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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: 404 - s5 css not found
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2011 23:50:15 GMT
Den 24. jan. 2011 kl. 02.35 skrev David Crossley:

>> Would it be a good idea to move the plugin to the whiteboard, to make it easier for
others to contribute?
> The reason for plugins being outside of our plugins area
> is either that the developer wants to maintain it
> by themself, or that there are licensing reasons.
> I reckon the latter. Might need to search the archives.

I did, and it seems you are right.

> Also i suggest to contact Ross as he might be interested
> in someone else taking over maintenance. Ferdinand also
> had a hand in developing this plugin.

I'll do in a while. I played around with it, and there were several errors for making it work
somewhat with the current forrest code. Now it displays, but it is still quite awkward to
work with from my point of view, and with several bugs still. What I would like to have is
a way to use one of the supported wiki inputs and get it transformed automatically to slides.
That is possible now, but in a very unnatural way: wiki bullets disappear, and you need to
use nested wiki headings to get slide bullets, where the sub-headers become bullet points.

It might be easiest just to take Ross' code as a starting point, and rewrite/recreate most
of the plugin into a new one that is closer to my need. Because of the license issue, I'll
probably host it on our own server for the time being. 


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