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Subject svn commit: rev 21141 - forrest/trunk
Date Sat, 12 Jun 2004 13:11:22 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Sat Jun 12 06:11:22 2004
New Revision: 21141

Fix some hard-coded links which were broken after the move to /docs/

Modified: forrest/trunk/status.xml
--- forrest/trunk/status.xml	(original)
+++ forrest/trunk/status.xml	Sat Jun 12 06:11:22 2004
@@ -47,12 +47,12 @@
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="docs">
       <!-- Please keep this action at the top -->
         Added new document to facilitate
-        <link href="upgrading_06.html">upgrading to v0.6</link>
+        <link href="site:upgrading_06">upgrading to v0.6</link>
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="skins" fixes-bug="FOR-107">
         Added a mechanism to enable impoverished XML tools that do not use
         the Catalog Entity Resolver to fetch the DTDs direct from the website.
-        See <link href="upgrading_06.html">upgrading to v0.6</link>
+        See <link href="site:upgrading_06">upgrading to v0.6</link>
         Please help to upgrade our /dtd/.htaccess file
         <link href="">FOR-107</link>
          and the SVN Issue
@@ -583,7 +583,7 @@
     <release version="0.5" date="2003-09-13">
       <action dev="JT" type="add" context="docs">
         Added new document to facilitate
-        <link href="upgrading_05.html">upgrading to v0.5</link>
+        <link href="site:upgrading_05">upgrading to v0.5</link>
       <action dev="SN" type="add" context="skins">
         Added @label support for note and warning elements.
@@ -1204,7 +1204,7 @@
     <release version="0.2rc1" date="2002-11-13">
       <action dev="SN" type="add" context="core" due-to="Bruno Dumon">
-        <link href="cap.html">SourceAction</link> or the so-called 
+        <link href="site:cap">SourceAction</link> or the so-called 
         'content aware pipelines' enables conditional processing of XML
         documents based on their grammar, being indicated by their DTD,
         XML Schema PI, root element, or a processing instruction (PI)
@@ -1228,7 +1228,7 @@
         RELAX NG.
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="docs">
-        New document <link href="community/index.html">Community Resources</link>
+        New document <link href="site:community">Community Resources</link>
         including draft "Apache Statistics".
       <action dev="JT" type="fix" context="skins">
@@ -1286,7 +1286,7 @@
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="docs">
-        Added new document <link href="compliance.html">Standards Compliance</link>
+        Added new document <link href="site:compliance">Standards Compliance</link>
         Thanks to Robert Koberg.
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="validation">
@@ -1388,7 +1388,7 @@
       <action dev="DC" type="add" context="docs">
-        Added new document <link href="your-project.html">Your Project
+        Added new document <link href="site:your-project">Your Project
           - getting started with using Forrest</link>
       <action dev="NKB" type="add" context="docs">
@@ -1417,7 +1417,7 @@
         <link href=";m=102471820523388">draft
forrest toolbar for Mozilla</link>
       <action dev="SN" type="add" due-to="Marc Portier" due-to-email=""
-        Initial import of <link href="libre-intro.html">Libre</link>
+        Initial import of <link href="site:libre-intro">Libre</link>
         facility - replacement for */book.xml
       <action dev="SN" type="add" context="build">
@@ -1581,7 +1581,7 @@
         <action context="code" dev="open">
           Continue the development of the <link
-            href="libre-intro.html">Libre</link> facility - replacement for
+            href="site:libre-intro">Libre</link> facility - replacement for
         <action context="docs" dev="open">

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