        and its Edit-CSS plugin.
+      (RDG) Thanks to Ferdinand Soethe.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added custom xml sample and project sitemap to the 'forrest seed site'.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added 
+        <link href="site:v0.70//howto/corner-css">How to modify the color of generated corner images</link>. 
+      (DC) Thanks to Stephan E. Schlierf. Fixes <link href="">FOR-351</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added links to example websites to demonstrate each available
+        <link href="site:v0.70//skins">default skin</link>. 
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Rewrote example of raw content in fresh-site to correctly document the
+        behaviour in 0.7.
+      (RDG) Fixes <link href="">FOR-470</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Removed ihtml example from fresh-site and replaced with an example of embedded HTML.
+        The use of ihtml is now deprecated in favour of embedded HTML.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Allow the serving of raw SVG files to allow clients to render locally.
+      (RDG) Fixes <link href="">FOR-185</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Plugin docs are now upated automatically when a plugin is deployed.
+        Alternatively you can update the docs independantly by running the 
+        deploy-docs target in the plugin directory.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Removed old versions of pre-release plugins following renaming to the
+        convention defined in
+        <link href="site:plugins/infrastructure">Plugin Infrastructure</link>.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added FAQ to explain character encoding for certain languages.
+      (JJP) Thanks to Joao Ferreira. Fixes <link href="">FOR-305</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated How-To:
+        <link href="site:v0.70//pdf-tab">How to create a PDF document for each
+        tab</link> to create subject-specific aggregated documents.
+      (TS)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Project Administration</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added testing facilities to plugins to facilitate integration testing. 
+      (RDG)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Design</title><ul><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Images group.svg and project.svg were rendered with the shadow effect slightly clipped. 
+        Needed to add width and height to filter element.
+      (TS) Thanks to Kevin. Fixes <link href="">FOR-477</link>.</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Build</title><ul><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Changed Ant build property name "version" to "forrest.version"
+        to prevent collisions with other build systems when using the
+        Ant "import" task.
+      (DC)</li></ul></section></section>
+    <section id="version_0.6"><title>Version 0.6 (2004-10-15)</title><section><title>Changes to Code Base</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/> 
+        getMenu.js - fixes a path issue and the double click behaviour of pelt.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/> 
+        Explained the usage of the extra-css element in skinconf.xml of the fresh site.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Initial Chaperon grammar for minimal MoinMoin Wiki to Forrest xdocs
+        transformation. Source documents use the *.moinwiki filename extension.
+      (DC) Thanks to Fabio Rinaldi. Fixes <link href="">FOR-268</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Requesting linkmap.html Forrest now renders the site.xml 
+        file as a table of contents.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Now the *.ihtml and *.cwiki extensions are deprecated. 
+        To get the same functionality it is recommended to switch to 
+        *.html and *.jspwiki. With this it's now possible to have a 
+        site in simple html, edited with any html editor. 
+        The *.jspwiki extension was put to make it clear what the 
+        format is about.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        New project sitemap extension mechanism. Now it is possible to add
+        a project sitemap that plugs into the processing at the beginning.
+        If the requested url is resolved by it, it will serve the file directly.
+        If the requested url with the extension changed to xml is matched, then
+        Forrest will use that result as the intermediate format and render it.
+        This will enable project-specific sitemaps to not collide with future
+        Forrest updates.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+         Added configuration for XMLMind XML Editor to scratchpad.  Originally
+         from
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Automatically add some meta elements to head of html
+        (Generator name, Forrest version, skin name)
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Optional feedback link for the footer of all skins.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        New output format for POD (the Perl community's Plain Old Documentation)
+        triggered using the .pod filename extension.
+        Initial work, needs enhancement. See
+        <link href="">forrest-dev
+          discussion</link>
+      (DC) Thanks to Rick Tessner.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Eclipse plugin code added to scratchpad (donated by <link href="">Burrokeet</link>).
+        Initial work, needs enhancement.
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added forrestbot deploy.svn implmentation.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-219</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        The new "pelt" skin (uses CSS and div).
+        See notes about <link href="site:v0.70//skins">Default skins</link>.
+      (TS) Fixes <link href="">FOR-182</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        In skinconfig, add box-location attribute to search element.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-142</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Locationmap modules added.  Not in use yet.
+      (NKB) Thanks to Unico Hommes.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Forrestdoc code added to scratchpad; previously was <link href="">Jakarta Alexandria</link>
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Add &lt;copyright-link&gt; element to skinconf
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-120</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        New stylesheet to import the original cocoon.xconf file
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Move context targets from to targets/context
+        Use skinconf DTD.
+        Use xmlvalidate for skinconf.
+        Create upgradeskinconf.xsl for old skinconf.xml files
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        The language alternative div displays language in your own language.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Docbook support for refentry element and it's children.  Generally used for man pages.
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Do not create ToC unless it has been defined on the skinconf.
+        Change level attribute to max-depth attribute.
+        Add a min-sections attribute to define a minimun number of sections 
+        before create a toc.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Add Language alternatives div. To test it:
+        i18n-foo.html
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Page size and orientation for pdf.
+      (JJP) Thanks to Florian G. Haas. Fixes <link href="">FOR-112</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added SkinconfTransformer, that augments the skinconf.xml 
+        by adding these attributes to colors if not present:
+        @highlight, @lowlight, @font, @link, @vlink, @hlink.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Now skins can get a stab at enhancing skinconf.xml, by placing
+        a skinconf.xsl file in the skin directory.
+        By default some values are added by the common skin, like
+        default Forrest colors.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Add support for Openoffice Writer 1.1 files.
+      (RP)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+       Fixes to the krysalis skin to bring it up to snuff.
+       Added lateral search bar.
+       Added credits section.
+       Use automatically skinnable borders
+       Fix code font size.
+       Other small enhancements.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        New "extra-css" tag in skinconf can contain css that is injected in
+        forrest.css, added in the skins by default.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        New section in skinconf about colors used by the site. 
+        Enabled for krysalis-site and tigris-style. 
+        If a needed color is not specified, the default one is used.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Now skin resources can be generated from skinconf.xml from xslt.
+        For example '/myskin/css/my.css.xslt' is used by forrest on 'skinconf.xml'
+        to get 'my.css'
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        It is now possible to have two levels of tabs.
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Ross Gardler</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-98</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        External links are now identified by a small trailing icon.
+        The icon can be overridden by the skin and the behaviour
+        can be disabled in skinconf.xml.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added new 'tigris' skin, by using exactly the same 
+        skin version 1.1. from the project Style at
+        This will completely replace the avalon-tigris skin in subsequent versions.
+        The avalon-tigris skin is to be considered deprecated and no longer 
+        developed.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Properties from ${user.home}/ are loaded, after
+        the project's and before the are.
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+       New file format: '.aart'. These are text files that are converted
+       automatically be Cocoon in SVG, if requested with a '.png' extension.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+          Now images are generated from the xdocs content dir as if they
+          were in the resources/images dir. The latter will be phased out.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+          Added a new property to
+           (project.raw-content-dir=${project.content-dir}/content)
+           to define where raw files are to be served from.
+           Also removed the internal property real-content.dir that was
+           used internally for this and replaced it with a raw-content.dir
+           property.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+          Patch facility to be used by any contributor (From Ant's project).
+&#9;  To use it run "build.[sh|bat] patch".
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Jan Materne</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Skins can now be packaged, downloaded and automatically installed.
+        See <link href="site:v0.70//skin-package">documentation</link>.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+       First I18n integration for menus in forrest.
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-9</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Integrate Lucene on Forrest. Check the bug report for more info.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Ramón Prades</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-9</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added XSP support.
+&#9;For old sitemap.xmap add this tag:
+&#9;&lt;map:generator name="serverpages" 
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-56</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        docbook2document.xsl: remove unnecessary / from template matches.
+      (JJP) Thanks to Sean Wheller. Fixes <link href="">FOR-317</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        docbook2document.xsl: docinfo element. never in OASIS Docbook XML DTD 
+      (JJP) Thanks to Sean Wheller. Fixes <link href="">FOR-316</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        docbook2document.xsl: handle the xref and xreflabel.
+      (DC) Thanks to Sean Wheller. Fixes <link href="">FOR-308</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Proper positioning of icon/links for PDF, XML, POD, Print content
+        options on pelt skin.
+      (DC) Thanks to Arturo Vazquez.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Allow forrest to run in a project directory with a space in the name.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-267</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Openoffice2forrest: add support for merged cells in tables.
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-262</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/> 
+        Fixed the domain bug of the searchbox in pelt.  
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/> 
+        Fixed the menu in pelt by adding getMenu.js and changing the site2xhtml.xsl. 
+        Now the chapter image will get expand again.
+      (TS)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Relative URIs with absolute paths were broken in the site.xml
+        linking mechanism.
+      (DC) Fixes <link href="">FOR-268</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Re-write the Chaperon grammar for JSPWiki to address ambiguity with
+        paragraphs and sub-sections.
+      (DC) Thanks to Fabio Rinaldi.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        JCS log messages go through cocoon instead of to stdout.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-214</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Generate proper html for figures in simplified docbook.
+      (DB) Thanks to Johannes Schaefer. Fixes <link href="">FOR-226</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        PDF pages receive skinconf properly (through the skinconf pipeline).
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-138</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        FAQ page does not need to provide it's own extra index.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-154</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Brokenlinks file is now generated in project.home rather than forrest.home
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-165</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Add missing xdocs from the validate.exclude property. Allowing to exclude files. 
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-130</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Improved resolving image references in PDFs.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-114</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Now CSS files are parsed internally, so that the urls are included in the static
+        site generation.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Lucene-index target works. If search@provider="lucene" is set create a search index.
+        Build site and run targets as per project directory instead of forrest.home.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Moved all references to //skinconfig out of the document2html.xsl
+        into the site2xhtml.xsl file.
+        * Rationalized the Table of Contents stuff by creating a "toc"
+        mode in the common/xslt/html/document2html.xsl. That is then
+        used to generate the per-page ToC and the ToC attached to the menu.
+        * Removed extraneous default xsl matchers on the non-common
+        document2html and site2xhtml XSLs. This allows matches
+        defined in the imported transformation sheets to match
+        (imported sheets have lower precedence).
+        * Defined a couple of <code>&lt;div id="..."&gt;</code> place holder
+        tags used by the document2html. Those are then skinned by the
+        site2xhtml sheets.
+        * Note: If you have your own skins that were referencing "$config" or
+        "//skinconfig" in the document2html.xsl then you need to make similar
+        changes.
+        * For more information see the FOR-146 issue report.
+      (DC) Thanks to Rick Tessner. Fixes <link href="">FOR-146</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Remove misleading error message. Reported a cocoon bug #28939 
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        skinconf was being ignored for the svg and fo formats.
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-139</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        "Warning" was mistakenly labeled as "Note" in PDF.
+      (JJP) Thanks to Nick Chalko. Fixes <link href="">FOR-136</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        site2book.xsl handle all menu-item and menu attributes
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-69</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Proper table around 'graphic' in simplified docbook.
+      (DB) Thanks to Rob Exley. Fixes <link href="">FOR-115</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Replace document() function to get skinconf values and use "//skinconfig".
+        Fix order so it can validate skinconf.
+        Use <code>&lt;search/&gt;</code> instead of
+        <code>&lt;disable-search/&gt; &lt;disable-lucene/&gt;
+        &lt;searchsite-domain/&gt; &lt;searchsite-name/&gt;</code>.
+        Fix skinconf.xsl so it produces a proper skinconf
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Updated jetty to 4.2.19
+      (AG)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Update scripts and config files to allow upgrade to cocoon 2.1.5-dev
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Stop overwriting skinconf and cocoon.xconf on webapp target.
+        Libs were not copied on the webapp target.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+       ToC element is optional on skinconf. 
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Allow a full url image to be included on a pdf file.
+        Use only tmp as the temporary directory.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Split build file in various parts (webapp,war,validate,site)
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Move ant + Jetty under tools on the build target
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Wrong directory being used for wiki grammars.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Now skins that are edited in place have their non-traversable
+        resources also copied for static rendering.
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Ross Gardler</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-87</link>, <link href="">FOR-88</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        DHTML menus in Krysalis skin now work on all levels.
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Ross Gardler</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-86</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+      Wrong default value for translations directory.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+          Fixed the handling of images and resources in the resources.xmap
+          pipeline, to cater for the new system that does not copy docs prior
+          to rendering.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+          Fixed bug in the autodownload support for skins that was preventing 
+          custom skins in the project source dir from working.
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Sebastian Bergmann</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+          Added default translation for menu on fresh-site so it is used 
+&#9;  when the user locale can not be found.
+          Synchronized some I18n labels after a modification on fresh-site.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+          Patched directory2book.xsl to be able to serve raw documents from the 
+          side menu (e.g. pdf); previously it always generated .html links.
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Eric BURGHARD</link>.</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+        Skins "forrest-css" and "avalon-tigris" are deleted. The
+        "tigris-style" is renamed to "tigris". Aliases
+        set in place for backward-compatibility.
+        The old "forrest-site" and "krysalis-site" skins are retained for
+        a little while longer,
+        but are deprecated, so please move to one of the other skins.
+        See notes about <link href="site:v0.70//skins">Default skins</link>.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-181</link>.</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+        Remove 'template' skin; better to base a new skin on an existing one.
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+         Clean up first Lucene search implementation in Forrest.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+        The .ehtml files have been deprecated.  Use .ihtml instead.  Future html input support will be
+        based on <link href=";by=thread&amp;from=748321">this
+        discussion</link>.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-131</link>.</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+       Revert the changes to access skinconf using "skinconf//" done on r10259
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+        Forrest-targets with ant proxy is obsolete; use forrestbot now.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-140</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated commons-collections to 3.1,
+        commons-logging to 1.0.4, jcs to 1.1-dev.20040811, lucene to 1.4.1
+      (AG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Enable email address obfuscation to be configurable using the
+        obfuscate-mail-value option in skinconf.xml
+      (DC) Fixes <link href="">FOR-122</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+         Enhance the document2pod functionality to handle many other elements
+         and enable the link to this format to be configured via skinconf.
+         See the issue report for some notes.
+      (DC) Thanks to Rick Tessner. Fixes <link href="">FOR-240</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated Ant 1.6.2.
+      (AG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Have @class attribute in DTD for every element, which enables the
+        "extra-css" section in the skinconf to be put to good use.
+        Updated all v1.2 DTDs to become v1.3 DTDs (forward compatibility:
+        v1.2 docs will work fine as V1.3).
+        Updated the v2.0a DTDs to become v2.0 DTDs (forward incompatibility:
+        v1.2/1.3 docs are not forward-compatible as V2.0).
+        Added demo of extra-css to the seed site and updated some
+        sample docs to use new v1.3 DTDs.
+        See the <link href="site:v0.70//dtd-docs">samples and reference docs</link>.
+        See the issue report for full list of changes.
+      (DC) Thanks to Rick Tessner. Fixes <link href="">FOR-174</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Projects can use a local to declare
+        additional Catalogs for DTDs and other entities.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Improve look of PDF pages.
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+         Fix relative links and image references in aggregate pages.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-148</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Worked search functionality into all skins.
+          Fixed query parameters for Google site search.
+          Lateral search box was incompatible with new skinconf.xml format.
+      (JJP) Thanks to Florian G. Haas. Fixes <link href="">FOR-9</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+         Upgrade to cocoon 2.1.5
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Removed author and cvs-id tags from code and xdocs.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-123</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Repack Jetty without JSP support. Now we can remove org.apache.jasper.jar
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Forrest does not copy anything around anymore. The only step
+        to make it work is to have java compile the forrest jar; all
+        other resources are used in their original location.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Jetty jar was mistakenly compiled for jdk 1.4
+        - now re-compiled for jdk 1.3 
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        'build patch' command updated for SVN.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-137</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Completely rewritten Lucene-based index and search functionality.
+      (JJP) Thanks to Florian G. Haas. Fixes <link href="">FOR-9</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Converted repository from CVS to SVN.
+      (DB) Thanks to Apache Infrastructure.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Upgrade to batik 1.5.1
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Add i18n to single file content.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated Ant 1.6.1
+      (AG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Add i18n to tabs.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Putting a jettyconf.xml file in your document directory will override
+        the one supplied in the default Forrest context. Also no longer copies 
+        jettyconf.xml to build dir (one more file closer to no copying ;-))
+      (RDG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Support multiple skin descriptor files via the forrest.skins.descriptors property
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Libraries are not copied anymore in the servlet context of
+        the dist and of the project being built; they are added
+        instead to the classpath of jetty for the 'run' target and
+        of the Cocoon CLI for the default 'site' target.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Upgrade to Jing 20030619.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Validation is now "dynamic", by setting the parser feature
+        "".
+        This means that documents with DTD are fully validated,
+        while documents without DTD are just checked for well-formedness.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+       Removed xml2xhtml.xsl import in profile2page.xsl that was not used (file not present).
+      (RDG) Thanks to <link href="">Juan Jose Pablos</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-59</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        New build target to build a webapp that can be distributed.
+        "war" target depends on "code" which will produce an deployable webapp,
+        "run" target depends on "webapp-local" which leaves many files in the project
+        directory to ease editing (e.g. src, resources and skins)
+      (RDG) Fixes <link href="">FOR-98</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Upgrade to cocoon 2.1.3
+&#9;nekodtd 0.1.9
+&#9;remove excalibur-concurrent-20020820.jar
+&#9;remove excalibur-cli-1.0.jar
+&#9;remove excalibur-datasource-vm12-20021121.jar
+&#9;remove jakarta-oro-2.0.6.jar 
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Instead of forrest-targets.ent with Ant 1.6 Forrest can now also be used with
+        the new import facility: &lt;import file="forrest-targets.xml"/&gt;
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Automatic generation of borders from skin colors and naming convention.
+        Rounded and straight 45 degrees corners supplied.
+       For example, to generate a 'r'ounded corner for 't'op 'l'eft the size
+       of '5' pixels of background 'header', foreground 'tab-selected' and
+       border of 'tab-unselected' I can just ask for:
+         /skin/images/rc-t-l-5-1header-2tab-selected-3-tab-unselected.png
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Removed all validation includes and excludes from the fresh site,
+        except the most basic one. This means that the feature is to 
+        be considered deprecated.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated Ant 1.6.0
+      (AG)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Refactored forrestbot to organize workstages and their implementations.
+        Properties named by workstage and implementation for clarity and to
+        prevent conflicts.
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        The 'clean-site' target appears in 'forrest -projecthelp'.  Deletes
+        temp, webapp, and brokenlinks files too.
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated and separated in their directory all the resources
+        needed by Chaperon, and make the pipeline generate the 
+        xml grammar versions if unavailable.
+        This fixes some wiki rendering bugs and makes sections
+        follow the correct level nesting.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Now also all forrest /resources are editable in forrest.home
+        and translations in their source space.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Skins are now editable directly in FORREST_HOME.
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Ross Gardler</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-85</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated Entity Resolver from pre-release to official
+        xml-commons-resolver-1.1 release.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated Jetty to 4.2.14
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Removed the deprecated Ant @tag@ substitution method for skins to 
+        reduce copying further.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+         All resources in skins/common/images|scripts are used if the
+         corresponding resource is not found in the skin being used. 
+         Moved under these dirs the images and the scripts that were placed by 
+         default under resources/images or copied in each skin, and added a 
+         temporary sitemap rule to route the request of the images to the new
+         location. 
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Moved the images of fresh-site to the src/content/xdocs directory,
+          for the new layout that has been decided on forrest-dev.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Major update to inner working of the krysalis-site skin: 
+          - removed all use of the spacer.gif image
+          - replaced all visual enhancement icons with css icons
+          - fixed CSS and html validation
+          - reduced final output size, 
+          - removed all font tag usage in favor of css
+          - added aural (speech) style in css
+          - reduced usage of nested tables
+          - refactored main xhtml stylesheet to be more clear and maintainable
+          - refactored css to have a single small place where to define the skin colors
+          - changed icons to original icons (made by me and not gotten from elsewhere)
+          - removed unused icons.
+          - made location of minitoc configurable as "page", "menu", or "both"
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Removed duplicated copying of files during the creation of the 
+          distro. Now the command-line context dir is like the webapp context dir.
+          This reduces Forrest build time from 53 to 19 seconds on my system.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Added support for docbook version 4.1.2. Allows importing files
+&#9;  from various editors (Open office, Abiword).
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+          Added German Translation for menu in fresh-site example seed.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Jan Materne</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added creation of TOC support on PDF files.
+&#9;Improved so it uses value from skinconfig.xml.
+&#9;Improve algoritm to define font size for section/subsection/...
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Eric Burghard</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        In the generated "changes" document, add "version_" to section@id
+        as required by document-v12.
+        Sort action types order to "add","remove","update","fix".
+      (JJP)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Documentation</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added a How-To:
+        <link href="site:v0.70//asf-mirror">Generate an ASF mirrors page using
+        interactive web form</link> using ihtml to include additional html
+        form elements.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added a How-To:
+        <link href="site:v0.70//pdf-tab">How to create a PDF document for each
+        tab</link> to create subject-specific aggregated documents.
+      (TS) Thanks to Stephan E. Schlierf. Fixes <link href="">FOR-218</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Created the <link href="site:v0.70//howto">How-To</link> section of the
+        documentation. Continue Dianna Shannon's good work with designing
+        the DTDs, concepts, and documentation effort at Cocoon.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added a mechanism to enable impoverished XML tools that do not use
+        the Catalog Entity Resolver to fetch the DTDs direct from the website.
+        See <link href="site:v0.60//upgrading_06">upgrading to v0.6</link>
+        Please help to upgrade our /dtd/.htaccess file (see issue FOR-107)
+        and please help to address the SVN Issue
+        <link href="">1233</link>.
+      (DC) Fixes <link href="">FOR-107</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+         Added new documentation about
+        <link href="site:v0.70//searching">Searching Forrest-built documentation</link>
+        which describes both Lucene and Google search.
+      (JJP) Thanks to Florian G. Haas. Fixes <link href="">FOR-9</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+       Information about the new 
+       <link href="site:mail-lists/forrest-user">forrest-user</link>
+       mail list.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Began documentation for new forrestbot; moved stable forrestbot docs
+      (DB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Replace URLs in all docs to be
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Forrest is now a top-level Apache project. The new website is at
+        <link href=""></link>
+      (DC)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Project Administration</title><ul><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Moved forrestbot2 from scratchpad into main.  Uses ant 1.6's 
+        'import' task instead of XSLT/ant.  Webapp completely
+        rewritten to use JSTL, Struts, Java utility classes, and 
+        OpenSymphony's OSUser for flexible authentication.
+      (DB)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Build</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        New 'clean-dist' target for build.xml, which is now the default target.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-108</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        The 'validate-site' build target will validate the intermediate xdocs.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Support running Forrest on Win9x.
+      (DB) Thanks to Pierrick Brihaye. Fixes <link href="">FOR-113</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Don't copy unneeded project files in 'war' and 'webapp' targets.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-207</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Add more desriptions to forrest targets.  Highlight the most common ones.
+      (DB) Fixes <link href="">FOR-216</link>.</li></ul></section></section>
+    <section id="version_0.5.1"><title>Version 0.5.1 (2003-10-06)</title><section><title>Changes to Code Base</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added obfuscate-mail-links skinconf.xml option, on by default.
+      (JT) Fixes <link href="">FOR-67</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Upgrade to Cocoon 2.1.2, which fixes a bug that caused some
+        pages in a site not to be rendered from the command-line, and
+        has some cosmetic improvements.
+      (JT) Fixes <link href="">FOR-66</link>, <link href="">FOR-62</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        In skinconf.xml, made project-description optional to keep
+        compatibility with 0.4.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix forrest-site tables bug that broke Opera
+      (JT) Fixes <link href="">FOR-65</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed URLs for comma-separated bug keys in status.xml
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix bugs in forrest.bat|sh scripts encountered when used in
+        odd environments (perl and Win9x).
+      (JT) Fixes <link href="">FOR-47</link>, <link href="">FOR-48</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        The 'forrest' command no longer sources /etc/antrc and
+        ~/.antrc, which solves problems on some *nix distributions.
+      (JT)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Build</title><ul><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        forrest.antproxy.xml script now properly fails when Cocoon fails
+      (JT)</li></ul></section></section>
+    <section id="version_0.5"><title>Version 0.5 (2003-09-13)</title><section><title>Changes to Code Base</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added @label support for note and warning elements.
+      (SN)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added ability to have version-specific overridden sitemaps.  For
+        example, src/documentation/sitemap-0.5.xmap will be used by Forrest 0.5
+        in preference to any others present in the same directory.  This means a
+        site with overridden sitemaps can build with Cocoon versions expecting
+        different sitemap formats.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Comma separated bugs have a link to bugzilla systems.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Joerg Heinicke</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Now the Krysalis skin has javascript-collapsable menus.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+         Added a text2document.xsl stylesheet. Convert to unix format so it stop  
+         EOL character. Simplify so it does not use chaperon format.
+         format.
+       (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Dave Brondsema</link>.</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added alternative menu/tab selection algorithm, that uses tab attributes
+        in site.xml instead of relying on physical site structure (directories).
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added a <code>forrest.maxmemory</code> property specifying the maximum
+        amount of memory allocated to the JVM. Useful for rendering large PDFs.
+        Added <code>forrest.jvmargs</code> property for other JVM options.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+       On krysalis skin: users can select font size, reworked left-bar inclusion
+       of page section titles, made them only one level deep, moved buttons after
+       the left navbar, added publish date on top right navbar. 
+       For both Forrest and krysalis skins, added single background pixel line below
+       unselected tabs and made selected tab more prominent.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added XInclude capability  to the documents. Remember to 
+        disable validations for files with xincludes as the xinclude is not
+        performed during validation.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added DocBook 4.2 and simplified DocBook 1.0 to the schemas and
+        to the validation catalogue.
+        Added Docbook and simplified Docbook rendering capability for documents.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException caused by catalog DTD
+        HTTP lookup. The build had an extra and older resolver.jar
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix character return on line feed for fresh-site on the zip distribution
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-31</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+         New property "bugtracking-url" to allow a bug tracking systems
+         other than bugzilla.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+         Added a "forrest clean" task that removes the project build directory.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Eirik Bjørsnøs</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+         Support for version, type and notice on html format.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Eirik Bjørsnøs</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Style information on the common skin. 
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-34</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        build directory created in wrong directories.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Ross Gardler</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-46</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        On fresh-site:
+        Synchronize size for group and project logo. 
+        Added description on site.xml elements so it displays tooltip.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+       Remove errors for fopx:bookmarks element.
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-43</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Allow images to scale on pdf output.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">J.Pietschmann</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Docbook table header is shifted one column.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Ringo de Smet</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        ihtml now works again. Had to add a jtidy configuration that prevented it to output
+        tidies html to the pipeline, thus making the stylesheet unusable. Also had to fix
+        the sitemap schema.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Cleanup maps:components definitions on sub-maps.
+        Remove indent attr from the xsl:output as it is define on serializer.
+        Move xsl:output for *2document.xsl to "xml-document" serializer.
+      (JJP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        abstract element was ignored for html output.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Eirik Bjørsnøs</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-51</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Unescape strings, so they display properly on the trail for all skins.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Ramón Prades</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Use sync task to clean the tmp directory for xdocs.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Dave Brondsema</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-49</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Stopped the rewriting of extensions.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed bug that showed the krysalis-site skin in IE browsers from 
+        a remote site to start with a font size of 100. 
+        Also made the font size script kick in at the start of the
+        page rendering, as before it resized only after all the page
+        was loaded, which was not nice to say the least.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        In PDFs, section titles are no longer numbered/reduced in size indefinitely.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Make FAQ 'Questions' section more legible, and avoid duplicate numbering
+        in FAQ PDF.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Links to subdirectories no longer blow up the command-line rendering.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Enable link rewriting for *.ehtml files.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Enable link rewriting for images and figures (@src attribute).
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Get breadcrumbs working in Mac IE 5, and don't capitalize the first
+        letter of each link in the forrest-site skin.
+      (JT) Thanks to <link href="">Stefan Bodewig</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed bug where absolute paths to images were created in the
+        <code>build/site</code> directory.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Get the Wiki syntax support working again.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed rendering of images in PDF for images not located in the
+        resources/images dir.
+      (SN)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Add automatic (doctype-triggered) handling of todo and changes XML
+        files, regardless of file name or location in the directory tree.  The
+        root changes.html and todo.html files are still generated from
+        status.xml.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        In <code>skins/common/xslt/html/tab2menu.xsl</code>, renamed template
+        'unselected-tab-href' to 'calculate-tab-href', potentially breaking 3rd
+        party skins.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix menu bug where links with #fragment identifiers wouldn't display.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Get images in PDFs working with FOP 0.20.x.  This requires the user to
+        download jimi.jar from <link href="">Sun</link> and place it in
+        the <code>lib/core</code> (src distro) or <code>WEB-INF/lib</code>
+        (binary distro) directory.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+       On krysalis skin: fixed print css, also using text instead of
+       logos and adding the footer, and changed link colors to blues and
+       red for active links.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed <code>java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
+          javax/servlet/ServletInputStream</code> error.
+      (JT) Thanks to <link href="">Juan Jose Pablos</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Allow users to determine which URLs Forrest should ignore, by overriding
+        <code>stylesheets/filterlinks.xsl</code> (and other stylesheets in that
+        directory).
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Docbook stylesheet improvements.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix a bug with forrest.antproxy.xml introduced in 0.4, which caused
+        unresolved '${project.home}' variables.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        In the forrest-site skin and derivatives, display the author and version at the
+        bottom of the page, as krysalis-site does.  Also added parsing for CVS Revision
+        tags, so <code>&lt;version&gt;$Revision: 1.288 $&lt;/version&gt;</code> can be used.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added email template for html content in common skin.
+      (JJP) Thanks to <link href="">Dave Brondsema</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Add description to {group, project} logo.
+      (JJP) Fixes <link href="">FOR-23</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Switched off skinconf.rnc validation to promote better forwards-compat.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Upgraded to Cocoon 30/08/2003, now with ability to exclude URLs from
+        being processed, in cli.xconf.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Add "title" attribute to menu item links using the "description"
+        attribute from entries in site.xml or book.xml
+      (DC) Thanks to <link href="">Ralf Hauser</link>. Fixes <link href="">FOR-20</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        The generated Tables of Contents can be configured to show a certain
+        number of section levels. Default is two levels. Level 0 means show
+        no ToC at all. See the fresh-site skinconf.xml for example usage.
+      (DC) Thanks to <link href="">Ramón Prades</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        New 'expand-dtd' target for generating monolithic DTDs suitable for use
+        in catalog-ignorant XML editors such as IDEA.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        site.xml changes now picked up without requiring a reload of the webapp.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated to Cocoon 20/7/03, and use the new command-line (cli.xconf), which
+        makes Forrest static rendering more than twice as fast as before.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        New Icons.
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Frederic Robesyn</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated Cocoon to -D "2003/06/22 12:00". This fixes a bug where files
+        with unknown extensions were written with 'null' appended to their
+        filename.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Allow any sort of content inside <code>resources/</code>, which will be
+        made available to the sitemap but not automatically copied to the
+        generated site output.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Add a flag for email obfuscation, and turn it off by default.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Upgraded FOP from 0.20.4 to 0.20.5.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Upgraded Cocoon to M2.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        The 'backcopy' command will now copy all types of custom content
+        (*.xmap, skinconf.xml, xdocs, images, stylesheets, DTDs).
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Add a @indexfile attribute to tabs.xml, so that the user can specify 
+        which file the tab links to.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Add &lt;elaborate&gt; to the FAQ &lt;question&gt; element, which lets one
+        provide some background (elaboration) in the FAQ body without cluttering
+        the FAQ list.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Allow plain text (instead of just block-level elements) in the FAQ's
+        &lt;answer&gt; element.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Created new document-v12 DTD module, containing all DTD improvements
+        made since 0.4 was released, and use it to define new v12 versions of
+        all DTDs (document, howto, faq, etc).  The doc-v12 DTD removes many
+        restrictions in the DTD that were found to be unnecessary, and is closer
+        to the HTML content model.  A list of changes can be found in <link href="site:v0.70//document-v12">the doc-v12 sample page</link>.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        On the forrestbar, added a community menu, made 'AskSam' a resources
+        submenu, moved the search part to the right.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+       On krysalis skin: fixed left navigation bar icons and sizing using divs
+       instead of list elements, made all links underlined,
+       added space to the bottom of the page text, and changed font
+       increase-decrease links to buttons.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Enabled multiple output links on each page (print - pdf - xml)
+        They can be enabled by adding the relative disable-*-link elements
+        and setting them to false.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Upgraded to 2003-03-11 version of Cocoon
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Forrestbar is now 
+        <link href="">Phoenix</link> compatible.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added links for both possible local forrests (port 8080 and 8888),
+        and make them configurable in properties.xml.
+        Thanks to Mark Vovsi for pointing it out.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Refactored the "transform-to-document" sitemap resource to do the
+        the xinclude,  linkrewriter, and idgen steps.
+      (NKB)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Documentation</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added new document to facilitate
+        upgrading to v0.5
+      (JT)</li></ul></section></section>
+    <section id="version_0.4"><title>Version 0.4 (2003-02-12)</title><section><title>Changes to Code Base</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added a minimal template skin.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Use meaningful fragment identifiers in krysalis-skin.
+       (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Correctly ignore @role='pdf' credits in HTML
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        krysalis-site skin now works better with multi-level menus.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Normalize space in acronym titles.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Make the forrestbot shell script work under Cygwin.
+      (MP)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Got skins working in the forrestbot.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        The problem with starting a new forked JVM is that all 
+        properties get lost.  This makes it able to use one
+        for all multiple projects, and just create the docs from there. 
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Berin Loritsch</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        The menu is now limited to only pages in the current subdirectory and
+        below. 
+      (JT) Thanks to <link href="">Bernhard Brandmair</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Added the cwiki stylesheets that were missing and an example in the
+        fresh site seed.
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Cathy Zura</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Correctly serve swf files.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix <code>site:</code> and <code>ext:</code> rewriting in book.xml,
+        ihtml, ehtml and cwiki files in subdirectories.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added the CSS validation logo, fixed all skins' CSS to validate,
+        minor fixes due to the switch to full HTML-loose DTD.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Make the forrest-site and krysalis-site skins more printer friendly by
+        using CSS media type to hide navigations. the avalon-tigris skin already
+        works well, the forrest-site one still needs tweaking.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Use full loose DTD specification for html pages.
+        This also makes the avalon-tigris skin show the same in Mozilla and IE.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Switched all loglevels to ERROR.
+      (NKB)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Documentation</title><ul><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added page for ForrestBar on the site with a simple link and an autoinstall link
+        to the forrestbar.xpi generated by Gump every day.
+      (NKB)</li></ul></section></section>
+    <section id="version_0.3"><title>Version 0.3 (2003-01-30)</title><section><title>Changes to Code Base</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added &lt;acronym&gt; tag.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added a means to override the check for existing content: 
+        <code>forrest seed -Dskip.contentcheck=yes</code>
+        Thanks to Tom Klaasen.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added the possibility to use svg files instead png images.
+        That is, if an image is found in the images dir that is svg and
+        the browsers requests a png with the same name, the png is created
+        from the svg automatically with batik.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added the possibility to use wiki files in xdocs instead of xml files.
+        They must have a .cwiki extension, and follow the chaperon wiki format ATM.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added "Edit Page" button to edit the current page in Composer.
+        Still needs an icon.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added the possibility to use html files in xdocs instead of xml files.
+        They must have an .ihtml extension.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Added copyright statement to PDF footer (10pt, light-grey text).  if a
+        skinconf.xml 'credit' element has a role='pdf' attribute, this text will
+        be used instead. Thanks to Keiron Liddle.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        New <code>site.xml</code> file in content/xdocs.  This is used to
+        implement &lt;link href="site:internalURI"&gt; 'semantic' links,
+        &lt;link href="ext:externalURI"&gt; aliases to external links, and
+        renders <code>book.xml</code> files obsolete.  See <link href="site:v0.70//linking">Menus and Linking</link> for more info.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        If <code>build/webapp/content/xdocs/*</code> is more recent than
+        <code>src/*</code> equivalent, <code>forrest webapp</code> won't clobber
+        it.  A new <code>forrest backcopy</code> command will copy
+        <code>build/webapp/content/xdocs</code> content back to
+        <code>src/documentation/content/xdocs</code>.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        <code>forrest-site</code> skin is now HTML 4.0.1 compliant.  The
+        compliance validator logo can be switched off with a
+        <code>skinconf.xml</code> element.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Indirectly referenced files in skins (e.g. images in
+        CSS<code>url()</code>'s) are now copied across to the rendered site.
+        Previously, we relied on spidering to cover the URI space, which has
+        proved insufficient.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        HTML fragment identifiers for sections are now meaningfully named, based
+        on the section title, rather than <code>document-id()</code>-generated
+        characters.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed site regeneration bugs where changing the skin in
+        <code></code> had no effect after the first build.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Now all files in <code>src/documentation/content</code> (except xdocs)
+        and <code>src/documentation/resources/images</code> are copied across
+        when Forrest generates a static site.  This fixes the problem when an
+        unparseable file links to another, and Cocoon can't crawl (and hence
+        copy) the linked-to file.  An example of this are CSS
+        <code>url('foo.png')</code> image refs (so krysalis-site will now work
+        properly).  Also, large batches of pregenerated files like Javadocs will
+        now be copied across instead of individually traversed.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Now files present in the content dir are correctly linked and
+        copied verbatim by the CLI. The wellknown files are given with the
+        correct mime-type, and links in html and xml are followed. 
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed a bug in the search form where there was no space between search
+        term and 'site:' term.  Search form also no longer requires Javascript.
+      (JT) Thanks to <link href="">Nick Chalko</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed a bug where the no menu entry is 'selected' when in subdirectories.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Now error reporting in CLI runs should work and show the cause of the error;
+        before it was just reporting [broken link].
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed a bug where multiple menu entries are highlighted if the filenames
+        share a common prefix.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed a bug in forrest.bat, which would fail if run from a different
+        drive to that Forrest was installed in.
+      (JT) Thanks to <link href="">Omar Belhaj</link>.</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fix bug where the webapp would break due to missing XML jars under JDK
+        1.2/1.3.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Moved credit and host logos to bottom left corner on forrest-site skin.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+        Removed the 'basic' skin, to be shortly replaced with something much more
+        maintainable.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="remove" src="../images/remove.jpg"/>
+        Removed some images (built-with-cocoon.gif, centipede-logo-small.gif)
+        from the skins, and moved them to
+        <code>src/documentation/resources/images</code>, as they are
+        Forrest-specific.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Lots of FAQ improvements:
+        -Improved URI space by using <code>@id</code> attributes as the
+            #fragment-identifier for &lt;faq&gt; and &lt;part&gt; elements.
+        -Number FAQ entries and categories
+        -Added back-links from FAQ entries to the menu
+        -Process tags in &lt;question&gt; in menu entries
+        -Indent FAQ text
+        -FAQ sample added to seed project
+        Thanks to Joerg Pietschmann and Ralf Hauser for the suggestions.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        On avalon-tigris skin it's now possible to add a mysite.css file
+        to customize the style. An example that can be used is from
+        Also added a rounded corner to paragraphs, and many minor fixes. 
+      (NKB) Thanks to <link href="">Stefan Michels</link>.</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Fixed the annoying link highlighting on the krysalis skin 
+        due to the border. Removed the border, now it highlights fine.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated part of the editor so that it now can save files in wiki format.
+        Still needs more work.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated Batik Block so that now PNGs can be created correctly from SVG.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+       Updated some documentation, especially Forrestbot Introduction
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Update to 2002-12-26 Cocoon.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Tweaked forrestbar, added a sub-project menu for Jakarta, fixed 
+        download link and added submenu for tools and gump.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added rss capability to changes generation.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added latest krysalis-site skin, using common templates where possible.
+        There is a changes2rss stylesheet that still needs sitemap changes to run.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Now even the selected tab retains a link, to be able to easily select
+        the main page of that tab even if it is "current".
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Allow special handling of tab hrefs with #anchor references in them.  By
+        default, such menu links are always clickable.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated avalon-tigris skin by merging what was in CVS here and
+        what was used in Avalon with its Cocoon-generated site.  
+        The visual effect is the same to the current framework and Exalibur
+        Avalon sites.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Updated latest Cocoon jars: chain metamodule name set to "forrest",
+        and it is used instead of the default one.
+      (NKB)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Rewrite skins to share a common block of XSLT, which is used via
+        &lt;xsl:import&gt;. This should make skin maintenance much easier.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added buttons for nightly Gump runs and local forrest. Corrected and completed
+        existing interface, and made buttons flat (the bar is slimmer too).
+        We need icons for the new buttons.
+      (NKB)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Documentation</title><ul><li><icon alt="update" src="../images/update.jpg"/>
+        Added enhancements to status.xml to comply with the needs for a complete status file,
+        like other "STATUS" text files at Apache.
+        Stylesheets not yet done.
+      (NKB)</li></ul></section><section><title>Changes to Build</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        Allow configuration of a project local-catalog and the entity resolver
+        verbosity level, via configuration. This replaces
+        tokens in the default cocoon.xconf
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Make the seed project use the correct 'built with Apache Forrest' logo
+        instead of Cocoon + Centipede logos.
+      (JT)</li></ul></section></section>
+    <section id="version_0.2"><title>Version 0.2 (2002-11-16)</title><section><title>Changes to Code Base</title><ul><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed bug where validation of xdocs was not descending into
+        sub-directories.
+      (DC)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Fixed bug where changes to the breadcrumb links in skinconf.xml were
+        ignored until the Forrest binary was rebuilt, or the project
+        <code>build/tmp/</code> deleted.
+      (JT)</li><li><icon alt="fix" src="../images/fix.jpg"/>
+        Webapp now works under JDK 1.3 (parsers weren't being copied)
+      (JT)</li></ul></section></section>
+    <section id="version_0.2rc1"><title>Version 0.2rc1 (2002-11-13)</title><section><title>Changes to Code Base</title><ul><li><icon alt="add" src="../images/add.jpg"/>
+        <link href="site:v0.70//cap">SourceAction</link> or the so-called 

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