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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] re-release 0.9 with proper source code package
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 04:44:41 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> All ASF projects need to release open-source software.
> At Forrest we have made major efforts to define the explicit
> set of dependencies. We do not use Maven or Ivy to manage those
> at build time. Instead we provided a distribution package which
> contained all of those specific supporting product dependencies.
> That is okay as a convenience.
> However we need to provide a source code package which does not contain
> those external JAR files, and conduct our release vote against that package.
> Then we can construct other convenience packages for distribution.
> There is a relevant discussion happening now at general@ Apache Incubator.
> The messages from Roy are particularly useful.
>  Subject: Binary dependencies in source releases
> We are aware of this situation, and need to act.
> I have removed our distribution packages from
> and hence from the mirror system, adding a README-distribution.txt file.
> I reckon that we can fix this by re-packaging our distribution as follows:
> [A] apache-forrest-0.9-source.tar.gz
> [B] apache-forrest-0.9-dependencies.tar.gz
> [C] apache-forrest-0.9-binary.tar.gz
> So A + B = C
> and C is essentially equivalent to what we have been doing in the past.
> The "A" source release package is our product.
> The "B" and "C" packages are provided as a convenience.
> To prepare for voting, people would need to obtain the "A" source package,
> verify, and unpack it. Then either obtain "B" and unpack it over the top
> to put the dependencies in place, or obtain each dependency from its
> origin to build and install it.

This is now ready. See:
After a couple of days to find any problems, i will arrange for a Vote.


> Then we re-conduct the 0.9 release vote against the "A" source package.
> Before the next release 0.10 (whenever that happens) we would need
> to modify our build system.
> -David

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