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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject s5 output plugin for Forrest
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 23:30:03 GMT
Hello Ross,

In the thread [1] the issue of moving the s5 plugin somewhere else was mentioned. The Forrest
whiteboard is blocked due to licensing issues, but I could probably find a home for it at
work - we have an open repository at If someone has other
suggestions, that is of course all very well (our svn repository is probably not the best
place since getting commit access requires manual set-up). Would moving it to a new home be
ok with you? (I see that the burrokeet sf site you mentioned in an old discussion as a possible
home hasn't been active for over 500 days - that site is probably not the best one either,
anymore - if it is still a possibility, my sf username is 'moshagen').

Also, the s5 plugin as it stands does not fit my needs that well, and I would like to rewrite
it from the bottom, more or less. In practice, I would probably create a new plugin, but based
on your work (yes, I am aware of the w3c slides vs s5 discussions), with proper credits of
course. Would that be ok as well?

Best regards,
Sjur N. Moshagen
Samediggi ยท Sametinget
Project Manager for the Divvun project
+358-9-49 75 29 (w)
+358-505 634 319 (m)


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