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Subject svn commit: r170334 - /forrest/trunk/site-author/status.xml
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 08:05:26 GMT
Author: rgardler
Date: Mon May 16 01:05:25 2005
New Revision: 170334

Added importance='high' to items that are candidates for the announcment mail


Modified: forrest/trunk/site-author/status.xml
--- forrest/trunk/site-author/status.xml (original)
+++ forrest/trunk/site-author/status.xml Mon May 16 01:05:25 2005
@@ -47,14 +47,14 @@
     <release version="0.7-dev" date="not yet released">
-      <action dev="JJP" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-487" type="add">
-      Added importance attribute to actions on status.dtd
-      </action>
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="docs">
 <!-- Please keep this action at the top -->
         Added document to facilitate
         <link href="site:upgrading_07">upgrading to v0.7</link>
+      <action dev="JJP" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-487" type="add">
+      Added importance attribute to actions on status.dtd
+      </action>
       <action  dev="RDG" type="update" context="code">
         Added ability to add page breaks to output. See <link href="site:faq/pageBreaks">Page
Breaks FAQ</link>
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
         convention defined in
         <link href="plugins/pluginInfrastructure.html">Plugin Infrastructure</link>.
-      <action dev="DC" type="add" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-389">
+      <action dev="DC" type="add" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-389" importance="high">
         Added org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.dtdx plugin by moving functionality
         out of the core.
         Generates DTD documentation using a custom Cocoon Generator.
@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@
         and removed the fbits plugin.
       <action dev="RDG" type="update" context="code">
-        Add FAQ about "pageBreakBefore" and "pageBreakAfter" class int PDF 
+        Added FAQ about "pageBreakBefore" and "pageBreakAfter" class int PDF 
         documents and describe how to enable the page break behaviour in HTML
@@ -144,18 +144,18 @@
         page break in PDF output.
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="docs"
-        fixes-bug="FOR-446" due-to="Ferdinand Soethe">
+        fixes-bug="FOR-446" due-to="Ferdinand Soethe" importance="high">
       <link href="site:howto/custom-html-source">How to customize
       processing of html source</link>
-      <action dev="DC" type="add" context="code">
+      <action dev="DC" type="add" context="code" importance="high">
         Added rudimentary Message of the Day facility.
         See skinconf.xml from a "seed" site for configuration details.
         Append a small text string after html title.
         Add text to a panel on the page.
-      <action dev="RDG" type="update" context="code">
+      <action dev="RDG" type="update" context="code" importance="high">
         Moved status "changes" and "todo" page generation to the
         org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.projectInfo plugin.
@@ -173,33 +173,33 @@
       <action dev="DC" type="fix" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-246,FOR-431" due-to="Florian
G. Haas">
         Fix various bugs with Lucene search.
-      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-373" due-to="Johannes
+      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-373" due-to="Johannes
Schaefer" importance="high">
         Added a plugin to handle input documents from Microsoft Excel.
       <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-417" due-to="Sjur N.
         Enabled XInclude in site.xml and tabs.xml
-      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code" due-to="Ron Blaschke">
+      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code" due-to="Ron Blaschke" importance="high">
         Created POD-input plugin to allow Plain Old Documentation (POD) files to
         be included in a Forrest site.
       <action dev="AG" type="update" context="code">
         Updated nekodtd to 0.1.11
-      <action dev="RFT" type="add" context="code" >
+      <action dev="RFT" type="add" context="code"  importance="high">
         Moved POD output from the common skin to its own plugin.
       <action dev="DB" type="fix" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-330" due-to="Gary Feldman">
         Fixed quotes in forrest.bat so forrest can be in a directory with spaces.
-      <action dev="RFT" type="add" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-125">
+      <action dev="RFT" type="add" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-125" importance="high">
         Added a text-output plugin.
       <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code">
         Added WYSIWYG editor as a plugin (only works in dynamic webapps)
       <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-387" 
-        due-to="Jörg Werner">
+        due-to="Jörg Werner" importance="high">
         Added photoGallery plugin
       <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code">
@@ -213,14 +213,14 @@
       <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="admin">
         Added testing facilities to plugins to facilitate integration testing. 
-      <action dev="JJP" type="remove" context="code"> 
+      <action dev="JJP" type="remove" context="code" importance="high"> 
       Merge xdocs and raw files in the same directory src/document/content/xdocs
       <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="docs" 
-        due-to="Ian P. Springer" fixes-bug="FOR-369">
+        due-to="Ian P. Springer" fixes-bug="FOR-369" importance="high">
       Added <link href="site:howto/maven">How-To Run Forrest from Maven</link>

-      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="docs">
+      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="docs" importance="high">
       Added <link href="site:howto/buildPlugin">How-To Build a plugin</link>

       <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="docs">
@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@
       <action dev="JJP" type="fix" context="code" fixes-bug="FOR-370">
        Ignore directory links for aggregations
-      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="docs"   due-to="Ferdinand Soethe">
+      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="docs"   due-to="Ferdinand Soethe" importance="high">
         Added HowTo about
         <link href="site:howto/editcss">editing CSS</link> in a WYSIWYG fashion
using Mozilla Firefox
         and Edit-CSS plugin.
@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@
         due-to="Joao Ferreira" fixes-bug="FOR-305">
         Added FAQ to explain character encoding for certain languages.
-      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code">
+      <action dev="RDG" type="add" context="code" importance="high">
         Enable sitemap plugins. Plugins allow Forrest to have functionality
         added through the addition of small code blocks (plugins). Plugins
         are downloaded automatically when a site that requires them is built.
@@ -281,17 +281,17 @@
         Replace libraries to use the cocoon-2.2.0-dev version.
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="code"
-        due-to="Upayavira" fixes-bug="FOR-204">
+        due-to="Upayavira" fixes-bug="FOR-204" importance="high">
         The brokenlinks file now contains referer information.
         Upgraded lib/core/cocoon.jar and added attribute "show-referrers"
         to the Cocoon cli.xconf
-      <action dev="TS" type="update" context="docs">
+      <action dev="TS" type="update" context="docs" importance="high">
         Updated How-To:
         <link href="site:pdf-tab">How to create a PDF document for each
         tab</link> to create subject-specific aggregated documents.
-      <action dev="DC" type="update" context="code">
+      <action dev="DC" type="update" context="code" importance="high">
         Java 1.4 is required starting with Forrest-0.7-dev

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