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From David Crossley <>
Subject [Vote] Release Plan for Forrest 0.90
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 23:15:03 GMT
Please vote on this release plan.

According to our guidelines,
"A lazy majority vote requires
3 binding +1 votes and more binding +1 votes than -1 votes".

As usual anyone is encouraged to vote, just the votes
of PMC members are binding.

According to the plan below:
[1] end of vote on Release Plan
Monday 2010-12-20 at 22:00 UTC

Aiming for a release date of 7 February 2011 [4].

For background info on this step and on the release process
in general, see

The minimum Java version for this release is Java 1.5

I will be the Release Manager.

People can help with various aspects of the release process. See [9].
People can also help between now and then to prepare the codebase.

For Plugins, see the proposal below.

The phases are:

Voting to accept the Release Plan ends on:
Monday 2010-12-20 at 22:00 UTC [1].

The first release candidate and start of testing:
Monday 2011-01-31 at 22:00 UTC [2]. 

We create the release candidate on this day and start the testing.
One week is available for this phase.
Don't bother voting until towards the end of the week,
because we might need a new release candidate.
The vote needs to happen against the actual final packages.

During "code freeze" we do not add any new functionality or
non-essential work, just bug fixes and documentation tweaks [5].

If necessary then we create another release candidate on
Saturday 2011-02-05 at 22:00 UTC [3]
to give people time to verify the signatures and checksums
and to do final tests. Between this date and the release date
there must no changes to SVN. If any are absolutely necessary,
then we delay the release date and do another release candidate.

End of voting period:
Monday 2011-02-07 at 22:00 UTC [4]
This is the scheduled release date,
then wait for the mirrors to receive it before
sending the announcements.

Plugins release plan:

In the past we have never done a proper "release" for any
of the plugins. We have just done a "deploy" for some of them,
which packages a plugin and copies it to our website to make
it available to people who use a Forrest release.

That is not suitable. See [7]:
"Releases are, by definition, anything that is published
beyond the group that owns it." i.e. beyond our "dev" list.

To rectify that, i propose that we follow up after the
core 0.9 release to actually vote and release each plugin
that is suitable to be made widely available.

Please see the list showing the state of each Plugin [8].

Between now and mid-January, please work on your favourite
plugin to get it ready, send patches etc. Deploy any that
need to be either updated or made available. After the 0.9
release is done, we will follow up to either "release" each
one or to retract it.

Any that are suitable to be released would also be moved
out of the "whiteboard/plugins".

If this general Plugin release plan is okay, then we can
devise a more detailed procedure. After this batch of plugin
releases, they can each be independently released as new
plugin versions are needed.

The proposed milestones are:

[1] end of vote on Release Plan
Monday 2010-12-20 at 22:00 UTC

[2] create initial release candidate, start testing
Monday 2011-01-31 at 22:00 UTC

[3] create final release candidate if necessary
Saturday 2011-02-05 at 22:00 UTC

[4] end of vote on final release candidate and commence the upload phase
Monday 2011-02-07 at 22:00 UTC (i.e. planned release date)

[5] Code freeze is defined here

[6] Guidelines for Voting

[7] What is a Release?

[8] State of Plugin deployment

[9] How to release Forrest


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