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From Vicent Mas <>
Subject Customizing a website using forrest 0.10-dev and dispatcher
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2014 11:48:58 GMT

I'm trying to build a website with forrest 0.10 and the dispatcher
plugin. My current problem is that all my customizations are ignored. For
instance, if I change the copyright in a footer it is not updated. I've used
the Dispatcher Quickstart (version 0.8 is the most modern version I found) as
a guide when possible. The current structure of my website is as follows (best
read with a monospace font):

 |  |-xdocs
 |    |-site.xml
 |    |-tabs.xml
 |    |-index.xml
 |    |-files and folders with the website content
|  |-url
|    |-screenshots
|      |-index.structurer.xml (customize the html view of the
screenshots/index.html page)
 |  |-html
 |    |- a bunch of customized contracts
 |  |-css
 |  |-images
 |  |-panels
 |    |-pelt-css.panel.xml
 |    |-pelt-html.content.panel.xml
 |    |-pelt-html.footer.panel.xml
 |    |-pelt-html.head.panel.xml
 |    |-pelt-html.header.panel.xml
 |    |-pelt-html.leftbar.panel.xml
 |    |-pelt-html.nav-main.panel.xml
 |    |-pelt-html.panel.xml
 |    |-pelt-html.screeshots_head.panel.xml (used in
 |                                           index.structurer.xml)

The content of the $THEMES folder has been copied from
in order to customise (adding/removing contracts or using my own contracts)
how website pages are rendered.
The $STRUCTURER folder allows to customize a given page differently to the
bulk of pages.

The above hierarchy worked in the past (when 0.9 was the development
version) but currently it fails with both 0.9 stable and 0.10 development
- with 0.9 version I get the error explained in one of my previous mails
  (Subject: Building my website with forrest 0.9. Thanks again to
David Crossley for his help)
- with 0.10 version my customizations are silently ignored but at least the
  website is displayed

It seems that my best chance is to use forrest 0.10.

Could somebody tell me how should I customise my website with the dispatcher
and the 0.10 version please? I am really stuck.

TIA (and sorry for the lengthy mail).


Share what you know, learn what you don't.

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