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Subject svn commit: rev 22964 - forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 08:42:03 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Jul 16 01:42:03 2004
New Revision: 22964

Point to the ASF documents about Roles and Voting.

Modified: forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs/guidelines.xml
--- forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs/guidelines.xml	(original)
+++ forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content/xdocs/guidelines.xml	Fri Jul 16 01:42:03 2004
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
       This document is under development on the forrest-dev mailing list.
-      Committers please edit. Try to refer to 
+      PMC members please edit. Try to refer to 
       <link href="">foundation</link>
       documents where appropriate.
@@ -51,123 +51,21 @@
     <section id="roles">
       <title>Roles and responsibilities</title>
-      <section id="users">
-        <title>Users</title>
-        <p>
-          Users contribute by providing feedback and assistance to other users
-          and developers in the the form of bug reports, feature suggestions,
-          discussion, use-cases, and minor patches.
-          They would participate primarily on the "user" mailing list.
-          (more <link href="">info</link>)
-        </p>
-      </section>
-      <section id="developers">
-        <title>Developers</title>
-        <p>
-          These people are users who make more substantial contributions.
-          They get more involved in discussion, especially discussion about
-          design issues, help with solving major issues, provide patches with
-          new and improved functionality, provide assistance with the project
-          issue tracker.
-          They would participate on both the "dev" and "user" mailing lists.
-          Being a developer is a necessary step for becoming a committer.
-        (more <link href="">info</link>)
-        </p>
-      </section>
-      <section id="committers">
-        <title>Committers</title>
-        <p>
-          When developers remain with the project and demonstrate commitment
-          to the project in various ways, then they will be noticed and
-          invited to become committers. After a successful vote, they are
-          provided with commit access to the source
-          repository, which enables them to be far more productive.
-          The committers, assisted by the opinions of other developers,
-          make day-to-day decisions about the development issues.
-          This is recognition of long term commitment - 
-          <link href="">meritocracy</link>
-          - they are given more responsibility and can do more work.
-        </p>
-        <p>The responsibilities of committers include:</p>
-        <ul>
-          <li>Keeping oversight of the commit log messages and ensuring that
-           the codebase does not have copyright and license issues.</li>
-        </ul>
-        <p>
-          All Apache committers are required to have a signed Contributor
-          License Agreement (CLA) recorded on file with the Apache Software
-          Foundation. One of the
-          <link href="">reasons</link>
-           that the ASF was created was to "provide a means for individual
-           volunteers to be sheltered from legal suits directed at the
-           Foundation's projects". The
-          <link href="">Committer FAQ</link>
-          provides more details about the requirements for committers.
-          The <link href="">PMC FAQ</link>
-          instructions for getting the new committer's account set up.
-        (more <link href="">info</link>)
-        </p>
-      </section>
-      <section id="pmc">
-        <title>Project Management Committers</title>
-        <p>
-        Any committer who feels more dedicated would participate in the
-        management of the project and guide its direction.
-        </p>
-        <p>
-        From a project management perspective, and as defined by Section 6.3
-        of the
-        <link href="">ASF bylaws</link>,
-        the project's active committers form the Project Management Committee (PMC).
-        The committee is responsible
-        to the Board and the ASF for the management and oversight of the
-        Apache Forrest codebase and community.
-        (more <link href="">info</link>)
-        </p>
-        <p>The Project Management Committee responsibilities include:</p>
-        <ul>
-          <li>Keeping oversight of the commit log messages and ensuring that
-           the codebase does not have copyright and license issues.</li>
-          <li>Resolving license disputes regarding products of the project,
-            including other supporting software that is re-distributed.</li>
-          <li>Deciding what is distributed as products of the project.
-            In particular all releases must be approved by the PMC.</li>
-          <li>Guide the direction of the project.</li>
-          <li>Maintaining the project's shared resources, including the
-            codebase repository, mailing lists, websites.</li>
-          <li>Speaking on behalf of the project.</li>
-          <li>Maintaining these and other guidelines of the project.</li>
-        </ul>
-        <p>
-          The PMC does have a private mailing list on which it can discuss
-          certain issues. However this list is rarely used and every effort
-          is made to conduct all discussion on the public mailing lists.
-        </p>
-        <p>
-          Obviously committers will go through periods of activity and
-          inactivity. While they are active, they are part of the PMC.
-        </p>
-        <p>
-          The chair person of the PMC is appointed by the ASF board.
-          The chair is an office holder of the Apache Software Foundation
-          (Vice President, Apache Forrest) and has primary responsibility to
-          the board for the management of the project, within the scope of
-          the Forrest PMC. The chair provides quarterly reports to the board
-          about developments within the Forrest project. The PMC may consider
-          the position of PMC chair annually, and may recommend a new chair
-          to the board. Ultimately, however, it is the board's responsibility
-          who it chooses to appoint as the PMC chair.
-        </p>
-      </section>
+      <p>
+        We use the roles as defined in the
+        <link href="ext:how-it-works">How it works</link> document.
+      </p>
     <section id="decisions">
       <title>Decision making</title>
       <section id="voting">
         <title>Voting procedures</title>
+        <p>
+        We use the procedures as defined in the ASF
+        <link href="ext:voting">Voting</link> document.
+        </p>
+        <!--
         <fixme author="open">
           Add content, probably borrow from other projects,
           like Ant and Incubator. Define +1, 0, -1, etc.
@@ -175,6 +73,7 @@
           new committers, project direction and decisions) and whose votes
           are binding in those situations.
+        -->

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