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From Brian M Dube <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1061643 - in /forrest/site: docs_0_90/changes.html docs_0_90/changes.rss docs_0_90/changes.xml docs_0_90/skins.html docs_0_90/upgrading_09.html dtdx/document-v13.pdf dtdx/document-v20.pdf
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2011 06:10:15 GMT
> -<a href="#Changes+to+Build-N1034C">Changes to Build</a>
> +<a href="#Changes+to+Build-N10355">Changes to Build</a>

> -<a href="#Changes+to+the+Code+Base-N10356">Changes to the Code Base</a>
> +<a href="#Changes+to+the+Code+Base-N1035F">Changes to the Code Base</a>

> -<a href="#Changes+to+Documentation-N106D3">Changes to Documentation</a>
> +<a href="#Changes+to+Documentation-N106DC">Changes to Documentation</a>

> -<a href="#Contributors+to+this+release-N10875">Contributors to this release</a>
> +<a href="#Contributors+to+this+release-N1087E">Contributors to this release</a>


Perhaps a change similar to r1061144 should happen here. Also I think
there is discussion about '+' being invalid in these attributes. I'll
have to search for that discussion later.


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