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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Experimenting with a bootstrap-based skin
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2015 22:17:54 GMT
On Fri, Feb 06, 2015 at 09:46:32AM +0200, Sjur Moshagen wrote:
> Hello all,
> As part of improving our web site, a colleague of mine made a first stab at creating
a boostrap based skin. The result can be seen at So far the skin is only in our
own svn repo, but if successful, the intention is to make it available to the Forrest community.

Great, this is good news.

Tim also suggested this back in March 2012, and a few of us indicated
interest. Unfortunately it did not progress. Now you have, so excellent.

> Known issues:
> * Several features of Forrest are not yet supported, such as warning and note elements
(they will be rendered roughly as regular p elements).
> * most of the menu items and tabs are presently untranslated
> * it has the same inflexibility as other skins (but Dispatcher has turned out to be way
to heavy, memory consuming and slow for our purposes, so that is not an option)
> BTW, the i18n implementation you find there is a post-processing hack, due to the lack
of i18n support in the Cocoon/Forrest CLI. We build the static site once for each locale,
and then merge them into one site while injecting the language choice menu.

It is good that such workarounds can happen with Forrest.
If you have any enhancements or tips for the static i18n documentation,
then that would be useful:

Bertrand commenced some work to improve i18n back in May 2006.
I am not sure how far that progressed. I do see some open
issues from that and in the "Internationalisation" JIRA component.
There is also the possibility to improve stuff at Cocoon, as the
2.1 project is still alive.

> We need the static version, as Forrest is not stable enough to be run dynamically (at
least not in our case).

Would you provide any comments on that aspect in separate threads.
We should be able to address some of those issues.

> Feedback is welcome.

Please suggest any of your colleagues to be committers at Forrest.
The new skin could be added to the Forrest SVN early, and others
could assist.


> Sjur

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