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Subject svn commit: r106409 - /forrest/trunk/docs-author/content/xdocs/TR/2004/WD-forrest10.html
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 11:37:13 GMT
Author: thorsten
Date: Wed Nov 24 03:37:09 2004
New Revision: 106409

removed some comments relating to the mail thread but not related to the spec.

Modified: forrest/trunk/docs-author/content/xdocs/TR/2004/WD-forrest10.html
--- forrest/trunk/docs-author/content/xdocs/TR/2004/WD-forrest10.html	(original)
+++ forrest/trunk/docs-author/content/xdocs/TR/2004/WD-forrest10.html	Wed Nov 24 03:37:09
@@ -244,16 +244,11 @@
 <P>Normally the nuggets and fbits will be implemented in an overall design.
 The design is a container concept of storing fbits and nuggets in
-graphical container (template + hooks). Templates can be outputed in
-different media (xhtml, fo,...) to create the overall design in
-different media of the document. </P>
+graphical container (template + hooks). Templates can be used to create the 
+overall design in different media (xhtml, fo,...) of the document.  </P>
 <P>This design state should only use registered contracts for fbits and
-nuggets but still have absolute controll over the style. See the last
-scale-dev discussion. I learned that the original idea of leather will
-not work like I first implemended it. It gives me now a good starting
-point but IMO we have to give the designer the controll over our output
-by defining a new templating language.</P>
+nuggets but still have absolute controll over the style.</P>
 <H2><A NAME="dt"></A>A Schemas for Forrest 1.0 config files</H2>
 <P><EM>To be added.</EM></P>

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