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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: A new release? Can I help?
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2010 02:07:30 GMT
Benson Margulies wrote:
> Hello forrest dev:
> Java 1.5 is somewhat scarce on MacOSX and recent ubuntu. Is there any
> way I could help push out a release of the trunk, ...

Thanks so much Benson. I don't have much time
but will try to help.

Some quick response notes:

* Yes please do help.

* There has been some discussion about what needs
to be finalised. Some people have made individual
spurts of progress. As Forrest is moving slowly, please
see further back in archives. Some things were partially
dealt with and may need follow through.

* Review issue tracker.
The main filter is "FOR-roadmap-dev".

* Review some outstanding patches. It would be
a shame not to include some more contributions
and we need to encourage our contributors.

The review will encourage our committers to
apply it. Speaking for myself i don't have enough
time to investigate the following suggested ones.

Glancing through the list i reckon that FOR-1203
and FOR-752 are the only likely candidates.
The others are either in plugins, which can be
handled at any time after the core release,
or need more work. IMO we should focus elsewhere
at this late stage.

* I have made some progress at classifying the
licenses of our various supporting products.
We complicate things because we bundle these
products with our release.

Next task is to ensure that we meet all of
their conditions, e.g. perhaps pass on NOTICES.

* We have the release process at:

* Another useful resource is "Project tasks"

* I suggest that you install the "Forrestbar"
It is a great benefit for directed quick search/access
of our project resources.

Thanks again for anything that you can manage
to assist with.


> ... which (from the
> email archive) seems to be 1.6-friendly?

Please note that Forrest does not require Java 6.
Let us know if the following issue does not address
what you are seeing.

I was very concerned when i searched the net to see
that people do not realise the simple workaround.

Today i added a new FAQ:


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