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Subject svn commit: r105863 - forrest/trunk/docs-author/content/xdocs/howto
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 20:00:17 GMT
Author: rgardler
Date: Fri Nov 19 12:00:16 2004
New Revision: 105863

document new plugin deployment targets

Modified: forrest/trunk/docs-author/content/xdocs/howto/howto-buildPlugin.xml
--- forrest/trunk/docs-author/content/xdocs/howto/howto-buildPlugin.xml	(original)
+++ forrest/trunk/docs-author/content/xdocs/howto/howto-buildPlugin.xml	Fri Nov 19 12:00:16
@@ -237,9 +237,28 @@
-        <title>Publish the Plugin</title>
-        <fixme author="rdg">Describe the generation of the plugin zip and
-        the publication of that zip (ant dist)</fixme>
+        <title>Deploying the Plugin</title>
+        <p>To deploy the plugin so that others can use it, it must be made 
+        available as a zip from the URL indicated in the 
+        <code>plugins.xml</code> file. The plugins build file provides targets

+        to assist with this task.</p>
+        <p class="instruction">To deploy a plugin simply run the command
+        <code>ant deploy</code> from within the plugin directory.</p>
+        <p>This command will, by default, deploy to the Apache Forrest web site.
+        In order to do this you need write access to Forrest. If you want to
+        deploy your plugin to a different location you 
+        can build the zip of your plugin with <code>ant dist</code>
+        and then copy the zip file from <code>build/dist</code> to wherever
+        you intend to host the plugin.</p>
+        <note>Running this command on any plugin will also deploy any
+        changes to the <code>plugins.xml</code> file. If you are deploying to
+        your own website you will have to request changes to the 
+        <code>plugins.xml</code> and have a Forrest committer publish the new
+        document.</note>

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